Duel Field

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Duel Field

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CF: It takes two to make a quarrel
Location Name

Duel Field



Stage of

Naoto Kurogane (CF)

Duel Field is a stage introduced in BlazBlue: Central Fiction. It is the stage of Naoto Kurogane.


Duel Field is set in a large arena with three large monitors covered with intricate winged engravings in the background showing the battle that unfolds. The left monitor bears above it a glowing orange circle with a character for "one" or "first" (甲 kou), while above the right monitor is a glowing blue circle with a character for "two" or "second" (乙 otsu). Above the middle monitor are two engravings, the top one engraved with the name of the mode that the stage is being played on, and the bottom one with the words "The Wheel of Fate is Turning". Long swords are embedded at the foot of the left and right monitors, as well as along the top of the engravings above the middle monitor.

The walls of the arena are formed from layers of arches, with metallic pickets protruding from the top. Red banners hang down the highest of these arches, adorned with the insignia of the Novus Orbis Librarium. Large, broken columns sit in front of these. In the background, a tall, smooth, pillar-like structure and an Ars Magus vessel hang against a cloudy sky, lit in yellows by a low sun and receding to a dark grey.





  • Duel Field is one of six stages that do not appear in BlazBlue's story. The others are: Apocalypse, Circus, Hidden Field, Sacrifice, and Skyship.
  • Similar to Colosseum and Colosseum -Silent- the D-Cards of both players can occasionally be seen on the monitors, displaying the player's name, icon, comment and win/play ratio of the currently played character. This only occurs during ranked matches on the home version and on the arcade version of BlazBlue Central Fiction.