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     | num = 4
     | num = 4
     | rows =
     | rows =
  {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row | Together! |  }}
   {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
   {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
   {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row | |  }}
   {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row | Go down already! |  }}
  {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
   {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
   {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
Line 576: Line 576:
     | num = 4
     | num = 4
     | rows =
     | rows =
  {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row | U-Um, thank you very much. I wouldn't have won without your help. |  }}
   {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
   {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
   {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row | |  }}
   {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row | I hope I helped. |  }}
  {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
   {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
   {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
Line 754: Line 754:
   | num = 10
   | num = 10
   | rows =
   | rows =
{{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row | You've been defeated. I'm placing you both under arrest. |  }}
  {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
  {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
{{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row | Whew... Now that the fighting's over, how about something to eat? I'm actually a really good cook. |  }}
  {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
  {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
{{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row | Didn't think I could handle them on my own. I'm so glad we're a team. |  }}
  {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
  {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
{{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row | There's no reason for us to keep fighting. Please stop this. |  }}
  {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
  {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
  {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |   |  }}
  {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row | I may look weak, but I can't afford to lose. |  }}
{{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
{{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
{{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
{{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
  {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
  {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}

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Solo Actions

Situation Line Voice
Smart Combo 1
Saw that!
Not so fast!
Chamber shot!
Smart Combo 2
Here I go. . . tots.
Let's begin... Type one, tots!
Type one, Ēoh!
Clash (Connect)
Stay out
of my way!
lend me your strength!
Type IIーBloom Trigger
It's over!
Type two!
Bloom Trigger!
Type IIIーSpring Raid
Type Three!
Spring Raid!
Type XIーOptic Barrel
Got you!
Optic Barrel!
Type IXーMuzzle Flitter
Here's type nine!
Dodge this!
Muzzle Flitter!
Type VIーFlash Suppressor
Down. . . Give it up!
Below. . . Please surrender!
EX Type IIーBloom Trigger
Type two!
Bloom Trigger!
EX Type VーAssault Through
I'll show you type five!
Assault through!
Zero GunーFenrir
Fenrir! Haaaa!
Nemesis Stabilizer
Mow 'em down! Taaa!
Arcus Diabolus
Bullet Rain Zero GunーThor
Bullet Storm!
Last Shot!
Valkyrie Veil Armegis unleashed. Here I come! Release seal function, initiate event paradox! Valkyrie Veil!
System Mechanics
Resonance Blaze
No hesitation.
With all my might!
Throw Please don't resist!
Throw Whiff Uh-!
Throw Break Whoop!
Throw Escape
I'm free!
Nice try!
Guard Don't think so!
Guard Fail (Low) From below!?
Guard Fail (Overhead) How did-!?
Reject Guard
Please, stop!
Stay away!
Taking Damage
That hurt...!
No way!
Ground Ukemi (Neutral) Toh!
Ground Ukemi (Forward or Backward) Not yet!
Aerial Ukemi (Neutral) Yikes!
Aerial Ukemi (Forward) Enough!
Aerial Ukemi (Backward) Get it together!
Stagger Recovery Ow...
Combo (6k Damage) Combination complete.
Combo (8k Damage) How about that?
Combo (10k Damage) I AM a military academy alumnus!
Here I come... Bolverk!
Please stop this. . . I don't want to fight you.
As long as we work together, things will be fine !
I-I'll try not to get in your way!
No matter who I have to face, I will not lose!
Why must we fight each other ?
Looks like we won!
I hope I helped...
Phew... Is that it?
Did I... win?
I-I'm sorry but. . . Would you mind staying down ? Just for a little while ?
Time Out Outro
I... Won?
That was close.
Time Out Defeat
Is this... How it ends...?
Tsubaki... Makoto...

Partner Actions

Situation Line Voice
Partner Swap
Duo Change
My turn!
I'm ready!
Partner Skill Change
Falling back!
Cross Burst
You okay?!
Partner Defeat
This isn't good!
I can do this!
Distortion Skill Duo (Zero Gun - Fenrir)
Moving in! Nemesis stabilizer!
This is the end! Nemesis Stabilizer!
Cross Combo
Go down already!
Assist Calls
Help me!
Come on!
Partner with Ragna
Come on!
Partner with Jin
Major Kisaragi!
Partner with Rachel
Miss Rachel!
Partner with Tager
Partner with Hakumen
Let's go!
Partner with Nu-13
Back me up!
Partner with Hazama
Captain Hazama!
Partner with Makoto
Let's go, Makoto!
Partner with Platinum
I need your strength!
Partner with Izayoi
Lend me your strength, Tsubaki!
Partner with Azrael
Please, fight!
Partner with Nine
Partner with Es
Requesting support!
Partner with Mai
Come on, Mai!
Partner with Jubei


