Illusionary Creature

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Illusionary Creature

Clavis Alucard Profile.png

Species Name

Illusionary Creature

Species features

High physical strength, high sorcery power, very long lifespan

Notable Members

Clavis Alucard

Illusionary Creatures (幻想生物) are a species of beings created by those who touch and use a portion of the Azure.[1] BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War clarifies that they are created from peoples' thoughts and wishes. Among them, Clavis Alucard was once the strongest.


There is very little information on Illusionary Creatures, other than the fact that they are made from those who come into contact with the Azure. As well as this, their existence is said to be very similar to a Drive, not unlike Izanami, who is a Drive herself.[2]

The only known Illusionary Creature was Clavis Alucard, who identified as a vampire and displayed abilities and an appearance strongly associated with them. In Clavis' case, his lifeforce was tied to humanity. So long as they existed, he would remain alive, but should his own lifeforce be threatened then people would die.[3] Clavis did eventually die sometime during the Dark War, but it is unknown how or why.



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