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Solo Actions

Situation Line Voice
Smart Combo 1
All yours!
You're gone!
Take this!
Smart Combo 2
Watch and learn!
Heavy heavy!
Can you survive?
Nothing personal.
Clash (Connect)
This will be... The end!
This is my mission... Blast!
Charged Lightning
All limiters release!
Atomic Collider
Atomic Collider!
There's no escape!
Gigantic Tager Driver
Gigantic Tager... Driver!
Now I've got you... This is the end!
Subject contained... And decommissioned!
Wedge Catapult
Wedge Catapult!
Get over here.
Ace in the hole!
Air Driver
Air Driver!
You're wide open!
Get a load of this!
Gadget Finger
Gadget Finger!
Now, get up!
Got you again.
EX Spark Bolt
Spark Bolt!
You're in for a shock!
Magna Tech Wheel
Magna Tech Wheel! Haaaaaah!
Here goes! Magna Tech Wheel!
Enhanced Magna Tech Wheel
You're finished
Genesic Emerald Tager Buster
Genesic... Emerald... Tager... Buster!
I will be your end. Say goodbye to your friends. Hell's warden awaits!
King of Tager
Releasing all limiters! King of... Tager!
Releasing Armegis! King of... Tager!
System Mechanics
Resonance Blaze
Drive, activate!
Let's throw this into overdrive!
Throw Brace yourself!
Throw Whiff What!?
Throw Break What!?
Throw Escape
You're strong.
Guard Fail (Low)
I miscalculated!?
Guard Fail (Overhead)
Within parameters!
Reject Guard
Taking Damage
Such damage-!
Ground Ukemi (Neutral) Damage minimal.
Ground Ukemi (Forwards or Backwards) Damage minimal.
Aerial Ukemi (Neutral) Hu-hah!
Aerial Ukemi (Forward) Not so fast!
Aerial Ukemi (Backward) Saw it!
Stagger Recovery In the nick of time!
Idle What's the matter? Come at me.
Combo (6k Damage) As calculated.
Combo (8k Damage) That's one set!
Combo (10k Damage) Beyond my expectations!
Having someone watch my back... Isn't half bad, really.
If you think yourself a warrior, then speak with your strength.
All engines operational. No problems detected.
Our performance here will determine the outcome of this mission. I expect you to pull your own weight.
Kokonoe, do you read me? I'm uploading the combat data now.
TR-0009 Tager, assessing the situation.
Hmm... That wasn't a bad battle.
Just as I thought... Is this really all you're capable of?
Sorry, but I'm afraid I have to decommission you.
Hah! You're a second rate solider.
Time Out Outro
Time's up, rookie.
Mission complete!
I'm sorry... Kokonoe...
Out of... Gas...
Time Out Defeat
Poor calculations.
Shit! I didn't think about the time...

Partner Actions

Situation Line Voice
Partner Swap
Duo Change
Commencing mission.
I've got this.
Partner Skill Change
Need to retreat!
Cross Burst
Not on my watch.
Putting this on your tab.
Partner Defeat
I didn't wanna do this...
This is critical!
Distortion Skill Duo (Tera-Break)
I'm done with you!
Cross Combo
Let's go!
With me!
Assist Calls
Would you mind?
Help me out.
Partner with Ragna
Grim Reaper!
Go, Grim Reaper!
Partner with Jin
Jin Kisaragi!
Can I trust you?
Partner with Noel
Noel Vermillion!
Get to work.
Partner with Rachel
Could use a hand!
Partner with Hakumen
Go right ahead.
Partner with Nu-13
Partner with Hazama
Partner with Makoto
Requesting support.
Partner with Platinum
Platinum the Trinity!
Partner with Izayoi
Partner with Azrael
Mad Dog!
Remember, we're on duty.
Partner with Nine
Remember, we're on duty.
Partner with Es
You've got work to do.
Partner with Mai
Mai Natsume!
Show me what you've got!
Partner with Jubei


