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Blue Radio (ぶるらじ Bururaji), short for BlazBlue Radio and also written as BBRadio, is a web radio hosted on NicoNico and YouTube that promotes the BlazBlue series as well as other Arc System Works titles. The show is hosted by Tomokazu Sugita (Ragna the Bloodedge), Asami Imai (Tsubaki Yayoi), and Kanako Kondo (Noel Vermillion).

The first episode was released on April 9, 2009.


Blue Radio (ぶるらじ)

The initial season of Blue Radio (ぶるらじ Bururaji) ran 12 episodes from April 9, 2009 to September 17, 2009, as well as a special in December 2009 to commemorate the beginning of production on BlazBlue: Continuum Shift and four episodes for BlueFes 2010: Spring Raid (ぶるふぇす2010春-SPRING RAID-Burufesu 2010 Haru -SPRING RAID-) in March 2010.


ぶるらじ 第1回 ~ぶるらじ・THE・ハードコア~
Blue Radio Episode 1 ~Blue Radio ・ THE ・ Hardcore~

Guest: None


ぶるらじ 第2回 ~ぶるらじ・R-15指定~
Blue Radio Episode 2 ~Blue Radio ・ R-15 Version~

Guest: Chiaki Takahashi (Litchi Faye-Ling)


ぶるらじ 第3回 ~ぶるらじ・夢の競演!?~
Blue Radio Episode 3 ~Blue Radio ・ Concert of Dreams!?~

Guest: Daisuke Ishiwatari (BlazBlue Sound Director)


ぶるらじ 第4回 ~ぶるらじ・きれいなアラクネ~
Blue Radio Episode 4 ~Blue Radio ・ Beautiful Arakune~

Guest: Takashi Hikida (Arakune)


ぶるらじ 第5回 ~おまえらそんなに猫が好きか?!~
Blue Radio Episode 5 ~You Guys Loved Cats That Much?!~

Guest: None


ぶるらじ 第6回 ~ぶるらじ・私、サラブレッドだから~
Blue Radio Episode 6 ~Blue Radio ・ It's Because I'm a Thoroughbred~

Guest: Kana Ueda (Rachel Alucard)


ぶるらじ 第7回 ~ぶるらじ・公開録音SPパートⅠ~
Blue Radio Episode 7 ~Blue Radio ・ Public Recording Special Part I~

Guest: Tetsuya Kakihara (Jin Kisaragi)


ぶるらじ 第8回 ~ぶるらじ・公開録音SPパートⅡ~
Blue Radio Episode 8 ~Blue Radio ・ Public Recording Special Part II~

Guest: Tetsuya Kakihara (Jin Kisaragi)


ぶるらじ 第9回 ~「おまえのスティックに釘を打て」でござる!!~
Blue Radio Episode 9 ~I'll "Strike Your Stick With a Nail"~

Guest: Tsuyoshi Koyama (Bang Shishigami)


ぶるらじ 第10回 ~ぶるらじ・コスプレ・・・嫌いかね!?~
Blue Radio Episode 10 ~Blue Radio ・ Cosplay... is Hated, Huh!?~

Guest: Tomomi Isomura (Makoto Nanaya)


ぶるらじ 第11回 ~ぶるらじ・何だ…お前も改造して欲しいのか?~
Blue Radio Episode 11 ~Blue Radio ・ What, So You Also Want to be Remodeled?~

Guest: Chie Matsuura (Kokonoe)


ぶるらじ 第12回 ~此処ではない何処かへ・・・ニャス!!~
Blue Radio Episode 12 ~It's Not Here, So Where...!!~

Guest: Chiwa Saitō (Taokaka)


Continuum Shift In Production Commemoration Special

Guest: None

Blue Radio Continued (続ぶるらじ)

Blue Radio Continued (続ぶるらじ Zoku Bururaji) ran 13 episodes from June 3, 2010 to December 9, 2010, plus one additional episode for the Emergency Charity Special (緊急チャリティースペシャル Kinkyuu Charitiー Supesharu) in March 2011.[1][2]


続ぶるらじ 第1回 ~帰ってきたぶるらじ~
Blue Radio Continued Episode 1 ~Blue Radio Has Returned~

Guest: Mori Toshimichi (BLAZBLUE Producer)


続ぶるらじ 第2回 ~ジェネシックエメラルド超電磁ラジオ~
Blue Radio Continued Episode 2 ~Genesic Emerald Super Electromagnetic Radio~

