Hino Kagutsuchi

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Hino Kagutsuchi

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Weapon Name

Hino Kagutsuchi

Weapon Type

Demonic entity

Hino Kagutsuchi (ヒノカグツチ) is a creature under the command of Nine the Phantom. She uses it during combat to fight against opponents. It debuted in BlazBlue: Central Fiction.


The history of Hino Kagutsuchi is unknown. All that is known about this beast is that it came under Nine's servitude at least some time after the Dark War, but was not seen in her possession during her time as Phantom. In combat, Hino Kagutsuchi is largely unseen, only appearing when its master summons it for attacks such as Navy Pressure and Mauvette Roar. Most of the attacks which involve Hino Kagutsuchi uses its impressive physical strength, but it is also capable of unleashing a cascade of flames from its mouth to attack opponents. Nine summons Hino Kagutsuchi's limbs through several portals.

Hino Kagutsuchi is a large creature that is physically akin to a demonic entity. It is large enough to easily cradle Nine in its arms. The creature is primarily black with four beady yellow eyes and two horns. Its left horn is much shorter than its right, and is wreathed in flames. Hino Kagutsuchi's arms are thick with vents on its wrist, and its large hands end in sharp claws. The legs of this creature are longer than Nine herself (who stands at 171cm), and its feet end in sharp claws with pointed heels.


Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Hino Kagutsuchi

A fiery beast under the command of Nine the Phantom.[1]


Hino Kagutsuchi is named after Hinokagutsuchi, a deity in Shinto mythology, the last child of Izanagi-no-Mikoto and Izanami-no-Mikoto. He was a god of fire whose death created the eight volcanoes of Japan.

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