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Solo Actions

Situation Line Voice
Smart Combo 1
Let's go!
Survive this!
Hand of justice!
Smart Combo 2
I see the light!
Salvation is nigh!
For the sake of justice!
Clash (Connect)
This blade is justice...
try to survive!
This is my resolve...
charging through!
Aegis Blade *1
Aegis Blade!
→ Strike Fall
Strike Fall!
Mirage Thruster
EX Mirage Thruster
Sonic Saber *2 (a)
Show them the light!
Sonic Saber!
EX Sonic Saber *2
No Escape!
Sonic Saber!
Crusade Seraphim γ *3
→ Valkyrie Astraea
Crusade Seraphim α *3
Too slow!
Right there!
Crusade Seraphim β
No use!
Justice Phorizer
Justice Phorizer!
My blade is justice!
Banshee Lancer
Banshee Lancer!
For my family, I cast judgement upon you!
Judge of Destiny
Restraints lifted! Zero-Type Izayoi, activate Apocalypse Mode! Say your prayers, for the arrow of calamity shall strike you down!
Engaging Lunar Drive! With the blade of retribution and scales of judgement... I've come to deliver rightous justice! Atone for your sins!
System Mechanics
Resonance Blaze
I shall purify your sins!
The time for atonement has passed!
Throw Say your prayers!
Throw Whiff Oh no!
Throw Break How dare you!
Throw Escape
Not so fast!
Try harder!
Guard Useless!
Reject Guard
Enough of this!
That's enough!
Airdash You're mine!
Backdash Standing down.
Taking Damage
Not bad!
That's... nothing!
Pretty good, but not enough!
Ground Ukemi (Neutral) I'm still here!
Aerial Ukemi (Neutral) Easy.
Aerial Ukemi (Forward) On my feet.
Aerial Ukemi (Backward) Not good enough!
Idle In the name of justice.
Combo (6k Damage) Punishment!
Combo (8k Damage) Feel the weight of your sins!
Combo (10k Damage) This is justice!
Working together... heh. Reminds me of the old days.
Please stand down, I do not wish to fight you.
I am the executor of justice, face me!
The justice I believe in is my own.
Please lend me your strength.
Zero-Type Izayoi, carrying out her mission!
I swear upon this blade that I will not lose!
Jin... I've won.
This is my justice!
I know how this ends. Now come, lets be done with this.
Time Up Outro
It appears we are done.
Further resistance is meaningless.
How could I fall here...?
Time Up Defeat Fate is fickle...

Partner Actions

Situation Line Voice
Partner Swap
Duo Change
Justice will be done!
Partner Skill Change
Falling back.
Cross Burst
Back down!
I won't let you!
Partner Defeat
I will not falter!
This isn't over yet!
Distortion Skill Duo (Justice Phorizer)
Izayoi unleashed!
We're not done!
Cross Combo
Sword of judgement!
Hand of light!
Assist Calls
Partner with Ragna
Ragna the Bloodedge!
Partner with Jin
Partner with Noel
Let's go, Noel!
Partner with Rachel
Miss Rachel!
Aide me!
Partner with Tager
Red Devil!
Partner with Hakumen
Lord Hakumen!
Let us fight together!
Partner with Nu-13
Murakumo Unit!
Now go!
Partner with Hazama
Captain Hazama!
If you please!
Partner with Makoto
You can do it, Makoto!
Partner with Platinum
Platinum the Trinity!
Partner with Azrael
Now go!
Partner with Nine
Now go!
Partner with Es
Now go!
Partner with Mai
Go, Mai!
Partner with Jubei
Lord Jubei!