Guest: Kenji Nomura (Iron Tager)


続ぶるらじ 第3回 ~ヒャッハー! ブレイブルー起動だぁ!!~
Blue Radio Continued Episode 3 ~Hyahaー! BlazBlue is Starting!!~

Guest: Yuichi Nakamura (Hazama)


続ぶるらじ 第4回 ~プレイアブル化だよ、全員集合~!~
Blue Radio Continued Episode 4 ~Gather Around, it's Playable!~

Guest: Tomomi Isomura (Makoto Nanaya)


続ぶるらじ 第5回 ~紫色の憎いヤツ~
Blue Radio Continued Episode 5 ~The Purple, Hateful One~

Guest: Junichi Suwabe (Relius Clover)


続ぶるらじ 第6回 ~お姉さんが頭、診てあげようか?~
Blue Radio Continued Episode 6 ~Shall We Take a Look at Your Sister's Head?~

Guest: Chiaki Takahashi (Litchi Faye-Ling)


続ぶるらじ 第7回 ~姫様、僭越ながら私めも参戦致します~
Blue Radio Continued Episode 7 ~A Princess, I Shall Participate Even While Overwhelmed~

Guest: Kana Ueda (Rachel Alucard)


続ぶるらじ 第8回 ~ココノエ博士のぶるらじ改造計画?~
Blue Radio Continued Episode 8 ~Professor Kokonoe's Blue Radio Remodeling Plan~

Guest: Chie Matsuura (Kokonoe)


続ぶるらじ 第9回 ~そんなラジオで大丈夫か?~
Blue Radio Continued Episode 9 ~Is This Sort of Radio Going to be Alright?~

Guest: none


続ぶるらじ 第10回 ~対象をぶるらじと認識・介入します~
Blue Radio Continued Episode 10 ~Observe the Target with Blue Radio ・ Let's Intervene~

Guest: Tomomi Isomura (Makoto Nanaya)


続ぶるらじ 第11回 ~愛の鉄拳ぱんちでぶるらじに殴り込みっ!?~
Blue Radio Continued Episode 11 ~Beat the Stuffing Out of Blue Radio with Love's Iron Punch~

Featuring: Arcana Heart
Guests: Mikako Takahashi (Heart Aino), Miyuki Sawashiro (Weiß [voice only])


続ぶるらじ 第12回 ~深い蒼の音、紡ぎます~
Blue Radio Continued Episode 12 ~Gathering Deep Blue Sounds~

Guest: Daisuke Ishiwatari (BlazBlue Sound Director)


続ぶるらじ 第13回 ~BBCSⅡ稼動記念!!そしてまたどこかで…~
Blue Radio Continued Episode 13 ~BBCSII In Production Commemoration!! And So, May We Meet Again...~

Guest: Aoi Yūki (Platinum the Trinity [voice only])


~Emergency Charity Special~

Guest: none

Blue Radio Wide (ぶるらじW)

Blue Radio Wide (ぶるらじW Bururaji Waido) ran 14 episodes from March 31, 2011 until May 31, 2012, as well as two special episodes for BlueFes 2012: Riot Summer Again (ぶるふぇす らいおっとさまーあげいん Burufesu Raiottosamaーagein) in August.


ぶるらじW 第1回 ~BBCS2 PSP&3DS版発売記念すぺしゃる~
Blue Radio Wide Episode 1 ~BBCS2 PSP & 3DS Release Commemoration Special~

Guest: Chie Matsuura (Kokonoe)


ぶるらじW 第2回 ~みんな大好き、猫の人!~
Blue Radio Wide Episode 2 ~I Love You All, Cat-people!~

Guest: Masaki Terasoma (Jubei)


ぶるらじW 第3回 ~TGS2011ぶるらじW公開録音すぺしゃる~
Blue Radio Wide Episode 3 ~Tokyo Game Show 2011 Blue Radio Wide Official Recording Special~

Guests: Tomomi Isomura (Makoto Nanaya), Kana Ueda (Rachel Alucard), Tetsuya Kakihara (Jin Kisaragi), Faylan


ぶるらじW 第4回 ~BBEX発売まであと1ヶ月、ぶるらじ定期配信はじまるよ!~
Blue Radio Wide Episode 4 ~1 Month Until BBEX Release, Regularly Scheduled Blue Radio Begins!~

Guest: Kana Ueda (Rachel Alucard)


