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In Battle

Battle Start and End

Situation Line Voice
Intro 1 Don't waste anymore of my time.
Intro 2 I don't need a partner!
Intro 3 Why start a fight you can't win?
Intro 4 You'll only get in my way.
Intro 5 Yukianesa... activate!
Intro 6 Get out of my sight, eyesore!
Intro with Ragna Jin: Brother, let's kill each other!
Ragna: Stop crying you little punk, I'll deal with you later.
Intro with Noel Jin: I expect nothing from the likes of you. Just stay out of my way, you obstacle.
Noel: Y-yes, sir.
Intro with Jubei Jubei: Let's take a look-see and find out if you can handle the Power of Order.
Jin: Don't waste your time, there's no doubt in my mind.
Intro with Yosuke Yosuke: Um, why do I get the feeling you're really pissed?
Jin: Hmph, enough posturing. Let's fight.
Intro with Orie Jin: Let the hammer of justice fall…
Orie: ...On all who would disrupt order!
Intro with Blake Jin: Stay in the shadows like the beast you are.
Blake: I don't take orders from you. I'll do what I want.
Outro 1 Do you understand now? Those without strength cannot accomplish anything.
Outro 2 This has been a waste of my time. Get out of my sight.
Outro 3 Know your place, scum.
Outro 4 Is that the best you can do? Pathetic.
Outro with partner 1 I guess you're more useful than you look.
Outro with partner 2 As long as you stay out of my way, I don't care what you do.
Outro with Ragna Jin: With those obstacles out of the way, let's go back to killing each other!
Ragna: Tch.
Jin: Brother? Brother!
Outro with Noel Noel: W-we did it, Major Kisaragi!
Jin: Obviously. And stop making a fuss every single time, it's embarrassing.
Noel: Y-yes, sir...
Outro with Jubei Jubei: Interesting. So that's your answer, huh?
Jin: Tch. You're the most annoying cat I know.
Outro with Yosuke Jin: If you've learned your lesson, I suggest that you--
Yosuke: Alright we rock!! Wait, did I misread that?
Jin: Ugh.
Outro with Orie Orie: I will not take your life, leave this place at once.
Jin: Well said, you're not even worth killing.
Outro with Blake Jin: Tch, what an annoying woman. Jumping all over the place.
Blake: This is the part where you're supposed to thank me.
Defeat 1 Still... out of my reach...
Defeat 2 A minor setback...
Defeat 3 How dare you...
Time up I'm out of time?!


Situation Line Voice
Throw 1 Freeze!
Clash 1 Scatter!
Clash 2 I won't hold back!
Clash (Connect) 1 Imperial arts...
Clash (Connect) 2 I'll cut this into you!
...freezing blade!
Hishousetsu (Pillar of Ice) 1 Frozen prison!
Hishousetsu (Pillar of Ice) 2 Stay right there!
Hishousetsu (Pillar of Ice) 3 Flash freeze!
Hishousetsu (Pillar of Ice), air 1 You're mine!
Hishousetsu (Pillar of Ice), air 2 Don't you move!
Hishousetsu (Pillar of Ice), air 3 Frost!
Touga Hyoujin (Ice Fang) 1 Arctic daggers!
Touga Hyoujin (Ice Fang) 2 Storm of blades!
Hiyoku Getsumei (Moonsong) 1 Absolute zero!
Hiyoku Getsumei (Moonsong) 2 Arrows of ice!
Empty Sky Form: Winter's Riposte 1 Let's finish this...
...Winter's Riposte!
Empty Sky Form: Winter's Riposte 2 This is your requiem!
...Winter's Riposte!
Rengoku Hyoya (Arctic Dungeon) Arctic Dungeon!
...give in to the cold.

Partner Actions

Situation Line Voice
Duo Change 1 I will fulfill my duty.
Duo Change 2 Let's go.
Partner skill call 1 Get to work!
Partner skill call 2 Go!
Partner skill call 3 Impress me!
Partner skill call 4 Don't get in my way!
Partner skill call 5 Come!
Partner skill call 6 Cover me!
Partner skill call with Ragna 1 Brother!
Partner skill call with Ragna 2 Come, brother!
Partner skill call with Noel Deadweight!
Partner skill call with Rachel Witch!
Partner skill call with Tager Red Devil!
Partner skill call with Nu-13 Murakumo Unit!
Partner skill call with Hazama Hazama!
Partner skill call with Makoto Makoto!
Partner skill call with Azrael Mad Dog!
Partner skill call with Es Es!
Partner skill call with Platinum 1 Platinum The Trinity!


Situation Line Voice
Idle I'll end this.
Resonance Blaze 1 This is my resolve!
Resonance Blaze 2 Witness my frozen blade!
Ground Ukemi Better than I thought.
Aerial Ukemi Not over yet!
Throw Escape 1 Not a chance!
Throw Escape 2 Pathetic!
Reject Guard 1 Stand down!
Reject Guard 2 Get back!

Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Generic 1 Your strength is no match for mine. Stay down, and I may just let you live.
Generic 2 Yukianesa's frozen blade will cut down all that stands in my way. You may not live to regret this.
Generic 3 I wield the Power of Order, the force that keeps this world in Balance. You stand no chance against me.
Generic 4 Your death would be an annoyance I'd rather not deal with. Stay back and let me do the fighting.
Generic 5 I won't stop you from following me... But get in my way again, and it's your funeral.
Team with Ragna Jin: Wait, Brother! I said WAIT! We should be killing each other right now!
Ragna: Damn, you're annoying... Fine Get over here and I'll put you to sleep.
ジン: 待って兄さん!待ってってば!僕と殺し合おうよ!
ラグナ: ったく。マジでしつけぇクソガキだ.....仕方無え寝かし付けてやっからかかってこいよ!
Team with Noel Jin: Hmph... Why the hell am I stuck on babysitting duty...
Noel: Oh no... The Major keeps getting grumpier and grumpier...
ジン: 全く、何故僕がコイツの面倒を見なければならないんだ……!
ノエル: あうぅ......少佐の機嫌がどんどん悪くなっていくぅ......
Team with Jubei Jubei: You've got heaps of potential. You'd be even more fun to train than your brother.
Jin: Don't patronize me, feline. The last thing I need is your instruction.
Team with Yosuke Yosuke: Say what you will about our fighting, but I'd say we make a hell of a comedy duo, how about you?
Jin: Hold your tongue. Unless you want me to cut it out of your head.
陽介: へへ、こうやって二枚目が並ぶと絵になるって感じっすかね?
ジン: 黙れ。いい加咸その耳障りな口を閉じることだ 。僕に斬られたくなければな。
Team with Orie Orie: To bring judgement upon all evil… Is that really the “Law” and “Order” you serve?
Jin: So what if it is…? Shall I judge the evil within you?
Team with Blake Jin: Stay out of my range when I'm fighting, or I might cut you, too.
Blake: Don't worry about me... I'm used to fighting with people who use Iaido.