The Murakumo Awakens (Alter Memory)

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The Murakumo Awakens
Episode Name

The Murakumo Awakens

Original Air Date

December 17th, 2013


Deko Akao

The Murakumo Awakens (叢雲覚醒) is the eleventh episode of BlazBlue: Alter Memory. It originally aired on December 17, 2013.



Terumi's designs for Noel come to fruition and he crows about what he has achieved to Ragna,
even as Ragna fights a losing battle against him to save Noel.[1]


The episode begins with Ragna the Bloodedge being thrown away by Yuuki Terumi. Terumi reveals that the Black Beast was just a massive failure, a haywire cauldron. He reveals that the world is actually comprised entirely of seithr and and indirectly talks about the Prime Field War. Terumi then talks about the Azure and how his plan was to actually create a Kusanagi, not a Black Beast. Iron Tager uses the last of his energy under the orders of Kokonoe to teleport Lambda-11 to the nearby vicinity. Terumi calls upon the Kusanagi in the name of Susano'o. The Monolith opens and Mu-12 descends to meet Terumi and Ragna. The latter attempts to change Mu's mind, but he is unsuccessful. Mu follows Terumi's orders and reaches the cauldron of the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi, where she is met by Hakumen.

The battle between Ragna and Terumi continues atop the Altar. Lambda watches the battle, and Terumi reveals to Ragna that his group captured and detained Rachel Alucard. Before Terumi delivers the killing blow, Lambda intervenes to take instead, disobeying Kokonoe's orders. Terumi continues to attack Lambda after taunting Kokonoe. Lambda falls into Ragna's arms, her wounds killing her. After saying her goodbyes, Lambda dies, her Idea Engine fusing with Ragna's Azure Grimoire. Ragna is now able to activate the Grimoire and overpowers Terumi - his sorrow and the Idea Engine granting him enough strength to knock Terumi unconscious. Before Ragna can finish the job and kill Terumi, he is found by Gii who escorts him to find Rachel and Nago.

Jin Kisaragi joins the battle with Hakumen against Mu, but the two are overwhelmed. Ragna manages to save Rachel and Nago from their binds. As Jin is defeated, he falls back onto Ragna, and the brothers resolve to defeat Mu.







  • This is one of the first times in the series that the Prime Field War is mentioned. It would not become a major plot point until BlazBlue: Central Fiction.


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