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Magister's City of Ishana

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Magister's City -Ishana-

Magister's City -Ishana- Screenshot 01.png

CF: Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live.

Ishana -Silent- Screenshot 01.png CF: There is strong shadow where there is much light.

Location Name

Magister's City -Ishana-


Celica's Memory (stage)


Atlantic Ocean

Stage of

Celica A. Mercury

The Magister's City of Ishana (魔道都市イシャナ Madō Toshi Ishana), also known as the 0th City of Izanagi and the 0th Rune City -Ishana-, is the capital of the magical world. It serves as the main location for the Phase Shift series.

Ishana still exists in the modern world, but it has been largely abandoned.


Ishana is an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and remains unknown to the rest of the world. Ishana has a unique culture and society that is built around the study and application of alchemy, magic, and sorcery. It is protected by a magical barrier that prevents seithr from entering the island, and most residents are barred from leaving the island unless they have special permission from the Mage's Guild.[1] There appears to be some form of religion that is dedicated to The Creator.[2]

Ishana's environment is controlled by alchemy, being finely tuned so it is never too hot or too cold. Spring is warm while Fall is said to be fairly cold. Ishana's architecture is distinctly central European, having sprawling cobble roads with numerous alleys and various boulevards with cultivated trees that are grown to have deep green leaves in lush crowns.[3] In the center of the island sits the Ishana Cathedral (聖堂 Seidō), a large monastery built with an artificial cauldron in its deepest chamber.[4] The rest of the island is filled with lush parks, various cafes, buildings associated with the Mage's Guild, and residential districts.[5]

During the Dark War, Ishana was the safest place on the planet until a fatal mistake was made by Sages Seven and Eight. Most of central Ishana was destroyed by the impact of Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi crashing onto the island.[6] All the Nox Nyctores, with the sole exception of Corpus Sepulcro: Requiem, were born in Ishana, as was Ars Magus.

Izanami later visited Ishana, making it her base of operations while she set forth the machinations for Doomsday.[7]


  • Mage's Guild - although another name for the island, is also used as the name for its academy.
  • Ishana Cathedral - an important religious and societal location
  • Great Library - a large library containing the majority of Ishana's knowledge
  • Old Gate - an artificial cauldron that sits deep in the cathedral

People born in Ishana



People living in Ishana


Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Magister's City Ishana

The Mage's Guild headquarters, located on a lone island in the Atlantic Ocean. the entire island is concealed in a magic barrier, making it impossible to see with the naked eye, and also impossible to enter through ordinary means.

The climate on the island is always pleasant thanks to alchemic techniques, and the barrier even blocks the entry of Seithr. It was called the ‘safest place on earth' during the Dark War, and it's said the privileged from various countries secretly sought refuge here. The later ‘Hierarchical Cities' were designed based on this city.[8]



Story Mode


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