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{{quote|"I am the cold steel... the blade that will restore balance to the world! Nox Nyctores, Yukianesa, activate!"}}
"I am the cold steel... the blade that will restore balance to the world! Nox Nyctores, Yukianesa, activate!"

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Ragna to activate the Azure Grimoire so that they could finish their fight. Meanwhile, Noel Vermillion confronted Nu-13, but regained her sense of self mid-battle, and was nearly killed. Ragna intervened just in time to save her, but could not defeat Nu, and was once again stabbed and thrown into the cauldron. Noel had a flashback to memories of Saya's and decided to save Ragna from the cauldron by grabbing him and pulling him up. She then punched him in the chest and scolded him for being stupid before crying herself to sleep in his lap. Rachel arrived and explained that something had greatly changed and told Ragna that his Grimoire was artificial, but did not elaborate on that point.

Terumi called to Noel to look at him as she woke up, and despite Rachel's warning, she did just that, bringing Terumi back to life. Ragna immediately attacked him, but missed and was mocked by Terumi for his attempts. Rachel warned him that he could not possibly defeat Terumi, which Terumi agreed with, saying that Rachel was the only one that could possibly keep up with him. Terumi left and Noel cried out in confusion before calling Terumi "The Dark Susano'o." Rachel asked Kokonoe if she had seen what just happened and Kokonoe replied that she had been waiting her whole life for this. The story ended on her declaration that she would erase Terumi from the world.

Since Rachel left both Ragna and Noel inside the collapsed interior of the NOL branch, the Grim Reaper was forced to burrow himself out of the rubble, being slowed progressively by Noel's repeated clumsiness. Finally, they made it outside of the building, despite Noel's slow movements.

Continuum Shift

An SS-class traitor to the NOL, known on the streets as the "Grim Reaper," with the highest-ever bounty in history on his head. Knowing of the appearance of "Terumi," the one responsible for Ragna's abominable past and also the one who holds the key to the mysteries of the world, Ragna suppresses his quivering right hand and quietly bides his time in the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi.[12]

After the incident with Terumi and Nu-13, Ragna allowed Noel to travel with him for a short time. Ragna brought her to the top of a desolate, abandoned building, where he asked Noel why she was still there, clearly annoyed with her. After Noel said she "just wants to talk," he told her that there was nothing he wanted to talk with her about and that she should just get lost. She left, but only after declaring that they would be enemies when next they met. Shortly afterward, Ragna called out and told a hidden entity to stop stalking him and come out from the shadows. The figure slinked out and turned out to be Carl Clover. Carl attacked Ragna, claiming that he needed his Azure Grimoire, but Ragna managed to fend him off. Ragna lost focus for a moment, flashing back to his brother's cries for help when Carl cries for his sister. In that moment, Carl's weapon, the Deus Machina: Nirvana stabbed Ragna, sending him falling down to the lower levels of Kagutsuchi.

Ragna then woke up in the Kaka village near Tao, who asked if he was napping before he fell unconscious. He spent the next few days resting and recovering. While there, he befriended the residents and grew closer with Taokaka. While eating lunch with her, he remembered that the two had met before when they were children, but did not tell Tao. Tao offered to spar with him to aid in his recovery and he agreed. He left shortly after and soon met Platinum the Trinity, who swindled him into feeding them by loudly shaming him and declaring that they would haunt him until he died. While eating with the child, Ragna asked Sena who the other spirit in their body was, to Sena's surprise, and said that the staff wrapped in cloth was a Nox Nyctores. Sena introduced himself and forced Luna to do the same. Luna however, repeatedly insulted Ragna and called him a pedophile. Luna stormed off angrily, and while Ragna was attempting to pay the bill for their food, Lambda-11 appeared after a sudden power outage. Ragna assumed that she was after the Grimoire, but Kokonoe denied this, once again reminding Ragna that his Grimoire was nothing but an imitation. She decided to have Lambda spar with Ragna for battle data. After giving Kokonoe some "useful data", she told Ragna that he shouldn't fight Terumi, but didn't elaborate on why before suddenly being interrupted and leaving. She mentioned Noel Vermillion, which Ragna noticed, and thus called out for Rachel, demanding answers from her. She would only give him information if he proved determined enough, so they ended up fighting. When Ragna won, she told him not to fight Terumi because there was a reason he couldn't win, but did not say why. She explained that he was the destroyer of the Order of the world and that Jin Kisaragi was an antibody that was attempting to destroy him for that.