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A Zanki Barrier (斬輝結界ざんきけっかい) is an advanced Ars Magus that can only be deployed by wielders of the Sealed Weapon Izayoi. It is the sealed blade's primary ability, designed to combat Observers by making them unable to Observe and deploy Phenomenon Intervention.


The primary power of the Sealed Weapon Izayoi is to deploy the Zanki Barrier. The barrier interferes with Observation by creating a sealed space which prevents interference from anyone exterior to the barrier; this extends past just Observers, also including any kind of radio waves and forming a physical barrier that prevents entry.[1] Not even the Takamagahara System are capable of seeing what happens within the barrier.

Tsubaki Yayoi used this barrier to try and persuade Jin Kisaragi into rejoining the Novus Orbis Librarium away from prying eyes. He called it a "field that slashes light". Despite the strength of barrier, Jin called it weak, and it was even infiltrated by Yuuki Terumi.[2]

Functionally, this barrier is similar to an Eclipse Field.

Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Zanki Barrier

Ars Magus used by Tsubaki, utilizing Izayoi. It creates a space that is completely separated from the outside world. Tsubaki sealed Jin within this barrier in the story of 'Continuum Shift', and argued with him to return to the Librarium.[3]


Zanki (斬輝 zanki) uses the characters 斬 zan for "to cut" or "to slice", and 輝 ki for "brightness" or "brilliance."


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