Situation Line Voice
Outro with partner
U-Um, thank you very much. I wouldn't have won without your help.
I hope I helped.
Intro Noel: Wh-What do we do, Ragna ? We haven't devised a strategy or anything.
Ragna: Huh? Who cares?
Outro Noel: W-We did it... We won!
Ragna: Geez that was close!
Intro Jin: I expect nothing from the likes of you. Just stay out of my way, you obstacle.
Noel: Y-yes, sir.
Outro Noel: W-we did it, Major Kisaragi!
Jin: Obviously. And stop making a fuss every single time, it's embarrassing.
Noel: Y-yes, sir...
Intro Nu: Target confirmed. Obstruction confirmed.
Noel: Target acknowledged as an obstruction.
Both: Commencing annihilation of the target.
Noel: ...Wait, what am I saying?
Outro Nu: Target incapacitated.
Noel: Functions ceased. Exiting battle mode... Um, what's happening to me?
Makoto Nanaya
Intro Makoto: Let's GO, Noel, I'll leave you behind if you don't move quick!
Noel: You too, Makoto! Keep up with me!
Outro Makoto: We did it, Noellers! ...Even if I did do most of the work.
Noel: Rrrgh, I gave it my all, too!
Intro Izayoi: Here they come, Noel. Are you ready?
Noel: You bet, Tsubaki. With you by my side, I have nothing to fear!
Outro Izayoi: Well done, Noel. Great job!
Noel: Yeah, our friendship reigns victorious!
Mai Natsume
Intro Mai: Say Noel... after this fight is over...?
Noel: I know, Mai. Once we win, I'll make you all the food you can eat!
Outro Noel: Phew... Well, I promised, let's have something to eat!
Mai: Woo-hoo! Make mine extra large, please!
Naoto Shirogane
Intro Naoto: I'll back you up, we need to approach carefully but daringly.
Noel: Daringly...? Can I even do that?
Outro Noel: We won... We really won Shirogane!
Naoto: Hehe. Of course we did, no need to be so surprised.
Intro Noel: I can't get over how big your axe is, Labrys!
Labrys: Heheh, It ain't just for show, either! Check this out!
Outro Labrys: Aww, geez. I think I went overboard! Mitsuru-san is gonna be so mad!
Noel: Wait... was it my fault? Wah, I'm sorry Labrys!
Intro Noel: Please surrender, there's no need for us to fight!
Hyde: ...Yeah, I don't think that's gonna work. Sorry.
Outro Noel: I-I'm sorry, I should've held back!
Hyde: Why apologize? They had it coming.
Intro Noel: W-Wake up, they're closing in on us!
Vatista: *Yawns* ...Morning.
Outro Vatista: Task complete... Goodnight.
Noel: W-What!? You're gonna sleep here...?
Yang Xiao Long
Intro Noel: L-Let's start with a warning shot.
Yang: Alright, let's take 'em head on!
Outro Yang: Hehe, sorry, was that a little too much?
Noel: Um, that seems like a little more than a little...

Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
You've been defeated. I'm placing you both under arrest.
Whew... Now that the fighting's over, how about something to eat? I'm actually a really good cook.
Didn't think I could handle them on my own. I'm so glad we're a team.
There's no reason for us to keep fighting. Please stop this.
I may look weak, but I can't afford to lose.
Partner with Ragna Noel: Nice work, Ragna! Um, I made you a drink, if you're thirst--
Partner with Jin Jin: Hmph... Why the hell am I stuck on babysitting duty...
Noel: Oh no... The Major keeps getting grumpier and grumpier...
Partner with ν-No.13- Nu: Ragnaaaaa, where are youuuu?
Noel: What is this...energy I feel...? Could it be...her feelings?
Partner with Makoto Noel: Makoto, aren't you hungry? Wanna take a break? I can make you something real quick.
Makoto: No no no, not at all! Not hungry at all! So full! Like, bloated!
Partner with Izayoi Noel: You really are amazing, Tsubaki. I'm going to have to work harder.
Izayoi: I wouldn't say that... You were a huge help in this fight. I'm counting on you for next time too, Noel!
Partner with Mai Mai: Nothing beats one of your death dinners after a great workout, Noel!
Noel: Hehe. I made plenty, so eat as much as you want!
Partner with Naoto (Shirogane) Noel: I was going to fight like usual, but your strategy made things so much easier... You're really something, Shirogane.
Naoto: You're too kind. We couldn't have done it without your strength, Noel-san. Now, let us hurry!
Partner with Labrys Noel: We did it, Labrys! Should I make us something to replenish our strength? I may not look it, but I'm quite the cook!
Labrys: Awww... No hard feelings or nothin', but I don't eat. Thanks anyway, Noel-chan, I appreciate the thought.
Partner with Hyde Noel: What sort of world is this...? How long must we keep fighting...?
Hyde: It doesn't matter. We just have to take this as far as we can.
Partner with Yang Noel: Uh, er... Thank you for your assistance. I look forward to working with you in the next battle.
Yang: Don't sweat it! I couldn't just leave you (hanging), could I?
Partner with Vatista Noel: Just who is this girl...? Does she even eat...? I only have simple, portrable rations to offer, though...
Vatista: I will leave this decision to the program... With a vote of 99-to-1, we have decided against ingesting this "dark matter."