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Apocalypse Screenshot 02.jpg

CF: Death is the great leveller.
Location Name




Stage of

Es (CF)

Apocalypse is a stage introduced as DLC in BlazBlue: Central Fiction. It is the stage of Es.


Apocalypse is set in the ruins of an unknown Hierarchical City and is presumably set in a possibility that has not occurred. The main part of the stage is on top of a toppled Novus Orbis Librarium building which has been badly damaged. Ripped red NOL banners are draped from across the higher part of the building and above that is a large derelict clock that uses Roman numerals, similar to the one in the Kagutsuchi Port.

Multiple buildings are also destroyed, set behind the main stage. Each one seemingly made of stone and having ornate engravings, although many of these patterns have been destroyed. Fires still rage in the stage and smoke has blackened the sky. In the background, the source behind the destruction can be seen - a Black Beast.




  • Apocalypse is one of six stages that do not appear in the main BlazBlue story. The others are: Circus, Duel Field, Hidden Field, Sacrifice, and Skyship.
  • Unlike every other stage, Apocalypse is not canon to the main BlazBlue continuity. At no point in the current continuity has a developed Black Beast existed at the same time as the Novus Orbis Librarium, let alone destroyed one of its cities.