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  [[File:Merchandise Comiket 76 BlazBlue Shinyoko Set 01.jpg|thumb]]
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BlazBlue Original Material Setting Collection

Merchandise Comiket 76 BlazBlue Shinyoko Set 01.jpg
Name『BLAZBLUE』オリジナル設定資料集"BlazBlue" Orijinaru Settei Shiryō Shū
Available At
  • Comiket 80 (Aug 2011), Arc System Works booth[1]
Additional Details
  • Pages: 44 pgs
  • ISBN: x
  • Product Code: x
  • Size: A4 size
  • Weight: x
  • Specifications: x
  • Release Date: x
  • Language(s): x

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Original Soundtrack

NameオリジナルサウンドトラックOrijinaru Saundotorakku
Available At
  • BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle (JP, NA, EU, KR) pre-order bonus
Additional Details
There won't be reprints.
  • Release Date: May 31, 2018


Notice the <ref name="ASW Comiket 74"/> at the end of the first <li> of the avail parameter in the Usage example.

At the bottom of the page there should be something like:

== References ==
<ref name="ASW Comiket 80 BBMSC">''Arc System Works (JP), [link-to-page page description]''</ref>
  1. Arc System Works (JP), [link-to-page page description]