Mass-Disappearing Incident

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The Mass-Disappearing Incident was an event that occurred 5 years prior to the events of BlazBlue: Bloodedge Experience - Part 1 and BlazBlue: Bloodedge Experience - Part 2. It was a series of events that happened globally and involved the deaths of over 12,9632 people.


When the host of the Drive, Soul Eater went havoc, they began to indiscriminately murder countless scores of people wherever they went. Clavis Alucard, a vampire and one of the strongest creatures alive, had enough of the Drive and its power. He dedicated himself to destroying the Drive. In doing so, he ventured across the globe, including Shin Kawahama City, Japan.

Clavis battled against the Drive user and eventually killed them. In order to do so, he was forced to kill 12,9632 people, but the reasons why are not specified. With the death of the user, and with the souls of those sacrificed, an Embryo was created.[1] Every area in which people disappeared, they were cordoned off from the general public and abandoned. Nothing remained of those who died, only their clothes.


The Embryo created eventually became Raquel Alucard. Because of Clavis' role in the events of the Incident, he was hunted down by the Mitsurugi Agency and the Immortal Breakers.[2] The event itself seems to have been in vain as Soul Eater transferred to a new host the same year - Saya Terumi. With it, she murdered the entirety of her clan, bar Naoto Kurogane.[3]

Soul Eater and Clavis were never made aware to the public. In Shin Kawahama, the place where Soul Eater was ended was in an area that was a series of apartments. The explanation given to the public was that a hospital on a nearby hill had a virus that escaped and melted everyone in the surrounding area.[4] The Incident was named the "Mass-Disappearing Incident", but the reality is that all 12,9632 people were killed.


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