The Power of Order (Alter Memory)

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The Power of Order
Episode Name

The Power of Order

Original Air Date

December 3rd, 2013


Tatsuya Takahashi

The Power of Order (秩序の力) is the ninth episode of BlazBlue: Alter Memory. It originally aired on December 3, 2013.



As Makoto works to get Noel to safety, she explains her faith in Kokonoe and her doubts about Hazama.
And Tsubaki finally finds Jin again, who is still struggling to deal with his recalcitrant weapon.[1]


Hazama explains the events that have happened thus far to Izanami, explaining how many Novus Orbis Librarium soldiers had to be sacrificed for the smelting. He walks out the throne room with Nine the Phantom. Ragna the Bloodedge searches for Noel Vermillion, concerned for her wellbeing, but unbeknown to him, both Noel and Makoto Nanaya are nearby. Jin Kisaragi enters the NOL branch of the the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi.

In the sewers, Litchi Faye-Ling is searching for Arakune, and is approached by both Hazama and Phantom. Behind her is Arakune himself and she runs to him. Hazama taunts her and offers her a chance to save him by joining the NOL. Makoto and Noel have noticed that the entire NOL branch is empty, and the former reveals that there was no retreat order. She tells Noel about the Monolith, and her theory about Hazama having killed off the entire NOL branch. Makoto contacts Kokonoe, who was monitoring Lambda-11. The professor sends Iron Tager to retrieve both Makoto and Noel.

Jin runs into Tsubaki Yayoi. She charges him with insubordination, and Jin refuses to adhere to her arrest. She summons the Sealed Weapon Izayoi to battle against his blade, the Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa. Yukianesa, however, does not draw, and Jin is only able to barely use its ice-related powers. Tager is found by Hazama and Phantom, and the Red Devil fights against the Captain. Jin reminds her of the Ikaruga Civil War and reveals that the Wings of Justice silenced all who opposed the war. Jin remembers the words of Jubei and mixed with the words that Tsubaki had told him, Jin is able to awake to the Power of Order. He draws Yukianesa and launches himself at her, but Tsubaki's eyesight begins to blur and falter. In response, Jin encases her in ice, it finally shattering after he left. Tsubaki breaks down crying in the middle of the branch.

Jubei finds Ragna as he's about to enter the NOL branch, and warns him to not die. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing appears as Ragna walks away, and asks his old comrade as to why he is not pursuing the Grim Reaper - the cat replies that it is not their fight. Rachel Alucard tells her butler that she will witness the events herself, and Valkenhayn returns to the Alucard Castle. Makoto and Noel find the aftermath of the battle between Tager and Hazama, finding the Captain standing over the defeated Red Devil. Kokonoe desperately tries to contact her subordinate, and Hazama switches minds with Yuuki Terumi, who taunts Makoto with racist insults. Tsubaki, in her grief, turns her blade to her throat, intent on suicide. Izanami appears in a brilliance of light, and offers Tsubaki a chance to work directly underneath her. Meanwhile, Jin has finally found Ragna.







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