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Solo Actions

Situation Line Voice
Smart Combo 1
Here I go.
You must dance!
Kneel before me.
Smart Combo 2
Nago: Slap you!
Gii:Up we go!
This should be fun.
How crass.
Clash (Connect)
You must be punished... I'll tear you to rags!
Strike with grace... What a lovely breeze.
Gerbera Lute
Tiny Lobelia (A Ground Ver.)
Tiny Lobelia (A Aerial Ver.)
Tiny Lobelia!
Don't come near me!
Tiny Lobelia (B and EX Ground Ver.)
Stay back.
Tiny Lobelia (B and EX Aerial Ver.)
Tiny Lobelia!
Here's a gift!
Lotus Barrel
Barrel Lotus!
How about these?
Can you escape?
Sword Iris (Ground Ver.)
Sword Iris!
Sword Iris (Aerial Ver.)
Sword Iris!
EX George XIII (Ground ver.)
George the thirteenth.
Have fun!
Play with them.
EX George XIII (Aerial ver.)
Do as you please.
Tempest Dahlia
Tempest Dahlia!
Wind, tear them apart!
Baden Baden Lily
Baden Baden Lily!
Lightning, come forth!
Clownish Calendula Clownish Calendula!
System Mechanics
Resonance Blaze
Say your prayers!
This is the end.
Throw Kneel before me!
Throw Whiff Insolent...
Throw Break Impressive.
Throw Escape
Don't touch me!
That's it ?
Reject Guard
That's enough!
Backdash This way.
Taking Damage
How vicious!
You'll wrinkle my dress!
That was brazen!
Stay strong!
Nago: What are you doing!?
Nago: I kinda like that~
Nago: Oh, felt good!
Nago: That's addicting!
Ground Ukemi (Neutral) Nago.
Nago:That really hurt Princess!
Ground Ukemi (Forward or backward) Come, Nago.
Nago: Yes ma'am!
Aerial Ukemi (Neutral) Hmph.
Aerial Ukemi (Forward) Gii: Have mercy!
Aerial Ukemi (Backward) Hup.
Nago: Meow!
Stagger Recovery Wake up.
Nago: Just catching my breath!
Don't keep me waiting.
Nago: (yawn)
Crouching Idle Zzz... zzzz...
Combo (6k Damage) Imbecile.
Combo (8k Damage) Easy.
Combo (10k Damage) Simple.
I do hope that you'll alleviate my boredom.
I hope you appreciate how great of an honor it is to be chosen as my partner.
Why don't you show me your strength?
I do hope you can hold your own in this fight, I'd hate to punish you.
Gii, Nago, prepare the tea. This will be over by the time it's ready.
I grow tired of this, let us have some tea.
What a disappointment. It appears you need some... correction.
Hmph. To think I was actually looking forward to this, how sad.
Don't make me waste any more time than I already have.
Time Up Outro
Time is fleeting.
A narrow escape.
Gii, Nago, you're being punished later.
Such arrogance...
Time Out Defeat
I refuse to accept this!

Partner Actions

Situation Line Voice
Partner Swap
Duo Change
If I must, I must.
Are you ready?
Partner Skill Change
They're all yours.
Cross Burst
Stay focused!
Just this once.
Partner Defeat
Now you're mine.
You won't like this.
Distortion Skill Duo (Baden Baden Lily)
So much to do.
Let's close the book on this!
Cross Combo
No mercy!
Do try to keep up.
Assist Calls
Quickly now.
Partner with Ragna
Go cause some trouble.
Partner with Jin
Mr. Hero.
Show me your strength.
Partner with Noel
Quickly now!
Partner with Tager
If you please.
Partner with Hakumen
Mr. Hero.
Give us a show!
Partner with Nu-13
Partner with Hazama
Don't disappoint me!
Partner with Makoto
If you please.
Partner with Platinum
Partner with Izayoi
If you please.
Partner with Azrael
Mad Dog!
Rip and tear!
Partner with Nine
Don't make me regret this.
Partner with Es
It's your turn!
Partner with Mai
If you please.
Partner with Jubei


