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I write templates, do translations, and help out where I can.

Project Progress

Completed | In Progress | In Backlog | On Hold | Not Started (needs further conversation/consideration)

High priority:
  • Blue Radio (newest season)
  • Character Quotes (BBCF material collection)
  • Command Lists (BBTAG, backlog)
  • Concept Art notes
  • Locations/stages (BBTAG)
  • Birthdays (current)
  • BBTAG updates
  • BBDW updates, BlazBlue Walker
  • Dark Theme (Cathedral)
  • Birthdays (backlog)
  • What's wrong with mobile? (Minerva dark theme)
  • Challenge Mode Combos
  • Arcade Mode Transcripts
Low(er) priority:
  • Merchandise (trying to stay up to date)
  • Collaborations
  • Events (i.e. tournaments, live events, concerts)
  • BlazBlue Mobile (it's defunct so this is more for trivia purposes)

General Organization, Missing Pages, etc

Pages: None

Templates: Character Tabs, Quote, Character Navigation, Gallery Navigation, Gameplay Navigation, Infobox Location, Audio

Categories: Terms and Setting


  • Character subpages
    • Biography
      • Move biographies to a subpage
      • Alternate timelines in tabbers (ie Tsubaki - main, CT1, TWoF)?
    • Quotes
      • "/Quotes" (top page) contains notable (story) quotes, in-character Blue Radio lines, and tabs to navigate its subpages?
      • Subpages for each game (ie "/Quotes/BBCF"): (A & B) battle lines, winquotes, unique encounters, system voice
    • Command Lists
      • Command Lists for each game (BBCT, BBCS, BBCP, BBCF, BBTAG)
      • Includes tutorials/how to play/playstyle descriptions
    • BBDW
      • for BBDW-specific things (in-game profile(s), alters, weird lore, timeline shenanigans, stats, skills, etc.)
      • General Structure: all information on BBDW/Units/Bullet with sections to be transcluded on Bullet/BBDW?
      • When more information comes out, create a BBDW infobox. Example skeleton: Unit info, stats, skills, strategy, other versions, references, navigation.
  • Collaborations masterpage
  • Locations/stages infobox
QC pages
Add 10th anniversary images (bday images)
Characters' challenge mode combos
Pages & Categories
Write pages for missing Locations, Stages, Media (ie BlazBlue Mobile)
Organization & Presentation
Offer BlazBlue-related themes/skins (dark version esp) -> Minerva Noire
How to make it easier to navigate BlazBlue wiki by redoing the main page?
Character Subpages
Command List subpage (includes "How to play/Tutorial")
Write a custom template for character subpage tabs.
Gallery - needs a rehaul for sprites and keeping story spoilers more hidden
BBDW (for in-game profile(s), alters, weird lore, alternate timeline shenanigans)
Collaborations Masterpage
(since one for each collab would be overkill, especially with ancient/dead/hard to datamine ones), refer to (Media from Collaborations?)


Status: On Schedule

Pages: Blue Manga, BlazBlue Walker, backlogged birthday illustrations, concept art notes

Templates: Blue Manga Navigation, BlazBlue Walker Navigation

Categories: Blue Manga, BlazBlue Walker

Merchandise, Events

Status: In Backlog

Pages: Merchandise

Templates: Merchandise Tabs, Merchandise Navigation, Merchandise Item

Categories: Media of Merchandise, Media from Events

News and Events
News updates/translations?
Move items from Merchandise masterpage to separate subpages
Write initial Tabs and Navigation templates for the collection of merchandise subpages.
Master Page
(1)  mixed info: Events, Merchandise, Announcements, Tournaments (Comiket, Arc Revo, Blue Radio, new game announcements)
(1)  Music albums get their own page, since music is important to BlazBlue as a franchise.
(2)  DVDs e.g. for Blue Radio R/R2 and Music Concerts get their own page
(3)  Do other merchandise get individual pages? Or are they just lumped into a "merchandise" master page?
     * (ie) BlazBlue Sets @ Comiket, individual items @ broccoli online shop?
     * what about items sold in multiple places? (ie Es Works)
-> They get split by type (ref Category:Media of Merchandise)

