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ぶれいぶるーまんが (ぶるまん)
Blue Manga

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Arc System Works


JP: Arc System Works

Blue Manga was a web comic serialized on the BlazBlue Official Portal Site in two seasons. Both seasons ran for 12 episodes, but the ones in the second season contained two 4-koma each rather than just one as in the first season.



Blue Manga
Episode 1: Black History (Currently in Progress)
Episode 2: Impossible
Episode 3: To Flatter
Episode 4: If Only There Was a Hole...
Episode 5: TMG
Episode 6: Real Name, in the End
Episode 7: A Superior's Small Talk
Episode 8: in Cauldron
Episode 9: A Maiden's Heart
Episode 10: The Cat Already Left
Episode 11: Predestined
Episode 12: A Single Misstep, And...

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