False World (Alter Memory)

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False World
Episode Name

False World

Original Air Date

November 13th, 2013


Tatsuya Takahashi

False World (偽りの世界) is the sixth episode of BlazBlue: Alter Memory. It aired on November 13th, 2013.



Kokonoe's little gambit with Ragna plays out. In the meantime, Jin is still searching for Ragna, but instead,
ends up being found by Bang Shishigami, who wants revenge against Jin.[1]


Lambda-11 has been deployed by Kokonoe to fight Ragna the Bloodedge. The two of them battle in Bascule. Lambda has the advantage throughout the fight, sending Ragna running as she launches multiple blades towards him. Iron Tager watches on, and Platinum the Trinity hears the battle from a distance but doesn't turn back to help Ragna. Lambda stops her onslaught as the memories of Nu-13 surface through. Kokonoe immediately orders Tager to retrieve Lambda, ending the fight.

Back in her lab, Kokonoe contemplates whether or not the life link between Ragna and Nu is what allowed her memories to resurface. Jin Kisaragi continues to sulk around Kagutsuchi, his wounds still stopping him from making much progress across the city. He slumps into an alley and is found by Bang Shishigami. The two recognise one another from the Ikaruga Civil War and Bang demands revenge; with little effort, he defeats Jin. Noel continues to navigate through Kagutsuchi, feeling sad over the events with Ragna. She comes across Litchi Faye-Ling's clinic and tries to talk to Linhua before being shunned because of her uniform - later that evening, Noel watches the New Year fireworks alone.

Litchi has made her way to Bang's residence where she treats Jin's wounds. Bang has refused to kill Jin because of his code of honor, and leaves to grab Jin clothes. Litchi tells Jin of Bang's occupation and they argue over the effects of Ars Magus healing before she leaves. In the morning, Jin awakes to find Bang has made him breakfast. In Orient Town, Tsubaki Yayoi gathers information to find Jin and Noel, paying off a produce vendor for information. Ragna laments on the warning Trinity Glassfille gave him earlier.

Bang shows Jin around Roningai. The children of the area show distaste towards Jin because of his Novus Orbis Librarium uniform, but the ninja comforts them. Bang leaves, and Jin is found by Tsubaki. Rachel Alucard watches from a distance with great concern. Tsubaki begs him to return to headquarters with her but he relents. Ragna continues to think about Noel and what to do with her since she is a Boundary Interface Prime Field Device. Back in Roningai, Tsubaki activate the Sealed Weapon Izayoi and activates a Zanki Barrier - inside it, she begs Jin to return with her and that she doesn't want to do anything against him. Yuuki Terumi interrupts the space and uses Mind Eater to take control of Tsubaki; Yukianesa refuses to draw for Jin and Tsubaki murders him. Bang runs back to the scene and Tsubaki awakes from her trance with tears streaming down her eyes. Takamagahara use Phenomenon Intervention to reset the entire event as Jin's death would likely cause the end of the world.

Time resets to when Bang left. Jin follows him instead of staying by himself. Tsubaki fails to find Jin and instead orders some tea. Rachel notices the do-over, and tells Valkenhayn R. Hellsing of how Takamagahara is being cautious. Hazama, Relius Clover, and Phantom are close to the Kagutsuchi cauldron. Jin notices that he cannot draw Yukianesa and Bang gives him advice to escape from Roningai as he caught word of Tsubaki chasing after him. Bang notices that the look in Jin's eyes were similar to Tenjo Amanohokosaka's on the day she died. Tsubaki has left Roningai and expresses joy at not having found Jin, but she soon encounters Noel instead.







  • In the games and novels, Jin does not recognize Bang, but upon meeting him in this episode, Jin immediately remembers him from Ikaruga.


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