Blue Radio

Status: In Backlog

Pages: Blue Radio

Templates: Blue Radio Episode

Categories: Blue Radio

Coordinate watching Blue Radio.
(1) corners & descriptions, which corners appear in which episodes
(2) official cut-in art
(4) notes on: in-character skits, new product details, any development or production details, fun (BB-related) corners, or go by intuition.
To Do
Description of each corner - track which corners show up in which episodes
Place the logo on the side?

Master Gallery

Status: Stable

Pages: Gallery Pages

Templates: Master Gallery, Gallery Section

Categories: Media Categories

Jul 13 Gallery Sections sort by date first, then by title.
Jan 19 Add "Collaborations" section, move LOV Re:2, LOVIII, Mabinogi Duel, and Unlimited VS under "Collaborations."
Dec 28 Add "Animations" subsections for each game (for openings, endings, and any other cinematic sequences)
Dec 15 Renamed "Special Artwork" to "Guest Artwork," and split its contents between itself and the new Staff Extras subsection/category. Also added an Icons subsection.
Dec 10 Added collaboration subsections (LOVIII, LOVRe:2, Mabinogi Duel)
Dec 02 Cleaned up animation section, added a separate VIDEOS section that can be manually added to with the video parameter.
Nov 27 Initial release
Change the Gallery Section template to sort Main Artwork by date. -> only mainline games (CT/CS/CP/CF/TAG) have Main Artwork, so this isn't a problem)
Add support for video embeds (add a Videos section and a video parameter)
Image tags
"Lobby Avatar" -> Category:Lobby Avatars
"Normal Pose" -> Category:Portraits
"Swimsuit Pose" -> Category:Portraits
"Young Pose" -> Category:Portraits
"Crest" -> Category:Crests
didn't know where to put Embryo so just left it tagged "Crests", no character tags
"Chibi" -> Category:Chibi
"Chibi.png" -> Category:Chibi
"Sprite Reference" -> Category:Palette References
Mai needs captions
"Avatar" -> Category:Portraits as necessary
"Sticker" -> Category:Stickers (XBlaze, BlazBlue Blue Radio, BlazBlue)
"Wallpaper" -> Category:Wallpapers
"Birthday" -> Category:Birthday Art
"Storyboard" -> Category:Storyboards
"Model Sheet" -> Category:Model Sheets
Category:Relius Clover -> go add Category:Ignis to the relevant ones.
Category:Rachel Alucard -> go add Category:Gii and Category:Nago to the relevant ones.
BlazBlue Central Fiction
BlazBlue Calamity Trigger
BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma
Clone Phantasma
XXX "Arcade" -> Category:Arcade Mode tag w/ characters & locations
XXX "Story" -> Category:Story tag w/ characters & locations
"BlazBlue Central Fiction Story Mode"

Messing Around


Timeline???? aka tabs are super useful and not all of this might be correct

I don't know what's going on
  • Susanoo is found, handed over to Clavis
  • Cauldrons (& the Boundary) are discovered
  • Master Unit is discovered
  • Takamagahara is built
  • Mitsurugi Agency exists (Jubei mentions it in one of his lines)
  • 1st PFD is built by Relius Clover/Shuiichiro Ayatsuki so humans can obtain the Azure
    • 1st PFD obtains the Eye (the power of the Azure), as well as a soul
    • 1st PFD, aka "The Origin," is discarded into the Boundary

These might be in the same timeline as BlazBlue, but I dunno how XBlaze ties into it.

