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Aramasa (荒正アラマサ), known also as the Blood Scythe, is a large sword that was wielded by Ragna the Bloodedge. Its current location is unknown.


The point of origin for Aramasa is unknown. It was kept in Celica A. Mercury's Church‎ for decades, eventually being gifted to Ragna once he had completed his training with Jubei. The blade is unique in that it is both a sword and a scythe, having a mechanism that allows it to swap between forms. The blade of the weapon is made out of metal and ceramic. [1] It has a large handle with a shaped pommel. Ragna used Aramasa in a reverse grip while fighting, and was noted to be very offensively oriented in battle. [2]

The weapon is currently missing, having been used for a makeshift grave for Ragna, but disappearing after Rachel Alucard and Izayoi visited it. [3]




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