Situation Line Voice
Outro with partner
You're far better then I expected. I might just have to dance with you again.
I do so love obedient servants. Devote yourself to me.
Ragna the Bloodedge
Intro Rachel: It's time for your debut, Ragna. Go work up a sweat for the both of us.
Ragna: Pipe down and get off your high horse already.
Outro Rachel: You were sufficient, I suppose... for a mongrel.
Ragna: Yeah, yeah, good for you.
Intro Hakumen: This battlefield is not your playground. Begone, Harlequin!
Rachel: My, my. I don't believe you have the authority to give me orders, Mr. Hero.
Outro Rachel: You acted just as a hero should. Well done.
Hakumen: Silence. I grow tired of this nonsense.
Nine the Phantom
Intro Nine: Didn't you ever learn not to play with fire? Princess Alucard...
Rachel: The suspense is killing me. How much longer until the show begins?
Outro Rachel: I pity our foes...mph. In fact, I can hardly look at them.
Nine: Really? Because I was just getting started.
Intro Rachel: Now child, shall we dance?
Es: Dancing, during combat? Incomprehensible.
Outro Rachel: How mundane. Do you agree?
Es: Mundane? I'm not sure.
Yukiko Amagi
Intro Rachel: It seems we are unwanted guests tonight.
Yukiko: Nothing a little charring couldn't fix, right?
Outro Rachel: A "little charring" was a gross understatement. How I pity them.
Yukiko: I-I thought I was holding back...
Mitsuru Kirijo
Intro Rachel: I do have high hopes for you, Queen of Executions.
Mitsuru: I'm quite fond of that nickname. Let me show you how I earned it.
Outro Mitsuru: Execution... Complete.
Rachel: Impressive. You live up to your reputation.
Intro Linne: What? Do you expect me to be your partner?
Rachel: Indeed. I believe our dance would be lovely.
Outro Rachel: An unsurprising result.
Linne: Yeah. There's no getting around that skill gap.
Intro Vatista: Activation...
Rachel: Oh, have you awakened little doll?
Outro Vatista: I request that you use discretion. A one-sided trampling of the enemy hinders my data collection.
Rachel: Oh, do forgive me. Perhaps I was a little over enthused.
Intro Mika: Cuties like us are gonna rule the new era!
Rachel: Cutie? I am no such thing.
Outro Mika: Victory! Hmm? Gah!
Rachel: I daresay this is a far cry from "cute."
Ruby Rose
Intro Ruby: Awww, yeah! Here comes Team Rose!
Rachel: Make light of a rose and you may be pricked.
Outro Ruby: Yes! Victory for Team Rose!
Rachel: Do mind the thorns.

Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
...You need to learn to hold back. You hardly left any entertainment for me.
Know your role. You're hardly fit to be part of the opening act.
Is that all? How sad... Do come back once you're stronger.
Might I suggest you stop being so complacent? I imagine it would quite improve your fighting.
It appears we've reached the end of this dance. Would you like a cup of tea? Your performance has earned you a seat at my table.
Partner with Ragna Rachel: I believe it's time for tea... Ragna, would you start the preparations?
Ragna: Yeah, no. Go drink some river water.
レイチェル: さて、そろそろお茶にしましょうか。ラグナ、用意して頂戴。
ラグナ: やかましい。川の水でも飲んでろ。
Partner with Hakumen Hakumen: Only my sword can fulfill my mission. Your presence is no longer needed, Harlequin.
Rachel: How dull you are...You may be a master of the sword, but your behavior is a far cry from chivalry.
Partner with Nine Nine: How about it, Princess? Did you enjoy the fireworks?
Rachel: Frankly, I found myself let down. There's no elegance in a dance that's completely one-sided.
Partner with Es Es: Your movement in combat is plagued by illogical factors. I suggest optimizing your algorithm.
Rachel: Illogical? You hardly understand what you're talking about. I think I may need to teach you how a real lady behaves.
Partner with Yukiko Yukiko: Not that that's over, why don't we have some tea? It would pair wonderfully with this manju.
Rachel: What a delightful suggestion. Nago, prepare the tea posthaste. Hehe... This should be a lovely tea party.
Partner with Mitsuru Mitsuru: From time to time, my victims will request a second execution just after the first. Do these poor sould crave my judgement because they simply cannot judge themselves?
Rachel: Perhaps. They may realize deep down that they need punishment and find themselves unable to act. Or perhaps they are merely perverts.
Partner with Linne Linne: I would have called that "impressive," but I cannot abide by your capriciousness. When you find yourself in the arms of eternity, you should at least have the decency to contain yourself.
Rachel: Oh, I disagree. There must always be a little room for amusement. Boredom is our greatest enemy, is it not?
Partner with Vatista Rachel: An Autonomic Nerve... But whose mind has been placed within you, I wonder?
Vatista: Irreverent. A personality is contrary to the inorganic nature of a doll and would impede my ability it serve my master. All that matters is societal management and preservation.
Partner with Mika Mika: An overwhelming victory! The era has spoken, and the cuties shall conquer!
Rachel: Again, may I suggest you refrain from calling me that...?
Partner with Ruby Ruby: Say, why don't you use an actual weapon? I mean, you're pretty amazing the way you are, but still...
Rachel: There's no need. My grace and dignity more than suffice.