Kagari Rokushikisouken

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Kagari Rokushikisouken

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Weapon Name

Kagari Rokushikisouken

Weapon Type

Twin swords

The Kagari Rokushikisouken (篝=六式双剣) are a set of paired twin swords with detachable blades. They are currently owned by Hibiki Kohaku.

These swords are short and thick. Each blade is made up of multiple segments and can detach from its handle through the use of a trigger. The blades come with a sheathe to slot blades into. Hibiki generally uses the Kagari Rokushikisouken with one held in a reverse grip and the other sheathed, his hand resting on its handle. After certain moves or winning a round, Hibiki will detach both blades and reach for replacements.

Kagari Rokushikisouken's segments are inconsistent, being shown as having as many as ten segments or as little as six.



The character for Kagari is 篝, "brazier," and which is the same kagari in Touya Kagari's name (but the two are otherwise completely unrelated). Rokushikisouken is 六式双剣, literally "Type-Six Twin Swords." The whole name could be translated as: "Brazier: Type-Six Twin Swords."[1]


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