Covered in:

  • Wadatsumi Incident with Drive-Unions occurs (from XBlaze Code: Embryo)
  • Mitsurugi Agency deeply involved in creating the T-System
2050AD or 2060AD or later
  • Mitsurugi Agency hires Immortal Breakers (Relius & Valkenhayn) to go after Clavis
  • Mitsurugi Agency works with Mage's Guild to open the Gate to the Azure. The Origin of the Grimoire appears in Wadatsumi.
Lost: Memories
  • Little Sister disappears
  • Me goes to Father's workshop, opens a door to some azure light
  • Wakes up in the Phantom Field with "Nobody"

After the PFD is thrown into the Cauldron, the timeline "splits":

Wherein humans wage the Prime Field War against the PFDs.

Covered in:

  • BlazBlue: Central Fiction as exposition, and probably some other places as well
2100AD onwards
  • To get around Interference from the Origin's Eye, humans use Izayoi.
  • Humans fight with seithr, are guided by Clavis
  • Humans used souls to produce a self-observing WMD, the Black Beast
  • The Black Beast ends the world. Humans bank on having obtained the Azure to complete Takamagahara and rewind time to their own liking.
  • However, Takamagahara is used by the Origin to rebuild the world from her own memories. This new world is born from an Embryo created from the Black Beast's destruction, and is the "Central Fiction."

This is the looping world created by the Origin.

The details of this timeline are covered in

  • the Phase novels (Phase 0 & Phase Shift for the Dark War of Loop 0, including Ragna's participation and Hakumen's appearance)
  • Spiral Shift for Jin's part in the Ikaruga Civil War
  • Variable Heart & Remix Heart manga for Mai's story
  • the C-Series (Calamity Trigger, Continuum Shift, Chrono Phantasma, Central Fiction)
2100AD - 2200AD
  • All the loops begin when the Black Beast appears out of the Cauldron that Relius & Shuiichiro were observing.
    • Relius falls into the Cauldron
  • The Dark War happens
    • Nine creates Ars Magus and the Nox Nyctores
Loop 0
  • Ragna from the last loop appears and halts the Beast for a year to buy Nine time to create Ars Magus and the Nox Nyctores
  • Jin falls through the Cauldron in one of the future loops, and appears here. Clavis gives him the Susanoo Unit and he continues to fight as Hakumen
Final loop The final loop, wherein Ragna ends the Central Fiction.

After the Central Fiction ends there's:

This world comes "after" the Central Fiction ends (Raquel tells Naoto it's born from the CF's possibilities). Covered in:

  • the Bloodedge Experience novels
  • BlazBlue: Central Fiction (as a confused comparison of events between Relius and Naoto)
Naoto's BE Experience
  • Naoto knows a younger Hazama than the one in Central Fiction
  • CF's Hazama doesn't recognize Naoto
Relius' BE Experience
  • Naoto died to Clavis
  • Hazama wasn't present
  • Relius knew Saya Terumi/Naoto Kurogane, and recognized CF's Naoto as the same Naoto

The world that Ragna creates after ending the Central Fiction.

Central Fiction's Epilogue
looks like 2200AD onwards
  • Carl has Relius' Eye
  • "Tsubaki" goes to kill Rachel bc Ragna died on his own, but holds off
  • Rachel goes to find Ragna
  • Homura succeeds as Imperator
  • Jin is in a different uniform (can't fight anymore says Mori)
  • Platinum goes with Litchi


Example table of important information related to interviews that might help someone find what they're looking for (or aid them in browsing interviews).