ぶるらじW 第5回 ~BBEX発売まであと2週間!今年もあと1ヶ月で終わりだね…~
Blue Radio Wide Episode 5 ~2 Weeks Until BBEX Release! There's Only 1 Month Left Until the End of the Year...~

Guest: none


Blue Radio Wide Episode 6 ~BLAZBLUE CONTINUUM SHIFT EXTEND Release Commemoration Special~

Guest: Mori Toshimichi (BLAZBLUE Producer)


ぶるらじW 第7回 ~正ヒロインの座、私がいただきます!~
Blue Radio Wide Episode 7 ~I'll Be Taking the Role of the True Heroine!~

Guest: Iori Nomizu (Celica A. Mercury)


ぶるらじW 第8回 ~真の勝利は孤独な戦いの果てに~
Blue Radio Wide Episode 8 ~True Victory Lies at the End of a Lonely Fight~

Guest: Faylan


ぶるらじW 第9回 ~BBEXで遊んでる? 小説は読んだ? よし、次はぶるらじだ!~
Blue Radio Wide Episode 9 ~Have You Played BBEX? Read the Novels? Alright, Next is Blue Radio!~

Guest: Mori Toshimichi (BLAZBLUE Producer)


ぶるらじW 第10回  ~ぺるらじ・P4U大好評稼働中、行くぜ相棒!~
Blue Radio Wide Episode 10 ~Special ・ The Huge Success P4A, Let's Go Partner!~

Featuring: Persona 4 Arena
Guest: Showtaro Morikubo (Yosuke Hanamura)


ぶるらじW 第11回 ~兄貴結婚おめでとう!~
Blue Radio Wide Episode 11 ~Congratulations on the Elder Brother's Marriage!~

Guest: Tsuyoshi Koyama (Bang Shishigami)


ぶるらじW 第12回 ~本物のマコト登場!ニセッチの運命や如何に!?~
Blue Radio Wide Episode 12 ~The True Makoto's Appearance! How is Twosocchi's Fate!?~

Guest: Tomomi Isomura (Makoto Nanaya)


ぶるらじW 第13回 ~ココノエ博士到来! BB新グッズ決定なるか!?~
Blue Radio Wide Episode 13 ~Professor Kokonoe's Arrival! Will There Be New BB Merchandise!?~

Guest: Chie Matsuura (Kokonoe)


ぶるらじW 第14回 ~PSP版BBEX発売記念!俺達の冒険はまだこれからだ!~
Blue Radio Wide Episode 14 ~PSP ver. BBEX Release Commemoration! Our Adventure Begins From Here!~

Guest: Mori Toshimichi (BLAZBLUE Producer), Tomomi Isomura (Isocchi Button?)

Blue Radio Hyper (ぶるらじH)

Blue Radio Hyper (ぶるらじH Bururaji Haipā) ran 12 episodes between November 21, 2012 and August 29, 2013, as well as one special celebrating both the release of the visual novel Getsuei Gakuen -Kou- and the beginning of the BlazBlue anime's broadcast in October.


ぶるらじH 第1回 ~BBCP稼働&ぶるらじH始動!~
Blue Radio Hyper Episode 1 ~BBCP in Production & the Start of Blue Radio H!~

Guest: Mori Toshimichi (BLAZBLUE Producer)


ぶるらじH 第2回 ~ここは最高のラジオではないか!!~
Blue Radio Hyper Episode 2 ~Is This Not the Best Radio?!!~

Guest: Hiroki Yasumoto (Azrael)


ぶるらじH 第3回 ~あなたのハートにロックオン~
Blue Radio Hyper Episode 3 ~Lock on to Your Heart~

Guest: Toa Yukinari (Bullet)


ぶるらじH 第4回 ~某人形劇からの刺客!?~
Blue Radio Hyper Episode 4 ~Assassin From a Certain Puppet Show!?~

Guest: Tomomi Isomura (Makoto Nanaya), Kana Ueda (Rachel Alucard)


ぶるらじH 第5回 ~再来!みんな大好ききゃみそまさん!?~
Blue Radio Hyper Episode 5 ~Once Again! I Love You All! Mr. Camisoma[3]!?~

Guest: Masaki Terasoma (Jubei)


ぶるらじH 第6回 ~春真っ盛り! 花見? それともぶるらじ見?~
Blue Radio Hyper Episode 6 ~The Height of Spring! Viewing Flowers? Or Viewing Blue Radio?

