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An extremely talented Ars Magus user who enrolled into the Military Academy and became the student council president. Most of her actions led to the foundation of what the Academy would eventually become. After she graduated, Elina was heralded as having incredible potential within the Novus Orbis Librarium, but these days were short-lived as her lover died. Obsessed with resurrecting the dead, she sealed herself away on the lowest level of Torifune, and accidentally found the Aedsqui Grimoire. She fused with the Grimoire, her soul residing within the cold statue. Two young women were born from its powers and they protected the Grimoire from intruders, but also began luring students from the Academy in the hopes of saving Elina from the Grimoire and her grim fate.

Remix Heart

In time, the two guardians lured Team Remix Heart and Ragna the Bloodedge to the Grimoire. They disposed of everyone except for Mai Natsume, believing she could save Elina. Mai succeeded by kissing the Grimoire and tasting the numerous flowers that surrounded it. She kissed the Grimoire again, letting Elina's soul know that her lover was within the flowers, and had been looking after her far after his death. Elated to be reunited, Elina's soul left the world with her lover's, passing onto the next life. [1]


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