Date Title Featured Staff
2016 05 21 Forbes
Arc System Works And Its Fighting Game Legacy, It's All About The Cool
Daisuke Ishiwatari, Toshimichi Mori
2016 10 26 Inside Games
【インタビュー】完結を迎えた『BLAZBLUE』森Pが明かす心の内 ― 気になるあのシーンやイザナミの脇について訊いてみた
Toshimichi Mori
2017 12 31 AppBank 2017 Year-End Creator Survey Vol. 2 Toshimichi Mori, Masaomi Kikuchi
2018 02 12 ARC Live! EP2 - Q&A w/ Daisuke & Mori Daisuke Ishiwatari, Toshimichi Mori
2018 02 26 Shoryuken
SRK interviews Arc System Works, Part 1: Ishiwatari, Mori, and Kidooka talk about BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle & relations with US fans
Daisuke Ishiwatari, Toshimichi Mori, Minoru Kidooka
2018 02 28 Shoryuken
SRK interviews Arc System Works, Part 2: Ishiwatari, Mori, and Kidooka discuss Guilty Gear and company strategy
Daisuke Ishiwatari, Toshimichi Mori, Minoru Kidooka
2018 03 14 ARC Live! EP6: Q&A w/ Arc System Works President, Minoru Kidooka! Minoru Kidooka
2018 04 20 Blazblue: Central Fiction Official Setting Material Collection
Producer Toshimichi Mori Special Interview
Toshimichi Mori
2018 06 04 Forbes
Toshimichi Mori On How 'RWBY' Ended Up In 'BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle' And His Love For 'Nier'
Toshimichi Mori
2018 06 06 Dengeki Online
For BlazBlue's 10-year anniversary, Mori-P and Kana Ueda take a look back. New 'Dark War' info as well!?
Toshimichi Mori, Ueda Kana
2018 06 06 ARC Live! EP18: Live from Wednesday Night Fights! ANNOUNCEMENT INCOMING! Minoru Kidooka
2018 06 13 ARC Live! EP19: With Guests Minoru Kidooka (CEO) & Junya Motomura (GGXrd & DBFZ), Then BB:Tag Analysis With Brett & Apologyman Minoru Kidooka, Junya Motomura
  • PROPOSITION: Interviews be subpages of their source page i.e. Dengeki Online/Interview Name Here
    • PRO: You can immediately see what sources produced which interviews
    • PRO: Each source can have its own description page.
    • CON: Stubs for sources that only produce a few interviews or are largely irrelevant
    • CON: Page names won't be intuitive: "Dengeki Online Interviews" would be more accurate
    • Example navigation: Category:Interviews > Dengeki Online Interviews > scan table for date, staff member, title > hover link for page preview & description
      • Could be messy if searching across sources for an interview at a certain date (will need to open multiple pages - Weekly Famitsu,, Dengeki Online, Dengeki PlayStation, Kotaku, Gematsu, etc)
    • ALTERNATIVE: not having interviews be subpages (add the title as the first word in the article name - AppBank 2017 Survey, Dengeki Online BB 10th Event)
      • PRO: Interviews will be automatically split by source via alphabetical sorting on category pages
      • CON: Alphabetical sorting might be undesirable sometimes (e.g. if you want to keep Weekly Famitsu and articles grouped together). The alternative would be a less intuitive naming convention e.g. "Famitsu Weekly" and ""
    • ALTERNATIVE: Adding source as a category and omitting it from the title
      • PRO: Categories can be used with more complex MediaWiki features (eg #ask parser function).
      • CON: leaves organization on the category page wanting. Forces one to browse by the relatively meaningless category of source
  • PROPOSITION: Adding date (or year) in the title of the article
    • PRO: Interviews will be automatically sorted by year/date via alphabetical sorting on category pages
    • CON: can bloat the title with relatively meaningless information (aside from sorting it's not valuable information)
  • PROPOSITION: Archive older articles in subcategories split by year (Category:Interviews > Category:2017 Interviews, with 2018 interviews under Category:Interviews until 2019 rolls over)
    • Example navigation: Category:Interviews > if looking for an older interview, go to the subcategory of interview by year (e.g. Category:2016 Interviews); else scan the list of interviews from the current year.

BBDW Information Organization

Potential proposal for the BBDW/Guides page to feature links to all relevant Dark War information in one compact location. Aim to consolidate information into concise masterpages whenever possible, and avoid nesting pages.

