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BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Kokonoe Main.png

Species Name


Species features

Various animal features, high Ars Magus aptitude, high physical strength, long lives

Notable Members


Half-Beastkin are a hybrid species of beastkin and human.


For as long as they have existed, half-beastkin have been largely shunned by society - both by beastkin and humans alike. At some point, both Jubei and Tomonori openly accepted a large amount of them into their village before the beginning of the Dark War, knowing that none of the half-beastkin had anywhere to live. [1]

In more modern times, they still face stigma from society, and are put under the umbrella term 'beastkin' alongside other humanoid species with animal characteristics. Half-Beastkin are shown to be incredibly strong, have very long lifespans, and are potent in the Arts, inheriting positive traits from their parental species. Half-Beastkin inherit the subspecies traits of their parent beastkin, demonstrated with Kokonoe inheriting her father's cat ears and tails. Unlike beastkin, half-beastkin have a much greater command and use of Ars Magus. [2]

Of all the species catagorized as 'beastkin', half-beastkin are perhaps the rarest as beastkin themselves are already exceptionally rare.

Known members

  • Kokonoe
  • Numerous half-beastkin under Tomonori's command before the Dark War

Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry


Refers to humanoid beasts such as Taokaka and Jubei. They have high physical abilities and long lives, among other traits. Kokonoe is a 'half-Beastkin.' [3]

See also


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