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The Phantom Field (ファントムフィールド, Fantomu Fīrudo) is a space that separates the XBlaze world from the Boundary created by Es. It was originally known as the World of the Tsukuyomi (ツクヨミのセカイ, Tsukuyomi no Sekai).


After inheriting the Embryo, Es used most of its power to create the World of the Tsukuyomi to act as a buffer between the Boundary and the XBlaze world. As long as the Embryo remained within it, the World of the Tsukuyomi would stop seithr from leaking out of the cauldrons and flooding the world, and the Black Beast would remain trapped in the Boundary. However, when Es released her memories in order to escape the despair of watching Freaks kill her loved ones, the memories became Memory Fragments and the World of the Tsukuyomi was transformed into the Phantom Field.

The concept of time does not exist within the Phantom Field. Possibly as a result of this, anyone inside the Phantom Field also does not need to eat. Inside the Phantom Field, it is impossible to use offensive magic. Those who enter the Phantom Field forget their name and will eventually lose all of their memories if they are not given a new name. Additionally, the Phantom Field is filled with Memory Fragments that contain the memories of those who have entered the Phantom Field and those close to them.

The Phantom Field is divided into several floors with barriers in between them. In order to travel between floors, one must collect Memory Fragments to pass through the barriers. Moving between the floors will cause the traveler to view the memories they have collected.

In BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Nine the Phantom takes control of the Phantom Field, turning it into the Purgatorium stage.

Official Descriptions

XBlaze Lost: Memories TIPS Entry

Phantom Field

A mysterious world that exists in an alternate dimension. Strangely, the memories of others appear here in a crystalline form. It seems to consist of a number of different levels [1]


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