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Hello everyone, I hope to help in anyway I can to make this the pre-eminent go-to site for all BlazBlue related info.

What am I Currently Doing?

I am currently in the process of redoing/adding to the appearance section of each playable BlazBlue character, so that the description of their appearances closely match what's shown in the games and other material.

Quick Appearance Section Proposal Test

<tabs plain style="><tab name="NOL Uniform">

BlazBlue Jin Kisaragi Model Sheet 01.jpg

He wears the blue uniform of the NOL infantry division. His uniform consists of a sleeveless blue coat with red lining and gold trimmings, a sleeveless white tunic secured at the waist with three black belts, and underneath everything a black form-fitting, full-length bodysuit with long sleeves. He wears a pair of thick, long, white gloves folded over just below his elbows. Detached, long blue strips of cloth are attached to his coat by a pair of large silver buttons near his shoulders. They end in black triangles with a single gold stripe on the outside, while the inside remains completely blue. These sleeves reach down to his knees and also have large pauldrons. Jin also wears the standard blue NOL infantry boots, which bear gold trimmings, a gold cross along the tongue of the boots, and silver metal toes.</tab><tab name="Military Academy">

Military Academy Uniform

During his time at the Military Academy, Jin wore the standard male school uniform, a pair of white shoes, and grey glasses. It is unknown if Jin had problems with his eyesight around this time or if he wore them for purely aesthetic reasons. </tab><tab name="Spiral Shift">When he fought in the Ikaruga Civil War, Jin wore a variation of his NOL uniform, donning a sleeveless blue coat with red lining and gold trimmings, with a matching pauldron fastened to his uniform by a metal plate engraved with an unknown symbol, a sleeveless white tunic over a sleeveless black undershirt, metal arm guards and fingerless gloves, white trousers and boots trimmed in blue and gold. </tab><tab name="Child">When he was young and still lived at the church with Ragna and Saya, Jin often wore a pale blue jacket, a black shirt, light brown trousers, and dark brown shoes. On the night the church burned down, he was wearing a light blue shirt and black shorts. </tab><tab name="Teen"> In his teenage years after he was adopted by the Kisaragis, Jin wore a traditional Japanese attire consisting of a white kosode (shirt), blue hakama (trousers), white socks and sandals. </tab><tab name="NOL Formal Wear">

NOL formal wear

For important ceremonies, Jin wears a more formal version of his NOL uniform consisting of a sharp blue suit with black cuffs, gold trimmings, and a large shoulder cloth with various insignia sewn upon it, as well as a white shirt, red tie, a pair of white trousers, and the standard blue NOL infantry boots with gold trimmings. On certain occasions he has also worn a blue beret or a NOL cape similar to Kagura's but in blue. </tab></tabs>