Slave Red

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Slave Red (スレイブレッド, Sureibu Reddo) is a unique sorcery spell employed by Rachel Alucard and Raquel Alucard. It's a spell that allows someone to enforce their will on others, but it is not always possible.


A technique that seems exclusive to vampires. The user's eyes turn a deep red and anything they chant to someone they are using the spell on will follow their command. Raquel Alucard is the most frequent employer of this technique. She managed to convince Haruka Hayami that she is the cousin of Naoto Kurogane, and also used it on a store attendant to gather information on Kana Kirishima.[1][2]

Rachel attempted to use this technique on Amane Nishiki to coerce information out of him on his identity, but he easily resisted it, even when Rachel pushed the question again.[3]

Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Slave Red

A power Rachel used on Amane in the story of 'Chrono Phantasma.' However, it didn't work on Amane.[4]


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