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Solo Actions

Situation Line Voice
Zanshin (God Slash)
Renka (Lotus)
Zantetsu (Steel Slash)
Gurren (Crimson)
Agito (Fuming Blade)
Tsubaki (Camellia)
Empty Sky Form: Summer's Advance
Empty Sky Form: Winter's Riposte
Empty Sky True Form: Judgement of the Sword
Throw Whiff
Throw Escape
Reject Guard
Taking Damage
Ground Ukemi
Aerial Ukemi

Partner Actions

Situation Line Voice
Partner Swap
Duo Change
Active Change
Assist Calls
Partner with Ragna
Partner with Jin
Partner with Noel
Partner with Rachel
Partner with Tager
Partner with Nu-13
Partner with Hazama
Partner with Makoto
Partner with Azrael
Partner with Es
Partner with Platinum
Partner with Jubei


Situation Line Voice
Battle Intro
Battle Outro
Ragna the Bloodedge
Battle Intro
Battle Outro
Rachel Alucard
Battle Intro
Battle Outro
Iron Tager
Battle Intro
Battle Outro
Battle Intro
Battle Outro
Yu Narukami
Battle Intro
Battle Outro
Battle Intro
Battle Outro
Weiss Schnee
Battle Intro
Battle Outro

Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Partner with Ragna Hakumen: You are the very essence of evil, the heart of darkness. Your continued existence is a blight upon this world. Ragna: Your speeches are getting old. If you wanna play the hero, then shut up and fight!
Partner with Rachel Hakumen: Only my sword can fulfill my mission. Your presence is no longer needed, Harlequin. Rachel: How dull you are... You may be a master of the sword, but your behavior is a far cry from chivalry.
Partner with Tager Tager: I've seen my fair share of battles. This body of mine should be proof enough of that. Hakumen: I've witnessed your power firsthand. Such genuine strength is not to be taken lightly. Your pride is well-earned.
Partner with Es Hakumen: The will to fight is nothing without a strong sense of self. It's a blade with a dull edge. Tell me, what do you intend to cut with that poor excuse of a sword? Es: I have no need for ego. Everything I do is guided by the Azure.
Partner with Yu Hakumen: The power to protect those you care for -- is that how you define righteousness? Then do not fear, do not let pride consume you, and you are sure to find your path. Yu: The way you live has taught me a lot. I will walk a path without regrets, with my friends at my side.
Partner with Linne Hakumen: That you have accomplished so much with such a slight vessel is...impressive. Linne: Please. You're only using two or three tenths of YOUR potential strength, so spare me the sarcasm.
Partner with Weiss Hakumen: Well handled. Never forget the pride that lives within your blade. Weiss: Right. I cannot disgrace the Schnee family name.