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Solo Actions

Blazblue Alternative: Dark War

Situation Quote Audio
New Unit My name is Juusan. Call me what you want. Anyway, those are some interesting eyes you've got there. ....So, who are you?
New Unit 私は十三。呼び方は好きにして。それにしても面白い眼だね、ソレ。……ところでさ、アンタ誰?
Ascension (SS+) How you use this power is up to you.
Ascension (SS+) この力をどう使うかはあなた次第だから
Ascension (SS++) Like this, I can fight...any time.
Ascension (SS++) これなら、何時までも…戦える
Ascension (SS+++) That's right. I'm the "Sword of Annihilation"
Ascension (SS+++) そうだよ、私は『殲滅の剣』
Home Screen
Talk The big guy? Oh, you mean Takemikazuchi. It once took the head off the Black Beast in one blow. It can probably blow away a whole city if it feels like it.
Talk あのでかいの? あぁタケミカヅチね。かつて黒き獣の首さえも一撃で落としたそうだ。その気になれば、都市ごとすべて吹き飛ばすことも可能だろうね。
Likes If you mean something I want above all else, then the Black Beast. That doesn't count as a "like?" Hah...isn't it similar enough?
Likes なによりも熱烈に求めているものなら、私の場合は黒き獣だから。それは好きなものじゃないって? ふん、似たようなもんじゃん。
Dislikes When crossing the Boundary and visiting all these different kinds of worlds, you'll sometimes meet strange people. People like you. So...I guess this journey's not half bad.
Dislikes 境界を渡りあちこちの世界を巡っていれば、時には面白い存在にも出会う。アンタみたいな存在にも、ね。だから……この旅も悪くないかな。
Hobby I'm a Boundary Interface Prime Field Device. In other words, "puppets" like me are designed to be able to withstand the Boundary. ...After all, we're tools built for that purpose. That Ciel with you...is the same as me, you know.
Hobby 次元境界接触用素体。つまり私のような『人形』は、境界に入っても耐えられるよう設計されてる。……元々そのための道具だから。アンタのとこのシエルだって…私と同じだよ。
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