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Varied rushing attacks with Chain Revolver. A rush-down character that overwhelms opponents with a fascinating fighting style! [1]


Activating Chain Revolver with Noel's Drive button will form a chain of commands derived from initial skill → relay skill → chokehold, which can be linked up to a maximum of five times, with wide variations. Furthermore, her initial skills have an "avoidance" effect, so move quickly while aiming for a counter. Her distortion drives have additional attacks if performed in close quarters! [1]

Command List

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
Chain Revolver D
When activated, each button pressed will perform a slightly different attack. These attacks can be chained up to 4 times, but the same attack can't be chained twice in a row.
Type XI: Optic Barrel
Jūichi Shiki · Oputikku Bareru
↓↘→ + A or B or C SP1
Type XIII: Revolver Blast
Jūsan Shiki · Riborubā Barasuto
↓↘→ + C in midair SP1
Type IX: Muzzle Flitter
Yonshiki · Mazaru Furittā
↓↙← + A SP2
Type II: Bloom Trigger
Nishiki · Burūmu Torigā
↓↘→ + D during Chain Revolver
Type V: Assault Through
Goshiki · Asaruto Surū
↓↙← + D during Chain Revolver
Type VI: Spring Raid
Sanshiki · Suporingu Reido
↓↑ + D during Chain Revolver
Silencer ↓↓ + B or C while the opponent is down
Distortion Drive
Zero-gun: Fenrir
Rei Jū · Fenriru
↓↘→↓↘→ + D (uses 50% Heat) SP3 (uses 50% Heat)
Bullet Storm → Zero-gun: Thor
バレットレイン ▷ 零銃・トール
Baletto Rein → Rei Jū · Tōru
↓↘→↓↘→ + D in midair (uses 50% Heat) SP3 (uses 50% Heat)
Astral Heat
Valkryrie Veil
↓ charge ↑ + C repeatedly (uses 100% Heat) SP4 (uses 100% Heat)


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