Bullet's Phantom Field

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Bullet's Phantom Field was a Phantom Field that was subconsciously created by Bullet as a result of her desire to continue fighting on the battlefield with her comrades.[1] It was set in the 17th Hierarchical City of Yamatsumi sometime after the Ikaruga Civil War and is the main setting of the first chapter of BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War.


When the Phantom Field was created, it drew in two Contaminants - Kuon Glamred Stroheim and Ripper. The setting was a conflict between the Novus Orbis Librarium and a local resistance group as the two struggled for control over the area surrounding Yamatsumi.

The Resistance was formed from the original residents of the region who were displaced when the NOL leveled the mountain to build the Hierarchical City Yamatsumi, and those fleeing from the law.[2] They opposed the construction of the Hierarchical City and hoped to express their defiance through action. Bullet led the Resistance.

The NOL aimed to complete construction of Yamatsumi and hand over control of the city from Kagura Mutsuki to Jin Kisaragi.[3] As Jin was held up in a different City, the NOL branch in Yamatsumi was led in the interim by Tsubaki Yayoi[4] with assistance from Hibiki Kohaku.

Eventually, the Phantom Field was freed when its cauldron was destroyed by Rei and Ciel with the BlazBlue Alternative. Kuon and Ripper were returned to their own times with no recollection of what had happened, while Tsubaki and Bullet began peace talks. The Field began to reform back into a Possibility.[5]




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