Signati Gladio Crystalis: Murakumo

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Signati Gladio Crystalis: Murakumo

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Weapon Name

Signati Gladio Crystalis: Murakumo

Weapon Type

Sword, sheathe


Legacy Weapon

Signati Gladio Crystalis: Murakumo (契晶封刃・ムラクモ Kesshō Fūjin Murakumo[1]), sometimes translated as Crystal Sealing Blade: Murakumo or Kesho Fujin: Murakumo, is a Legacy Weapon that has been wielded by Es and Touya Kagari.


The Signati Gladio Crystalis: Murakumo is an incredibly large katana-like sword that is more than five feet long. It is incredibly sharp and able to cut through a Union's crystal with ease. The Murakumo can be summoned to the wielder's hands from thin air. Where it goes when not in use is unknown.

Unlike other Legacy Weapons, the Murakumo doesn't seem to have any cost for using it. However, the Murakumo is sentient and does choose its wielders. It is said that nothing can make it move if it finds its wielder untrustworthy.

The Signati Gladio Crystalis: Murakumo was first wielded by Es as part of Sleipnir in XBlaze Code: Embryo. In the climax of the Es Route, Touya takes up the Murakumo to battle Sechs and continues to wield it after Es erases herself from the world. When Es returns in XBlaze Lost: Memories she takes up the Murakumo again to battle Freaks. She remains its wielder later, as Touya uses his Drive to make a replica of it from his own blood.

In BlazBlue: Central Fiction Es still wields the Murakumo. However, it now is covered in a large sheathe. This sheathe absorbs and stores seithr within it. When Es uses her Astral Heat, she removes the sheathe, revealing the original sword inside it.

Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Signati Gladio Crystalis: Murakumo

The name of the massive sword that Es carries. It may look naked, but it is normally sheathed. The sword can absorb surrounding seithr and store it within the sheath of the sword. [2]

XBlaze Lost: Memories TIPS Entry

Murakumo (Crystal Sealing Blade)

A weapon created in the form of an overly-large sword wielded by Es. One of the the Legacy Weapons remaining in the world, it can easily cut through the crystals of the Union-infected. There is no real information about any potential repercussions regarding its use.[3]


A sword-like weapon made from long-forgotten technology. Its official name is Kesho Fujin: Murakumo. It can easily cut through and destroy a Union's crystal. The Murakumo is also sentient and has the ability to choose its owner. If it feels like it cannot trust someone, no force in the universe will allow that person to wield it. [4]


Signati is Latin for "signed" or "sealed," while Gladio means "sword" and Crystalis means "of crystal." Murakumo comes from the Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi which is the original name of the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi. Literally, Murakumo means "gathering clouds", so a literal translation for the localized name of the Signati Gladio Crystalis: Murakumo could be "Sealing Crystal Sword: Gathering Clouds."

This fits with the Japanese name, 契晶封刃・ムラクモ kesshō fūjin murakumo, the first part of which can be split into 契晶 kesshō (a play on the word for crystal, 結晶 kesshō, that replaces the first character with the character for "contract," 契 chigiri) and 封刃 fūjin (lit. "sealed blade").


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