Situation Line Voice
Outro with partner
Now THAT was a fight. You've got my respect.
I've collected some excellent data. Thank you for all your help.
Intro Hakumen: Stand down... You are nothing but the grimalkin's plaything.
Tager: Hpmh. It's not often that I'm made a rookie by comparison.
Outro Hakumen: Hmm... To think you would be a match for my swordsmanship...
Tager: Hmph. I've got a little pride of my own, y'know.
Makoto Nanaya
Intro Tager: Stay focused and ready, Makoto.
Makoto: Yeah, I'm ready-ready to punch 'em in the face!
Tager: Did you hear a word I just said?
Outro Makoto: Whoa... That was a close one, wasn't it, Mr. Tager?
Tager: Which is why I said we needed to stay-ergh, never mind... Well done.
Kanji Tatsumi
Intro Tager: The difference in our power is... Mm, we'll have to be careful.
Kanji: Heh, don't sweat the small stuff. We've just gotta win, right? Easy.
Outro Tager: You're a second rate soldier.
Kanji: Looks like we just muscled our way through.
Akihiko Sanada
Intro Akihiko: A battle is determined by the quality and mass of a team's muscles. These guys don't stand a chance.
Tager: Is that some sort of tactical calculation?
Outro Tager: You've got poential, but you overestimate your abilities.
Akihiko: Victory only comes to those who train!
Intro Aegis: Let's go, Tager! Maximum power!
Tager: Quick and decisive! I like it!
Outro Tager: Mission complete. Proceeding to the next waypoint.
Aegis: Roger that! Away we go.
Intro Hyde: Are you ready for my real strengths!?
Tager: Calm down, rookie. First we have to analyze the enemy's movements.
Outro Hyde: Is that all ya got? That'd disappointing.
Tager: Hmph, still so green. But you've got potential.
Intro Tager: Unknown enemy approaching. How do we want to handle this?
Waldstein: The only way I know how-with power!
Outro Waldstein: Weak! Too weak!
Tager: We've neutralized our opponents... But, at the expensive of our surroundings, I'm afraid.
Intro Tager: Engaging defenses... Argh, looks like they're a step ahead of us.
Gordeau: Ah, lighten up! It's just a fight, after all.
Outro Gordeau: What a shame. This harvest isn't even edible.
Tager: I... Don't imagine you'd eat any of these people, anyway.
Yang Xiao Long
Intro Yang: Let's do this! So, the way I see it, we just both do whatever we want.
Tager: So much for coming up with a strategy...
Outro Yang: Yeah! See? No problem.
Tager: Wrong. There was a problem. And we solved it.

Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
This is Tager. I'm returning to base. ...I swear, the concept of "rest" is lost on her.
Your attacks won't so much as scratch my armor! Hmm? Where did this bolt come from?
You're a one-trick pony. No matter how many times we fight, the outcome will never change.
I have absolute trust in you. That's what makes us a great team.
Thank you for your aid. I'm lucky to fight alongside such a capable solider.
Partner with Hakumen Tager: I've seen my fair share of battles. This body of mine should be proof enough of that.
Hakumen: I've witnessed your power firsthand. Such genuine strength is not to be taken lightly. Your pride is well-earned.
Partner with Makoto Tager: Your sharp instincts are praiseworthy, but if you continue to fight like that, all the intel those instincts provide you will be squandered. On the battlefield, the most important thing is to--
Makoto: (Oh boy... Heeeere we go...)
Partner with Kanji Tager: It appears my calculations were incorrect. Such is the price of mistaking recklessness for bravery.
Kanji: But hey, it was a good time, right? Hey! Brush up your skills and face us again!
Partner with Akihiko Akihiko: A good battle like that deserves a good celebration! A toast, with the finest ale-- or, maybe the finest beef bowls!
Tager: Very well. But if you wouldn't mind, please pour me a glass of natural oil.
Partner with Aegis Aegis: High speed navigational sequence active. Closing in on waypoint. It seems the two of us are perfectly synchronized.
Tager: But that's no excuse to let our guard down. The first to lose focus on combat is usually the first to lose their life. You would do well to remember that.
Partner with Hyde Hyde: Man, what the hell is with you? "Green" this, "rookie" that... Come at me and I'll show you just how strong I am.
Tager: You just proved my point, Rookie. A solider who ignores the battlefield to focus on himself is second-rate. Watch your oppenents, the flow of battle, and above all, your allies. Only then can you call yourself "strong."
Partner with Waldstein Tager: I fully understand the capacity of your strength, but you should consider brushing up on your tactics a little more. Not all battles can be won with brute force alone.
Waldstein: Don't make me laugh. Little tricks and gambits are meaningless in the face of raw power. My claws will make short work of them.
Partner with Gordeau Gordeau: Sorry I went a little wild there. This scythe's a bit too unwieldy to navigate around that big body of yours.
Tager: Not a problem. You'[re a valuable part of this team. Don't hesitate to use your full power as we continue fighting.
Partner with Yang Yang: Now that I'm all warmed up, let's hurry along to the next fight!
Tager: Hold on. Before we go, we must review our strategy. Even a thousand lives wouldn't be enough to save me from your recklessness.