Guest: Mori Toshimichi (BLAZBLUE Producer)


ぶるらじH 第7回 ~きれいなアラクネ・あげいん~
Blue Radio Hyper Episode 7 ~Beautiful Arakune ・ Again~

Guest: Takashi Hikida (Arakune)


ぶるらじH 第8回  ~蒼き運命のアドベンチャー「XBLAZE」始動スペシャル!!~
Blue Radio Hyper Episode 8 ~An Adventure of Azure Fate: XBLAZE Is Starting Special!!~

Guests: Yukitoshi Kikuchi (Touya Kagari), Rei Mochizuki (Hinata Himezuru)


ぶるらじH 第9回 ~ぶるらじH in パシフィコ横浜 公開録音すぺしゃる~ 前編
Blue Radio Hyper Episode 9 ~Blue Radio Hyper in Pacific Yokohama: Public Recording Special~ Former Part

Guests: Tetsuya Kakihara (Jin Kisaragi), Kana Ueda (Rachel Alucard), Chiwa Saitō (Taokaka), Yuichi Nakamura (Hazama), Chie Matsuura (Kokonoe), Tomomi Isomura (Makoto Nanaya)、Toa Yukinari (Bullet)、Hiroki Yasumoto (Azrael)


ぶるらじH 第9回 ~ぶるらじH in パシフィコ横浜 公開録音すぺしゃる~ 後編
Blue Radio Hyper Episode 9 ~Blue Radio Hyper in Pacific Yokohama: Public Recording Special~ Latter Part

Guest: Tetsuya Kakihara (Jin Kisaragi), Kana Ueda (Rachel Alucard), Chiwa Saitō (Taokaka), Yuichi Nakamura (Hazama), Chie Matsuura (Kokonoe), Tomomi Isomura (Makoto Nanaya)、Toa Yukinari (Bullet)、Hiroki Yasumoto (Azrael)


ぶるらじH 第10回 ~「XBLAZE」発売記念スペシャル!! 君は新たな蒼を手に入れたか!?~
Blue Radio Hyper Episode 10 ~XBLAZE Release Commemoration Special!! Can You Obtain the New Azure!?~

Guests: Mayuka Nomura (Es), Rei Mochizuki (Hinata Himezuru)


ぶるらじH 第11回 ~黒き疾風 カグラ=ムツキ 参上!!~
Blue Radio Hyper Episode 11 ~The Black Gale, Kagura Mutsuki, is Here!!~

Guest: Keiji Fujiwara (Kagura Mutsuki)


ぶるらじH 第12回 ~ぶるらじはいつも心のなかに~
Blue Radio Hyper Episode 12 ~Blue Radio is Always in Your Heart~

Guest: Mori Toshimichi (BLAZBLUE Producer)


ぶるらじH すぺしゃる ~【月英学園-kou-発売&ブレイブルーTVアニメ放映開始】記念すぺしゃる!!~
Blue Radio Hyper Special ~[Getsui Gakuen -kou-'s Release & the Start of BlazBlue Anime's Broadcast] Commemoration Special!!~

Featuring: Getsuei Gakuen -kou-
Guests: Kana Ueda (Rachel Alucard), Rina Sato (Asou Mei), Mori Toshimichi (BLAZBLUE Producer)

Blue Radio Ace (ぶるらじA)

Blue Radio Ace ran 12 episodes between October 23, 2014 and July 24, 2014, as well as five additional special episodes covering Guilty Gear, Persona 4 Arena, BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend, and the 2015 BlazBlue Music Live.


ぶるらじA 第1回 ~BBCP家庭用発売&ぶるらじA始動だよ兄さん!~
Blue Radio Ace Episode 1 ~It's BBCP's Home Console Release & the Start of Blue Radio Ace, Brother!~

Guest: Tetsuya Kakihara (Jin Kisaragi)


ぶるらじA 第2回 ~ヒロイン争奪戦、再び!?~
Blue Radio Ace Episode 2 ~The Heroine Competition, Again!?~

Guest: Iori Nomizu (Celica A. Mercury)


ぶるらじA 第3回 ~祝・プレイアブル化! お前ら全員改造してやろう!~
Blue Radio Ace Episode 3 ~Congratulations ・ She's Playable! Let's Remodel All of You!~

Guest: Chie Matsuura (Kokonoe)


