Road of Glacier

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Road of Glacier

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CF: Every medal has two sides.
Location Name

Road of Glacier


Between Akitsu and Kazamotsu

Stage of

Mai Natsume CF)

Road of Glacier is a stage introduced as DLC in BlazBlue: Central Fiction. It is the stage of Mai Natsume.


Road of Glacier is set between the Hierarchical Cities of Akitsu and Kazamotsu. True to its name, the stage is a road in the mountaintops, covered with snow and ice; this is in part because it exists outside of the weather control systems present in Novus Orbis Librarium controlled cities, meaning the road is in its natural state.

What is unnatural, however, is the colossal bone dragon lying in the background. Its skull is filled with thick icicles that glow with a blue iridescence although the skeleton itself is in good condition; it appears to be suspended in place by large metal chains, which connect to nails embedded in the cliff side. The road which is fought on is cracked, with numerous icicles rising up from the ground around it. On the left side of the stage is a collection of six neatly stacked rocks with a bright red scarf wrapped around it - the rocks themselves, and the platform they rest on, are covered in snow.

In the far distance, a Hierarchical City can be seen, likely either Akitsu or Kazamotsu.




  • It is unknown if Road of Glacier is the same location where Mai, Kajun Faycott, Ragna the Bloodedge, Shiori Kirihito, Taro Sasaga'e, and Bell fought against the 16th Fuzzy in BlazBlue: Variable Heart. The Glossary at the end of Variable Heart's Chapter 9 suggests that the Bone Dragon in the background of this stage is the same one that was summoned by Fuzzy.[1] Should Road of Glacier be the same place as where this event occurred, then the snow is mainly made of seithr and there exists a monorail close by - it may, however, still be destroyed after a skirmish between Jubei and the NOL.[2]


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