Everything is based on speculation due to the current lack of concrete information about BBDW (as of Jun 11, 2018).
Characters (Unit List) - compacted table for comparisons, clicking name links to character's BBDW subpage, one row per character for easy comparisons and scanning
  • should be an overview of all Dark War characters (one character per row).
Icon | Name | Type | other useful comparative information | etc
  • Name links to the character's individual /BBDW page.
  • Character BBDW subpages (e.g. Tsubaki Yayoi/BBDW) should have a way to neatly display information (via a template) about multiple units for the same character. If possible, vital information (name, rank, stats, skills, skill icons, skill descriptions, other useful information) should also be stored as Properties so that the BBDW/Characters page can be automatically updated.
    • For each unit, information should include unit name, stats, skills, upgrade/leveling information, main image/sprites/videos, costumes, gallery, links to any unique short stories. (dialogue goes under <character>/Quotes)
System - HUD, controls, gameplay & translated in-game gameplay tutorials (combat, leveling, upgrading)
Modes? - description and guides to different modes of play (if there are multiple)
e.g. (singleplayer) Story Mode (just leave a "Main article: BBDW/Guides/Story Mode" redirect here), PvP, Co-op, Infinite Dungeons, Boss Raids, etc.
Shop? - kind of related to Modes above. Not sure if this needs to be detailed here, but it could prove helpful if there's rotations or refreshes or something that's useful to note.
Gacha - Introduce what a gacha is and how BBDW's gachas work briefly (as well as different types of gachas in BBDW, if any).
  • Have a section on currencies (Crystallized Azure, Gacha Tickets)
  • Have a section on rates
  • Have a list of past banners with details on the rate-up or new units.
Structure for compactly? displaying information about each banner
Banner image
Details - Rate-Up/Limited Units/New Additions
Information - an optional section detailing special currencies or item bundles specific to the banner
  • The gacha list could potentially get very long (too long) and make the page difficult to load. Split the gacha list by year, and leave a redirect ("Main article: See List of BBDW Gacha Banners").
Missions? - pinboards, dailies, weeklies, monthlies, log-in bonuses, special event bonuses, etc. Event missions go on event pages.
Story - A guide and masterpage for the gameplay required to clear missions/quests/nodes/main story
  • If main stories and sidestories have dependencies, use a table or list to relate Main Story and Side Story sections.
  • If they're specific to nodes on a (unique) map rather than to main story progression, list the Main Story nodes and Side Story nodes on the same page.
  • Individual story pages should be for the whole chapter at once, or for as large a category as possible (e.g. "Character-Specific Short Stories" with sub-sections, instead of individual pages for each character)
name, location, icon, list of mobs, drop items, clear reward, and a *link* to story translation (see Translations section below for details).
Events - a masterpage including information about time-limited events, that explains event types and has a list of past events.
Individual Event Page Structure
Event banner and images, event duration, and official event description
Introduction - schedule, news, reruns, updates, changes, alternate versions
Details - Guide to playing the event (event maps, event rewards, event bosses, etc.)
Story - links to the (sub)page with the translation for the event's story
Items - a table or other organized list of items
  • Link to other pages if further details need to be recorded
(ie BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War/Guides/System#Leveling Units, Platinum dollars, or BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War/Guides/Gacha#Crystallized Azure, event pages, story mode guide)
Updates/Version changelog???? - A very brief overview of changes presented in major patches (ones presenting new chapters, gameplay modes, or other huge changes; not events, gacha, or maintenance notices).
These feature unofficial translations of short stories published through BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War. Proposal:
  • Name them by chapter name like the Alter Memory episode pages (to reduce nesting).
  • Categorize them as "BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War Short Stories," nested under Short Stories?
  • Add a Dark War spoiler tag above them
  • Have a disambiguation that redirects users to the chapter's gameplay guide (e.g. "For help with completing the quest associated with this short story in BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War, see BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War/Guides/Story")
Prologue: one emerging possibility
Main Story
Side/Short Stories
Event Stories
  • Each event gets at most one (sub?)page for translations (see Events under Gameplay for details), if any. Remakes and added sequences are added onto existing pages whenever possible.
  • For the most part they should be treated like regular short stories. If the short story's name/chapters are titled differently from the event, put the title in news-box. Possibly collapse the whole thing, since it's all spoilers.
Character Stories

Useful References



External Links