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In Battle

Battle Start and End

Situation Line Voice
Intro 1 I get the feeling I'm an unwanted guest.
Intro 2 Ooh, so scary! You sure I can't run away?
Intro 3 I'd rather not fight if I don't have to. The less work the better.
Intro 4 Um... I'm sorry, who're you again?
Intro 5 This is getting annoying... Can you take it from here?
Intro 6
Intro with Azrael Azrael: Just don't get in the way of my meal, library.
Hazama: Oh, please… I have no interest in your beastly affairs.
Intro with Nu-13 Nu: Ragna… Ragna… Nu's right here.
Hazama: Urgh, this again? One of the hazards of working with a toy, I guess.
Intro with Platinum Trinity: Kazuma... I'm so sorry.
Hazama: I think I'm hearing things. How scary!
Intro with Yosuke Yosuke: Alright! We'll take you on!

Hazama: You can do it! I'm rooting for you.

Yosuke: Just leave it t- Hey! Don't make me do all the work!
Intro with Gordeau Gordeau: My harvests are a little special. I can't guarantee you won't get involved.
Hazama: Don't worry. I specialize in quick escapes.
Intro with Blake Hazama: Let's see… Which of us should go first…?
Blake: I'm not turning my back to you.
Outro 1 Urgh, you're really weak. I normally wouldn't say that, but it's not like you can beat me up over it.
Outro 2 Sorry, but would you mind taking this fight a little more seriously?
Outro 3 My oh my. Done already?
Outro 4
Outro with partner 1 My eyes haven't deceived me after all! You're really on my side! Thank goodness.
Outro with partner 2
Outro with Azrael Azrael: Pah. No texture whatsoever.
Hazama: Oh my, what a mess! You have no manners!
Outro with Nu-13 Nu: No, this-this is not Ragna.
Hazama: That's right… That thing over there is nothing but garbage.
Outro with Platinum
Outro with Yosuke Yosuke: Sorry, we just don't have any weaknesses!

Hazama: Keep up the good work!

Yosuke: You should start!
Outro with Gordeau Hazama: What a harvest! You're a greedy one.
Gordeau: Of course. I carry the name Greed on my shoulders.
Outro with Blake


Situation Line Voice
Partner skill 1 I'm counting on you!
Partner skill 2 It's all you!
Partner skill 3 If you please.
Partner skill 4
Partner skill with Ragna Get the lead out, Raggy!
Partner skill with Jin Major Kisaragi!
Partner skill with Noel Lieutenant!
Partner skill with Rachel 1 Rachel Alucard!
Partner skill with Rachel 2 We don't have all day.
Partner skill with Tager 1 Red Devil!
Partner skill with Tager 2 Use those muscles.
Partner skill with Nu-13 Time to shine!
Partner skill with Makoto Lieutenant Nanaya!
Partner skill with Azrael Go, Mad Dog!
Partner skill with Es Es!


Situation Line Voice
Idle 1 Oh jeez... Go easy on me?
Resonance Blaze 1 Don't break too easily!
Resonance Blaze 2 I suppose I can get serious.
Duo Change 1 If I must, I must.
Duo Change 2 Shall I?

Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Generic 1 How about that? I'm pretty tough, right? ...Well, I didn't exactly do much. I'm more crew and less cast, if you know what I mean.
Generic 2 Oh my, that was amazing! Keep it up so I can kick back.
Generic 3 Hey, hey, hey! You're gonna stain my suit!...Wait, you're done already?
Generic 4 Well now... It didn't seem like you needed my help at all. In fact, why don't we have you handle things from now on? I have other matters to attend to.
Generic 5 Wooowww, you ARE strong! Fighting's not really my thing, so I'm actually pretty jealous. No, really!
Team with Azrael Azrael: Eating a bunch of small fry ain't gonna fill me up. Guess I gotta go after a bigger fish.
Hazama: Whoa now, you'll spoil your appetite!
アズラエル: 雑魚ばかり喰らっても、やはり腹は満たせんな。
ハザマ: おおっと!つまみ食いはご勘弁願います!
Team with Nu-13 Nu: Raaaagnaaaaa… Where are you, Ragna? Nu wants Ragna…
Hazama: Oh, just can it already, would you? I'd rather not have to scrap such a big piece of garbage.
ニュー: ラグナ——ラグナはどこ——ニューは、ラグナを——
ハザマ: もういい加減その戯言を止めていただけませんか?
Team with Platinum
Team with Yosuke Hazama: Ohoho, now you're a breath of fresh air. I can't wait to toy with-- I mean, play with you…
Yosuke: T-Toy with me…? L-Look, just because I helped you this time doesn't mean you're gonna fool me again! I'm serious!
ハザマ: いやぁ、愉快愉快。
陽介: 俺『で』、遊ばれてんの?
Team with Gordeau Gordeau: Look, isn't it about time you drop the act? My instincts are telling me that you are RIPE for harvesting…
Hazama: Oh my, you are a curious one. But you do know there's no point in harvesting crops that have already rotten, don't you?
ゴルドー: お前さん、そろそろ下手な芝居はやめちゃあどうだ。
ハザマ: いやはや、貴方も物好きですねぇ。
Team with Blake