ぶるらじA 第4回 ~希望と絶望と底知れぬ無垢…月英学園すぺしゃる!~
Blue Radio Ace Episode 4 ~Hope, Despair, and Unfamiliar Innocence... Getsuei Gakuen Special!~

Featuring: Getsuei Gakuen -kou-
Guests: Yuichi Nakamura (Taiga Mizuki), Saori Hayami (Eiri Mizuki)


ぶるらじA 第6回 ~2014年だよ! BLAZBLUE & GUILTY GEAR 特集~
Blue Radio Ace Episode 6 ~It's 2014! Featuring BlazBlue & Guilty Gear~

Featuring: GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN-
Guests: Tomomi Isomura (Makoto Nanaya), Daisuke Ishiwatari (Guilty Gear General Director)


ぶるらじA 第7回 ~ぎるらじ・祝GGXrd稼働!! 覚悟はできてんのか?~
Blue Radio Ace Episode 7 ~Blue Radio ・ Celebrating GGXrd's Start of Production!! Are You Prepared For It?~

Featuring: GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN-
Guests: Jouji Nakata (Sol Badguy), Daisuke Ishiwatari (Guilty Gear General Director)


ぶるらじA 第8回 ~BBCPVita版発売直前すぺしゃる!ブレイブルーの歴史を振り返ろ~!~
Blue Radio Ace Episode 8 ~Right Before BBCP Vita Version Release Special! Let's Return Through BlazBlue History—!~

Guest: none


ぶるらじA 第9回 ~祝・BBCPVita版発売ですね、僕の参戦はまだですか?~
Blue Radio A Episode 9 ~Congratulations ・ BBCP Vita Version Has Released! Will I Not Be Appearing Soon?~

Guest: Mitsuhiro Ichiki (Hibiki Kohaku)


ぶるらじA 第10回 超ぶるらじA ~春~ 公開録音スペシャル in ニコニコ超会議3
Blue Radio Ace Episode 10 Super Blue Radio Ace ~Spring~ Official Recording Special at Niconico Super Conference 3

Guest: Yuichi Nakamura (Hazama)


ぶるらじA 第11回 ~MUSIC LIVE直前スペシャルでござる!~
Blue Radio Ace Episode 11 ~It's the Right Before the Music Live Special!~

Guest: Tsuyoshi Koyama (Bang Shishigami)


ぶるらじA 第12回 ~やったぁプレイアブル化だよっ!あれっもう最終回!?~
Blue Radio Ace Episode 12 ~I Made It; I'm Playable! What, It's Already the Last Episode!?~

Guest: Iori Nomizu (Celica A. Mercury)


BLAZBLUE CHRONOPHANTASMA ver 2.0 In Progress Special

Guest: Tomomi Isomura (Makoto Nanaya)


ぶるらじ ~GGXrd家庭用発売が待ちきれないっすぺしゃる~
Blue Radio ~I Can't Wait for the Home Console Release of GGXrd~

Featuring: Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- for Home Consoles
Guests: Takeshi Kusao (Ky Kiske), Megumi Han (Ramlethal Valentine), Daisuke Ishiwatari (Guilty Gear General Director)


ぶるらじ ~祝・GGXrd家庭用発売記念すぺしゃる~
Blue Radio ~Congratulations ・ GGXrd Home Console Release Special~

Featuring: Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- for Home Consoles
Guests: Jouji Nakata (Sol Badguy), Takeshi Kusao (Ky Kiske), Daisuke Ishiwatari (Guilty Gear General Director)


ぶるらじ ~祝・P4U2バージョンアップすぺしゃる~
Blue Radio ~Congratulations ・ P4U Version Upgrade Special~

Featuring: Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
Guest: Kappei Yamaguchi (Teddie)


ぶるらじ ~蒼の音色響く BLAZBLUE MUSIC LIVE 2015 開催記念すぺしゃる~
Blue Radio ~Echoes of Blue: 2015 BlazBlue Music Live Commemoration Special~

Guest: Faylan

Blue Radio Quick (ぶるらじQ)

Blue Radio Quick (ぶるらじQ Bururaji Kuikku) ran 13 episodes between Apri 23, 2015 and March 31, 2016. Episode 5 was split in two parts to cover the entirety of Blue Fes 2015: Lord☆Ultimate (ぶるふぇす2015 あるてぃめっと☆さま~! Burufes 2015 Aruteimetto☆sama~!).


