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In Battle

Battle Start and End

Situation Line Voice
Intro 1 Comrades? The word feels somehow... warm.
Intro 2 Threat level updated, commencing termination of target.
Intro 3 Tactical data link established. Initializing connections.
Intro 4 Capturing target. Murakumo Unit, activate.
Intro 5 Do you seek the Azure as well?
Intro 6
Intro with Rachel Rachel: Now child, shall we dance?
Es: Dancing, during combat? Incomprehensible.
Intro with Hakumen Es: Target identified as enemy unit. Removal reccomended.
Hakumen: Then this fight in unavoidable. We shall push through!
Intro with Nu-13 Es: Strategic data link established... beginning sync.
Nu: Error. Link broken. Only Ragna may connnect with Nu.
Intro with Yu Es: Yu Narukami, I sense unusual powers within you.
Yu: Es, what are you?
Intro with Yosuke Es: I look forward to working together, Junes employee Yosuke Hanamura.
Yosuke: Seriously? Just don't call me that after I've shown you what I've got.
Intro with Linne Es: Target in sight. Updating threat level.
Linne: No need for that, lets just get this over with.
Intro with Ruby Es: Do you also desire the Azure?
Ruby: Well, actually, uh, I'm more interested in your sword.
Outro 1 Everything is as the Azure wills it.
Outro 2 I am afraid you are not worthy.
Outro 3
Outro 4
Outro with partner 1 Our partnership was chosen by the Azure.
Outro with partner 2 If this is one of the possibilites... than I will fulfull my role.
Outro with Rachel Rachel: How mundane. Do you agree?
Es: Mundane? I'm not sure.
Outro with Hakumen
Outro with Nu-13 Es: Exhaustion rate over 30%. I recommend immediate recovery.
Nu: Negative. Nu will search for Ragna.
Outro with Yu Es: Yu Narukami, why do you fight?
Yu: To protect my friends and the ones I hold dear.
Outro with Yosuke Yosuke: Haha, see! I'm more than just a Junes employee!
Es: End status. Switching to sub-alert state.
Yosuke: Hey don't ignore me. That really hurts, y'know!
Outro with Linne Es: Threat level updated: target incapacitated.
Linne: Well, hopefully they learned a thing or two.
Outro with Ruby Ruby: Oh please can I see your sword! Just for a little bit?!
Es: No.
Defeat 1 Functions degrading.
Defeat 2
Defeat 3
Time Up


Situation Line Voice
Throw 1 Deploy.
Clash 1 Destroy.
Clash 2 Breaking through
Clash (Connect) 1 Beginning sequence...
Clash (Connect) 2 Output increased
Type: Shooter "Breunor" 1 Breunor... Fire.
Type: Shooter "Breunor" 2 Shooter.. Breunor!
Type: Shooter "Breunor" 3 How about... This!
Type: Shooter "Palomides" 1 Lifting restriction...
Type: Shooter "Palomides" 2 Type: Shooter Palomides.
Type: Slasher "Galahad" 1 Type: Slasher...
Type: Slasher "Galahad" 2 Obliteration
An easy target.
Type: Exterminator "Artorius"

Partner Actions

Situation Line Voice
Duo Change 1 Return to safety.
Duo Change 2 On my way.
Partner skill call 1 Now.
Partner skill call 2 Requesting your aide.
Partner skill call 3 Support me.
Partner skill call 4 Please.
Partner skill call 5 Capture the target.
Partner skill call 6 Your turn.
Partner skill call with Ragna Ragna the Bloodedge.
Partner skill call with Jin Jin Kisaragi.
Partner skill call with Noel Noel Vermillion.
Partner skill call with Rachel Rachel Alucard.
Partner skill call with Tager Tager.
Partner skill call with Nu-13 1 Murakumo Unit.
Partner skill call with Nu-13 2 The Thirteenth PFD.
Partner skill call with Hazama Hazama.
Partner skill call with Makoto Makoto Nanaya.
Partner skill call with Azrael Azrael.


Situation Line Voice
Idle 1 Reloading.
Resonance Blaze 1 Shall we end this?
Resonance Blaze 2 Maximum seithr output!
Ground Ukemi
Aerial Ukemi
Throw Escape 1 As predicted.
Throw Escape 2
Reject Guard 1
Reject Guard 2

Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Generic 1 I am the gatekeeper -- protector of the Azure. Those who were not chosen shall not pass.
Generic 2 Target's combat level reduced. Damage minimal. Combat mode still operational.
Generic 3 Noise detected in database... Commencing comparison... Is this...a connection?
Generic 4 Combat sequence complete. Analyzing damage... We're out of pudding!? Requesting a dispatch for pudding, ASAP.
Generic 5
Team with Rachel Es: Your movement in combat is plagued by illogical factors. I suggest optimizing your algorithm.
Rachel: Illogical? You hardly understand what you're talking about. I think I may need to teach you how a real lady behaves.
Team with Nu-13 Es: Murakumo... Do you seek the Azure as well?
Nu: I don't care about that. All Nu needs is Ragna.
Team with Yu Es: The strength of your bonds... Do you mean to say that your connection with others influences how you fight?
Yu: It's true for you too, Es. If your friends were here, you'd become stronger. A person can only do so much alone.
Team with Yosuke Es: I revise my rating for you, Junes employee Yosuke Hanamura. Your basic battle capacity rating has been increased.
Yosuke: Mind adjusting what you call me then? The first half isn't even part of my name!
Team with Linne Es: Confirming damage status... Damage, negligible. Impossible. The results of this battle are inconsistent with the data.
Linne: Numbers aren't everything. In a real battle, they're hardly even a placebo.
Team with Ruby Ruby: Crescent Rose and I are one and the same! A weapon is a part of you! You can't live without it! Is that how you feel about your sword?
Es: A part of me... Something I can't live without... But that would be... pudding?