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CF: Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.
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Susano'o (CF)

Sacrifice is a stage in BlazBlue: Central Fiction. It is the stage of Susano'o, and will unlock once the main story of Central Fiction is beaten.


Sacrifice is what appears to be a dark shrine that has heavy Shinto influences. The ground has red soil with ragged rocks and platforms arbitrarily raised above the dirt. In the background lies two massive torii that are painted black with numerous red lines being engraved upon them. Further behind them is a large, metallic, screaming face that resembles the mengu masks wore by samurai in feudal Japan. This mask is engraved with similar red lines to the torii in front of it.

Draped across the leftmost torii is a enormous set of ojuzu with various red patterns set across each bead. In front of both torii's are lit torches, being the only source of light for the stage. The skies are black with grey clouds moving quickly overhead.




  • Sacrifice is one of six stages that do not appear in the main BlazBlue story. The others are: Apocalypse, Circus, Duel Field, Hidden Field, and Skyship.
  • A torii is usually found at the entrance to, or in, Shinto shrines. This stage was likely made to resemble a shrine given that Susano'o is a God, named after Susano'o-no-Mikoto of the Shinto pantheon.