ぶるらじQ 第1回 ~BBCPEX発売! 登場★巨乳美少女マイ(男)~
Blue Radio Quick Episode 1 ~BBCPEX has Released! FeaturingBusty Beauty Mai (♂)~

Guest: Saori Hayami (Mai Natsume)


ぶるらじQ 第2回 ~リス特盛り大サービス!~
Blue Radio Quick Episode 2 ~Special Squirrel Edition!~

Guest: Tomomi Isomura (Makoto Nanaya)


ぶるらじQ 第3回 ~突撃! ぶるらじ取材!? ですの~
Blue Radio Quick Episode 3 ~Charge! A Blue Radio Interview!?~

Guest: Saki Fujita (Kajun Faycott)


ぶるらじQ 第4回 ~UNI新作稼働!! 女王降臨!?~
Blue Radio Quick Episode 4 ~New UNI in Production!! The Queen Descends!?~

Featuring: UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[st]
Guest: Saori Ōnishi (Phonon)


ぶるらじQ 第6回 ~GGXrdR稼働記念すぺしゃる~
Blue Radio Quick Episode 6 ~GG Xrd Rev in Production Commemoration Special~

Featuring: Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-
Guests: Hiromi Igarashi (Jack-O' Valentine), Rei Matsuzaki (Jam Kuradoberi), Daisuke Ishiwatari (GUILTY GEAR General Director)


ぶるらじQ 第7回 ~魔法少女☆さんにんはプラチナ!!~
Blue Radio Quick Episode 7 ~Platinum the Magical GirlTrio!!~

Guest: Aoi Yūki (Platinum the Trinity)


ぶるらじQ 第8回 ~BBCF稼働! あなたの「願望(ユメ)」見せてちょうだい~
Blue Radio Quick Episode 8 ~BBCF in Production! Show Me Your "Dream"~

Guest: Ayumi Fujimura (Nine the Phantom)


ぶるらじQ 第9回 ~クリスマスプレゼントはぶるらじ!~
Blue Radio Quick Episode 9 ~Blue Radio for Christmas!~

Guest: none


ぶるらじQ 第10回 ~冥王・イザナミ降臨! 全てに等しく死を与えよう~
Blue Radio Quick Episode 10 ~Hades: Izanami Descends! Bring Death Equally Upon All~

Guest: Yukana (Imperator/Hades: Izanami)


ぶるらじQ 第11回 ~存分に楽しませてもらうぞ! ぶるらじィ!!~
Blue Radio Quick Episode 11 ~Entertain Me to the Fullest! Blue Radiooo!!~

Guest: Hiroki Yasumoto (Azrael)


ぶるらじQ 第12回 ~バカな、ありえん! 最終回だと…!?~
Blue Radio Quick Episode 12 ~Impossible, Ridiculous! The Last Episode!?~

Guest: Chie Matsuura (Kokonoe)


ぶるらじ ~GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR- 家庭用発売記念SP~
Blue Radio ~Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Home Console Release Commemoration Special~

Featuring: Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- for Home Consoles
Guests: Aya Suzaki (Elphelt Valentine), Daisuke Ishiwatari (GUILTY GEAR General Director)

Blue Radio Dynamic (ぶるらじD)

Blue Radio Dynamic (ぶるらじD Bururaji Dainamikku) ran 8 episodes from July 27, 2016 to April 6, 2017.


ぶるらじD 第1回 ~だいなみ~っくにEs参戦!~
Blue Radio Dynamic Episode 1 ~Dynamically, Es Participates!~

Guest: Mayuka Nomura (Es)


ぶるらじD 第2回 ~異邦人ナオト、ぶるらじに現る!~
Blue Radio Dynamic Episode 2 ~The Outsider Naoto Arrives at Blue Radio!~

Guest: Nobunaga Shimazaki (Naoto Kurogane)


ぶるらじD 第3回 ~ヒビキ絶賛練習中、家庭用で会いましょう!~
Blue Radio Dynamic Episode 3 ~Practicing Hibiki Admirably, Let's Meet At Home!~

Guest: Mitsuhiro Ichiki (Hibiki Kohaku)


ぶるらじD 第4回 ~余からの褒美を受け取るがよい、家庭用BBCFの発売日だ~
Blue Radio Dynamic Episode 4 ~I Shall Reward You — BBCF's Home Console Release Day~

Guest: Yukana (Izanami)


ぶるらじD 第5回 ~クリスマスだよ、華の女子回!!~
Blue Radio Dynamic Episode 5 ~Christmas, Flower Girl Version!!

