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Mantenbo (萬天棒, MantenbōTen Thousand Heavens Staff) is the weapon of choice used by Litchi Faye-Ling. It is a large staff that can change its proportions.

The staff can be openly summoned by Litchi through Ars Magus [1] and has the ability to split apart and take multiple forms. It can shorten itself to become a stool, spin across the battlefield, and drastically enlarge itself. The staff is strong enough to bend at harsh angles yet not break and can easily support Litchi's weight. When Litchi uses the Thirteen Orphans technique, the staff becomes humanoid and punches away at its opponent.

Usually, Mantenbo takes the form of a long staff with one half being black and the other white. Each tip is colored red and the end of the staff is a bright yellow. Mantenbo is made from a sacred tree, possibly cryptomeria. [2]


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