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Gameplay:Tsubaki Yayoi BBCP

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Command List

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
Charges energy requires to enhance special attacks
Second Install
Sekando Insutōru
A + B + C + D
The install gauge replenishes automatically
Sanctus Aequum
審技・閃ク壱ノ撃(しんぎ・ひらめくいちのげき)Technique of Judgement: In A Flash, One Strike
Shingi: Hirameku Ichi no Geki
↓↘→ + A or B or C or D (D can be transitioned into from Lux Macto) → + SP
Sanctus Veritas
審剣・光ヲ断ツ剣(しんけん・ひかりをたつつるぎ)Sword of Judgement: Sword That Cuts Light
Shinken: Hikari o Tatsu Tsurugi
↓↙← + B or D (Can be transitioned into from Sanctus Aequum)
Sanctum Decus
審剣・風ヲ凪グ剣(しんけん・かぜをなぐつるぎ)Hammer of Judgement: Hammer That Shatters The Earth
Shinken: Kaze o Nagu Tsurugi
↓↓ + B or D (Can be transitioned into from Sanctus Aequum or Sanctus Veritas) SP
Benedictus Rex
審槍・空ヲ突ク槍(しんそう・そらをつくやり)Spear of Judgement: Spear That Pierces The Sky
Shinsō: Sora o Tsuku Yari
↓↘→ + C or D SP
Aequum Eleison
審技・空二閃ク光(しんぎ・そらにひらめくひかり)Technique of Judgement: Light That Flashes Through The Sky
Shingi: Sora ni Hirameku Hikari
↓↘→ + A or D in midair (Can be transitioned into from Benedictus Rex) ↓ + SP in midair
Lux Aeterna
審技・空ヲ翔ル翼(しんぎ・そらをかけるつばさ)Technique of Judgement: Wings That Soar Through The Sky
Shingi: Sora o Kakeru Tsubasa
↓↙← + A or B or C or D in midair (Can be transitioned into from Aequum Eleison) SP in midair
Lux Macto
審技・闇ヲ穿ツ灯(しんぎ・やみをうがつあかり)Technique of Judgement: Flame That Pierces Darkness
Shingi: Yami o Ugatsu Akari
←↓↙ + A or D ↓ + SP
Sanctus Aerolata
審鎖・無へ誘ウ鎖(しんさ・むへいざなうくさり)Chains of Judgement: Chains That Beckon The Void
Shinsa: Mu e Izanau Kusari
→↘↓↙← + C
Distortion Drive
Confutatis Maledictis
審罰・天ヲ刈ル焔(しんばつ・てんをかるほむら)Judgement and Punishment: Flame That Shears The Sky
Shingetsu: Ten o Karu Homura
↓↘→↓↘→ + C or D (D will deplete all install gauge) ← + SP
Macto Maledictis
審罰・地ヲ抱ク衣(しんばつ・ちをいだくころも)Judgement and Punishment: Garment That Hugs The Earth
Shinbatsu: Chi o Idaku Koromo
↓↙←↓↙← + D (midair also, requiring 1 install gauge)
Requiem Maledictis
審罰・地ヲ屠ル刃(しんばつ・ちをほふるやいば)Judgement and Punishment: Blade That Butchers The Earth
Shinbatsu: Chi o Furu Yaiba
→↘↓↙←→ + B
Astral Heat
Requiem Aeternam
審聖・人ヲ裁ク神(しんせい・ひとをさばくかみ)Holy Judgement: God That Judges Humanity
Shinsei: Hito o Sabaku Kami
→↘↓↙←→ + C


  • D button specials use up one Install Gauge


Tactics Mode

<tabs plain> <tab name="Numpad Notation">

For an explanation of how numpad notation works, see also "Numpad Notation" on Dustloop.

</tab> <tab name="In-Game Notation">

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