The Price for the Future (Alter Memory)

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The Price for the Future
Episode Name

The Price for the Future

Original Air Date

December 24th, 2013


Akira Wamura
Seiji Mizushima

The Price for the Future (未来への代償) is the twelfth and final episode of BlazBlue: Alter Memory. It originally aired on December 24, 2013.



Kokonoe and Rachel believe that Noel's transformation into Mu is irreversible,
but Ragna refuses to give up on Noel.[1]


Having saved Rachel Alucard from her imprisonment, Ragna the Bloodedge learns that there may be no way to save Noel Vermillion from her smelting into Mu-12. Kokonoe chimes in, telling him that it is indeed impossible. The scene cuts back to Ragna joining the fight against Mu alongside Hakumen and Jin Kisaragi. Together, Ragna and Jin fight against Mu, but the younger brother is knocked down by her Steins Gunner. Rachel and Hakumen continue to watch on as the fight continues, but they are unable to get close to her.

Rachel remembers back to when she told Ragna about Noel's condition, and that he may be able to shatter her soul using the Azure Grimoire. In the failure to do so, Hakumen will be ready to kill her. In the present, Ragna pushes Jin out of the way of a torrent of blades. Mu begins to monologue about her hatred for the world and everything within it before sending forth a powerful attack that sends Ragna and Jin to the floor. Takamagahara watch intently, allowing time for Yuuki Terumi to infiltrate it.

Ragna is shot by the Steins Gunner's, and Ragna steadily walks towards Mu, attempting to communicate with personality of Noel, but it was useless. A vision of Lambda-11 occurs and Ragna activates the Idea Engine to reverse the smelting, sacrificing his arm and saving Noel from becoming Mu. Takamagahara decide that they will make an event part of the Continuum Shift, but Terumi interrupts, having infiltrated in the nanosecond in that they were distracted. Nine the Phantom deployed a virus onto Takamagahara, and they were subdued. Noel finally awakes in Ragna's arms, and realises that Ragna and Jin are brothers, also noticing that the former lost his arm. Hakumen turns to leave, but they are interrupted by Hazama and Phantom, who reveal that they defeated Takamagahara. Relius Clover and Izanami arrive to tell Hazama to stop. Ragna and Jin instantly recognize Izanami as their sister, Saya. Hakumen rushes to slash at the Imperator, but is blocked by Litchi Faye-Ling and Tsubaki Yayoi. Noel demands to know why Tsubaki is acting alongside the Imperator, and she expresses her loyalty. Izanami begins to talk down to Rachel before leaving with her group.

Aboard an Ars Magus ship, Iron Tager is loaded on, and Noel lays on a bed, resting. She is visited by Makoto Nanaya, who is revealed to still be alive. Kokonoe personally travels to the Altar at the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi. She picks up Lambda's visor before looking out to the sky. Jubei offers Jin the opportunity to strengthen himself and the two travel out of the area. Kokonoe visits Ragna in the clinic formerly used by Litchi, having created a new arm for him. Relius and Hazama look over a cauldron, finding that Nu-13 is rebuilding herself thanks to the life link with Ragna himself. The Grim Reaper is walking out of Kagutsuchi, and is found by Taokaka, who tells him that she will accompany him on his journey to Ikaruga, courtesy of Jubei's orders. The scene is narrated over by Rachel and Hakumen, who discuss the course of events.







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