Phenomena Weapon Dispossession Operation

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The Phenomena Weapon Dispossession Operation was a conflict in 2193 that formed a part of the larger Ikaruga Civil War. The mission was for mercenaries hired by Sector Seven to infiltrate the 4th Hierarchical City of Naobi and retrieve the then recently excavated Nox Nyctores - Deus Machina: Nirvana. It was complicated by the machinations of Yuuki Terumi and Relius Clover, who involved the Novus Orbis Librarium and presumably Azrael. The mission was a success, but the involvement of Azrael left only two survivors - himself and the man who would become Iron Tager.

The aftermath of the operation had long-lasting effects that extended past the war despite not being a pivotal part of it.


Azrael engages the mercenaries

In 2193, the NOL begun an excavation mission in the 4th Hierarchical City of Naobi to obtain the Deus Machina: Nirvana, a Nox Nyctores which had been secretly buried in the area by Nine the Phantom and Celica A. Mercury nearly a century prior. When it was confirmed that Nirvana was in the area, Relius Clover, the Colonel in charge of the NOL's engineering department, contacted the Committee of Sector Seven and Kokonoe, their chief scientist. He gave them a proposition: help him create a Nox Nyctores and he would give them a Boundary Interface Prime Field Device. The organization and Kokonoe accepted. Around this time, Tenjo Amanohokosaka, leader of the Ikaruga Federation which was receiving aide from Sector Seven, sensed her time was near; she possessed the ability to transfer her soul between vessels, and felt that Nirvana was her best chance at survival.

Instead of involving their own forces, Sector Seven hired mercenaries to do the work for them. At 14:08, the mercenaries boarded an Ars Magus vessel to Naobi, finally arriving at 17:37 and commencing the operation a minute later. When the operation began, the mercenaries created a diversion to distract the NOL forces guarding the excavation site. Taking an elevator down to the site, one of the mercenaries noted that the mission seemed too easy; the captain agreed, but found it suspicious and ordered his squad to keep themselves guarded at all times. They soon arrived at Naobi's heart, its Cauldron, and nearby in a coffin rested the long dormant Nirvana.

At the instant of Nirvana's discovery, Azrael made himself known. He noted that the mercenaries had arrived early; the captain, recognizing the Mad Dog, immediately ordered that the others in his unit prepare the transportation device for Nirvana while he held Azrael at bay.[1] Azrael was impressed by the captain's strength. Ultimately, Nirvana was successfully teleported, but the mercenaries were completely wiped out bar for the captain, who was forced into retreating with Nirvana onto the teleportation device.

The mission was deemed a success as Nirvana was retrieved. The captain was on death's door, and his memories were sealed away on his request. He was resurrected as a hulking cyborg who was injected with Demon Cells, transforming him into someone completely unrecognisable. Kokonoe gave him the name Iron Tager. Tager went on to work directly under Kokonoe as her right-hand man with no recollection of the mission or his past.


The mercenaries lost in the operation

The total annihilation of the mercenaries had a profound effect on Bullet, a member who was not present for the mission due to an injury she had sustained prior. The loss of the squadron, the only family she had, left her on a quest for revenge and to hunt down the truth. For years afterwards, she began to hunt down both Relius and Kokonoe. She had no idea about her captain becoming Tager.

Bullet's suspicions were initially roused when she was given the report of the aftermath by a Sector Seven official. Everyone on the mission was a well-trained veteran, and upon her request to see the bodies, Bullet learned that there were none - they had all been disposed of as they were deemed too excessively maimed to be identifiable. Bullet was under the impression that the mission had failed, but upon learning that her squadron had actually succeeded, was fully compensated with the mission's pay, although she never learned exactly what the mission was as Sector Seven refused to disclose it to her.[2] After years of investigating dead-ends, Bullet eventually came to learn of Azrael's involvement through recorded data left at the excavation site, although the degradation of the data left her to believe that the captain had betrayed the team.[3]

Despite the operation being a success, it was short-lived as Relius directly interfered afterwards. He briefly took Nirvana and made the Detonator - Fluctus Redactum: Ignis in its image before returning the Nox to the organization. They then began the second part of their deal - to make a Prime Field Device. Relius tipped the NOL to Nirvana's location and sacrificed the souls of countless NOL and Sector Seven soldiers to a Cauldron, summoning a miniature Black Beast. It was only due to Kokonoe's intervention that the Black Beast was sealed into two cores, one for each automaton. After Kokonoe dealt a lethal blow to Relius, he managed to escape with Ignis, Nirvana, and the newly half-built Nu-13 in tow, ultimately making the entire earlier operation a devastating loss for Sector Seven.[4] This event also traumatised Lotte Carmine, who dealt with it by throwing himself further into his research on the Boundary until he became Arakune.

Relius betrays Sector Seven

Nu-13 was transferred to several facilities before she was finally completed and born in the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi on January 1st, 2200. Nirvana and Ignis were completed by having the souls of Ada Clover and Ignis Clover, respectively, installed within them, which led Carl Clover down the dark path of trying to save them both as a vigilante, and began his obsessive pursuit of the Azure Grimoire in Ragna the Bloodedge's possession.

Tenjo never received the Nirvana for any great length of time and met her end at the hands of Jin Kisaragi during the civil war, with the conflict finally ending with her death. Azrael's actions during the operation further cemented his reputation as an uncontrollable force of nature and he was eventually incarcaerated in the Dog House by Kokonoe and Tager. The scar sustained on his person by Tager became the crucible for his capture.[5]

The aftermath following the operation marked one of Sector Seven's greater defeats. They had lost the three prizes, Nirvana; Ignis; and Nu, that the operation was created for, and a sizeable amount of both their armed forces and scientists perished in the creation of said prize's cores. There was only one person who truly benefited from the operation overall - Relius.


Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Phenomena Weapon Dispossession Operation

An incident where Sector Seven plotted to steal the Nox Nyctores Nirvana, discovered by the Librarium. The operation was a success, but Sector Seven's assault team was annihilated, with only a single survivor.[6]



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