Situation Line Voice
Outro with partner
Impressively done, I see the justice burns brightly within you too.
This battle would not have been won without your strength.
Jin Kisaragi
Intro Jin: Let's go Tsubaki, I'll carve a path for both of us.
Izayoi: Of course, Jin, I'll follow you anywhere!
Outro Jin: Not a single foe...
Izayoi: ...can stand before our cause!
Noel Vermillion
Intro Izayoi: Here they come, Noel. Are you ready?
Noel: You bet, Tsubaki. With you by my side, I have nothing to fear!
Outro Izayoi: Well done, Noel. Great job!
Noel: Yeah, our friendship reigns victorious!
Intro Izayoi: I shall show you my justice!
Hakumen: Very well, then I shall bear witness to your resolve.
Outro Hakumen: I see, so this is the form your justice takes.
Izayoi: That's right, I will no longer stray from the path.
Makoto Nanaya
Intro Izayoi: Makoto, don't forget that we have to back each other up.
Makoto: Okay, bring it on!
Outro Makoto: Easy peasy, we're invincible!
Izayoi: Oh Makoto, you always get so carried away.
Mai Natsume
Intro Izayoi: Okay Mai, just as we planned.
Mai: Roger! I'm counting on you, Tsubaki.
Outro Mai: Way to go, honor student, that was easy!
Izayoi: All thanks to your support, Mai.
Yu Narukami
Intro Izayoi: I will not waver in my pursuit of justice.
Yu: There are people I have to protect, I will not lose!
Outro Izayoi: This match was not determined by strength alone.
Yu: It was a clash of our conviction, it's that simple.
Naoto Shirogane
Intro Naoto: I'll put my life on the line to reveal the truth.
Izayoi: And if that truth proves evil, I will punish you in the name of justice.
Intro Orie: Salvation for the righteous.
Izayoi: Punishment for the unjust.
Outro Izayoi: Your sins have been judged.
Orie: Leave at once, before our blades take your life.
Intro Izayoi: My blade shall cast judgment upon you!
Seth: And mine shall be the last one you see.
Outro Izayoi: Your sins have been purged.
Seth: Now begone. I have no use for you.
Intro Izayoi: I shall bring judgement upon your corrupt ways!
Yuzuriha: In other words: Evil. Shall. Fall! Get it?
Outro Izayoi: It is the fate of all evil to be destroyed!
Yuzuriha: Surrender now, while you still can!
Blake Belladonna
Intro Izayoi: Now, I shall carry out my justice!
Blake: I can't promise i'll fight fair though.
Outro Izayoi: Judgment bestowed.
Blake: With a few sneak attacks thrown in for fun.

Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
I will not lose to those unpure of heart.
Please, do not worry. If the day should come when you succumb to evil, my blade will be the one to cast judgment.
The Zero-Type Izayoi is an Anti-Observer weapon. It takes its true form when justice must be done!
You pursue your goals even at the expense of your own well-being. I now understand your form of justice.
As the arbiter of justice, I shall not idle as I see people fall from the path of righteousness.
Partner with Jin Jin: That was an amazing fight. Well done, Tsubaki.
Izayoi: N-not at all... It was all thanks to you, Jin.
Partner with Noel Noel: You really are amazing, Tsubaki. I'm going to have to work harder.
Izayoi: I wouldn't say that... You were a huge help in this fight. I'm counting on you for next time, Noel!
Partner with Hakumen Hakumen: Justice built upon selfish desires... You have chosen a path of violence, Tsubaki.
Izayoi: I am prepared, Lord Hakumen. I will not betray the justice I have defined.
Partner with Makoto Makoto: Alright! We made it this far, so let's see just how far we can take this!
Izayoi: Okay, okay. Just don't overwork yourself, Makoto.
Partner with Mai Izayoi: We should have a meeting to discuss that battle later. We have a lot of room for improvement, even in terms of Seithr efficiency.
Mai: Fine, fine... You haven't gotten any more laid back since you left the academy, huh, Tsubaki?
Partner with Yu Izayoi: My pursuit of justice demands I eradicate all evil in my path, I suggest you stand aside.
Yu: Even then, we walk forward. We can't protect anyone if we're too busy watching our feet.
Partner with Naoto Naoto: Those who do not question their sense of justice may well lose their way. You should be careful not to-- No, never mind...
Izayoi: Call it blind faith if you wish, but nothing will stop me from carrying out justice as I determine it.
Partner with Orie Orie: We can only carry out law and order through the use of force, which means the justice we uphold is far from perfect. Even so--
Izayoi: Yes. Even so, we will always choose the sword. Until the day that all immorality is purged.
Partner with Yuzuriha Izayoi: Such elegant swordmanship... Please, tell me: what sort of justice drives your blade?
Yuzuriha: I'll protect everything within my reach, no matter what. That's my kind of justice! ♪
Partner with Blake Blake: Call me cheap, or a coward, or whatever you want. I don't care what you think.
Izayoi: No. If that is your justice, I will not question it. As long as it doesn't interfere with mine.