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Smash Hail

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Smash Hail

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Smash Hail [1] is the weapon used by Bullet. It is a large golden gauntlet that covers her left forearm, and has the ability to transform in combat.


Smash Hail covers the entirety of Bullet's left arm, and emits fire from a part of it that covers her palm. She can emit flames that travel across the ground and explosive bursts which she uses in conjunction in with her close-quarters fighting style. Other members of her mercenary squad used gauntlets similar to Bullet's in the past, so it is possible that Smash Hail is part of a series of weapon specifically for that group - with the group's extinction, however, there may be few left.

This gauntlet can also transform into a much larger version of itself in which it is used to deliver a very short range blow that is capable of making a large crater. Despite providing some form of protection, Smash Hail is not perfect, and Bullet has broken her arm even while using it. [2]

The weapon is a deep golden color and has a scorpion engraved on its largest part. It is unknown if the matching gauntlet that Bullet wears is also part of Smash Hail. It is likely that the weapon is also Ars Magus based.



  • Due to Smash Hail's name having only been spoken out loud and never shown in written form, the name of this weapon could also be Smash Hell.


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