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A maid employed by the Hazuki family. She is one of the four known maids under the Hazuki's employment.

Variable Heart

Julian first appears when Mai Natsume returned to the Hazuki household. She greeted her, Taro Sasaga'e, Bell, Shiori Kirihito, and Kajun Faycott, directing them into the manor proper. She soon notified Houichirou of their arrival, then telling Mai that he wished to speak with her. After Houichirou defeated Mai, he ordered Julian to contact Kagura Mutsuki and to let him know that the "children" had arrived and that he would shelter them. [1] The following morning, she learned that Rin was training Mai and reported it back to Houichirou, asking if she should do anything to interfere. Her master relented, telling her that they can do whatever they please. [2]

Eventually, the children left with Kokonoe and Litchi Faye-Ling. Relius Clover soon arrived at the Hazuki household, and Julian burst through the doors to warn both Houichirou and Rin. The Colonel had a debt to pay to Meifang Lapislazuli and kept the three of them restrained with sorcery, preventing Julian and Rin from following Houichirou's order to assist Mai. [3] They were soon released from his sorcery when Relius decided he had enough. [4]


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