Guest: Tomomi Isomura (Makoto Nanaya)


ぶるらじD 第6回 ~ドキッ!! 男だらけの新年会~
Blue Radio Dynamic Episode 6 ~Shock!! A New Year's Festival Filled With Guys~

Guest: Yuichi Nakamura (Hazama & Yuuki Terumi), Kenta Miyake (Susano'o)


ぶるらじD 第7回 ~語る!遊ぶ!三つ巴!~
Blue Radio Dynamic Episode 7 ~Talk! Play! Three Large Commas[4]!~

Guest: none


ぶるらじD 第8回 ~100の想いを越えて、また会う日までごきげんよう~
Blue Radio Dynamic Episode 8 ~Reminiscing on 100 Episodes, Until the Day We Meet Again~

Guest: Kana Ueda (Rachel Alucard)

Blue Radio NEO (ぶるらじNEO)

Blue Radio NEO (ぶるらじNEO Bururaji Neo) released its first episode May 31, 2018.


ぶるらじNEO 第1回 ~BBTAG発売記念!復活の「B」~
Blue Radio NEO Episode 1 ~BBTAG Release Commemoration! The Revived "B"~

Guest: none

Special Seasons

Some seasons of Blue Radio were produced as exclusives and were never released online (i.e. on Niconico).

Blue Radio Repeat (ぶるらじR)

Blue Radio Repeat (ぶるらじR(りぴーと)Bururaji Ripīto) is an original season produced as a DVD-exclusive release of Blue Radio. It contains about an hour of Blue Radio and is hosted by Tomokazu Sugita (Ragna the Bloodedge), Asami Imai (Tsubaki Yayoi), and Kanako Kondo (Noel Vermillion).[5]

Blue Radio Repeat 2 (ぶるらじR2)

Blue Radio Repeat 2 (ぶるらじR(りぴーとつー)Bururaji Ripīto Tsū) is an original season produced as a DVD-exclusive release of Blue Radio. It contains close to two hours of Blue Radio, and is hosted by Tomokazu Sugita (Ragna the Bloodedge), Asami Imai (Tsubaki Yayoi), and Kanako Kondo (Noel Vermillion), with Tetsuya Kakihara (Jin Kisaragi) appearing as a guest.[6]

Blue Radio Kaze (ぶるらじ風)

Blue Radio Kaze (ぶるらじ風 Bururaji Kaze) is a special season of Blue Radio included with the DVD release of the anime BlazBlue: Alter Memory. One episode of this season was included in each volume of the Alter Memory DVD set.


Regular Corners

These corners are present in every episode of Blue Radio.

Title Futsuota (Everyday Topics)
ふつおた(ふつうのお便り)Futsuota (Futsuu No Otayori)
Description The program cast (host & guests) read letters from the listeners of the show about topics related to BlazBlue.[7]
S8 (NEO)Tsubaki's Wishlist! NEO
ツバキの幸せになりたい!NEO Tsubaki No Shiawase Ni Naritai! NEO
S7 (Dynamic)Tsubaki's Nooo Matter What, I Want to be Happy!
ツバキのDoooしても幸せになりたい! Tsubaki No Doooshitemo Shiawase Ni Naritai!
S1 (Blue Radio)Tsubaki's Whispers
ツバキのささやき Tsubaki No Sasayaki
Description Tsubaki's voice actor, Asami Imai, will provide words of comfort for a listener's depressing or embarrassing event. [7]
S8 (NEO)Noel Poem: NEO
ノエルポエム ねお Noeru Poemu Neo
S7 (Dynamic)Noel Poem: Dream
ノエルポエム 夢(どりーむ)Noeru Poemu Yume (Dorīmu)
S1 (Blue Radio)Noel Poem
ノエルポエム Noeru Poemu
Description Noel's voice actor, Kanako Kondo, will read a listener's romantic and dream-filled poem.[7]
S7 (Dynamic)Sudden Topics
ぶるぎりのお題 Burugiri No Odai
Description Accepting applications for the hugely popular corner "Sudden Topics" (ぶるぎり Burugiri)!
There may be some interesting responses to these topics, so please think your response through.
S7 (Dynamic)Novus Orbis Librarium's Art Gallery
統制機構大画廊 Tōsei Kikō Dai Garō
Description Accepting submissions for love-filled BlazBlue fanart. Illustrations chosen for cast awards will be aired on the show. Illustrations that are not aired will be displayed on the Blue Radio website.
※ Planned to be a semi-regular corner
※ Please see the illustration submission form for more details.
S7 (Dynamic)Sector Seven's Product Development Department: Dynamo
第七機関商品開発部 ダイナモ Dai Nana Kikan Shohin Kaihatsu-bu Dainamo
Description Accepting submissions of ideas for new BlazBlue merchandise. Ideas given the highest award will be actualized for sale!
※ Will be announced during the later half of the show.
※ If duplicates of the same idea arrives, either one may be chosen. Please take note.
※ Please see the illustration submission form for more details.

