Dengeki Online BlazBlue 10th Anniversary Event And Developer Free Talk

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This interview was featured in a Dengeki Online article covering a live event celebrating the BlazBlue series' 10th anniversary hosted by Arc System Works in collaboration with Ikebukuro Theater x Cafe & Dining "STORIA". The interview covers some hints at future plans for the BlazBlue series, including a soundtrack release for Susano'o and Terumi's songs and the possibility of Taro Sasaga'e being voiced. The complete article gives a summary of the panels given at the event, including a summary of each of the games in the C-series as well as the recently released spin-off BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, and ends with a transcript of some brief questions directed at Mori Toshimichi and the hosts in general. UEDA Kana (voice of Rachel Alucard) was present as a guest.

For BlazBlue's 10-year anniversary, Mori-P and UEDA Kana take a look back. New 'Dark War' info as well!?

Jun 6, 2018

During The Free Talk, New Information About The Upcoming Work Is Teased!?

The last corner is the development team's free talk. Answering attendee's questions one answer at a time, they deepened their connections with their audience. And what would you know, during this time, Mori-san let slip some information about 'BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War'!

Although they let us see some images of content currently under development, it was only for a brief moment so there was no time to understand it...![T/N 1] Listening to Mori-san and the others talk, it seemed like the number of characters has been slightly changed since the previous highest number[T/N 2]. Since continuing at this pace will leave us half-dead [in suspense], let us quickly move on to the news! By the way, these are the questions sent by the attendees.

Have you settled on a voice [actor] for Taro Sasagae?

We have. Currently, we're still in the stage of making an offer. Please look forward to it! I won't say where it will lead just yet though!

Will any official events be held this time?[T/N 3]

There will be! As we've said before, we don't intend to hold a 1-on-1 tournament, but please do look forward to it. Of course, we're thinking about an event for BBTAG as well.

I want to see an anime...!

We also want to make one...! We will devote ourselves to working hard so we can make one...!

When will a soundtrack including Terumi and Susano'o's songs be released?

It's properly in the works, so wait a bit longer!

Mori-san answered questions from the attendees about the in-development pictures of 'BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War.'[T/N 1] Afterwards, a commemorative photo was taken with all the attendees, and the event ended in high spirits!


  1. 1.0 1.1 No pictures of the BBDW WIPs were included in this article
  2. Possibly local to DW, I don't think they're referring to CF or TAG
  3. What "this time" refers to isn't clear