Occasional Corners

S1 (Blue Radio)Be Disparaging❤Ragna-kun
罵倒って❤ラグナ君 Batotte Raguna-kun
Description Ragna's voice actor, Tomokazu Sugita, reads out loud and reacts to letters about embarrassing incidents submitted by the listeners.
S1 (Blue Radio)EP: 1
S7 (Dynamic)Blue Radio Dynamic Theater
ぶるらじドラマティックシアター Bururaji Doramatikku Shiatā
Description A mini scenario will be acted out in-character, where a character will answer a submitted question from the listeners.[7]
S7 (Dynamic)One Question One Answer: Divided
テメェに一問一答 断 Teme Ni Ichi Mon Ittō Dan
Description The guest will quickly answer questions submitted by the listeners for 60 seconds. It's short and easy to understand, but might need getting used to![7]
S7 (Dynamic)Sudden Topics: Leaps and Bounds
ぶるぎり 怒涛 Burugiri Dotō
Description Listeners submit interesting answers to BlazBlue-related punchlines, which are then judged by quality. Punchlines are also open to listener's submissions. The punchline that has been decided on for the corner will be displayed on the Blue Radio website, so please check it out!
S7 (Dynamic)Heart-Pounding☆Blue Radio Ranking Island
DokiDoki☆ぶるらじランキング島 DokiDoki☆Bururaji Rankingu Shima
Description The results of a BlazBlue survey submitted to listeners beforehand will be announced![7]

Other Corners

S8 (NEO)BBRadio News NEO
ぶるらじニュース NEO Bururaji News NEO
S7 (Dynamic)Blue Radio Dynamic Channel
ぶるらじダイナミックチャンネル Bururaji Dainamikku Channeru
S1 (Blue Radio)Blue Radio News
ぶるらじニュース Bururaji News
Description The latest Arc System Works news, delivered fresh![7]
S8 (NEO)EP: 1
S7 (Dynamic)EP: 8
S1 (Blue Radio)BlazBlue, What If
もしものブレイブルー Moshimo no Bureiburu
Description A quiz game segment in which contestants ad-lib answers to questions submitted by the listeners regarding "What if this were to happen during battle?"
S1 (Blue Radio)EP: 1, 2
S1 (Blue Radio)Grimoire of Recollections
うろ覚え魔道書 Urooboe Madōsho
Description The hosts try to draw what they can remember about a theme to be gathered into a "Grimoire of Memories."
S1 (Blue Radio)EP: 1
S1 (Blue Radio)Battle Battle
バトルバトル Batoru Batoru
Description One person is designated the target of a bounty. They play various games, dubbed "battles." The winner of a battle (other than the one with the bounty) will receive 5 points from the bounty. If the bounty is reduced to zero, then the non-targets receive a prize.
S1 (Blue Radio)EP: 1, 2
S7 (Dynamic)Duel! Master of Drawing!
Duel! お絵かきマスター Duel! Oekaki Masutā
Description Two-person teams are formed. One person pulls from a lottery and draws out the subject written on it, while the other person tries to identify the drawing. Aim to become the Master of Drawing![7]
S7 (Dynamic)Blue Radio Sugoroku: GO! by the Dice
ぶるらじすごろく ダイスでGO! Bururaji Sugoroku Daisu De GO!
Description Challenge the cast with a Sugoroku formed from writings on various topics.[7]
S8 (NEO)Blue Radio Cross Quiz Battle
ぶるらじクロスクイズバトル Bururaji Kurosu Kuizu Batoru
Description A quiz game segment where contestants answer questions related to a scene from BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. Answering correctly awards the contestant one point, and the contestant with the most points at the end wins.
S8 (NEO)EP: 1

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