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BlazBlue Radio NEO

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Start Date

May 31, 2018

Previous Season

BlazBlue Radio NEO (ぶるらじNEO Bururaji Neo) is the eighth season of BlazBlue Radio, which released its first episode May 31, 2018. This was the first season of BlazBlue Radio to have official English subtitles available on its episodes from YouTube, alongside Korean and both simplified and traditional Chinese subtitles.

This season is focused on BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and it features the 3D avatar models from the game instead of the usual 2D art.


ぶるらじNEO 第1回 ~BBTAG発売記念!復活の「B」~
BlazBlue Radio NEO Episode 1 ~BBTAG Release Commemoration! The Revived "B"~
2018.05.31 Favicon-yt.png YouTubeFavicon-nn.png NicoNico
Guest: none
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ぶるらじNEO 第2回 ~ヤン登場! おまえら小学生か!(森P談)~
BlazBlue Radio NEO Episode 2 ~Yang Appears! Are You All In Elementary School!? (Says Mori-P)~
2018.07.30 Favicon-yt.png YouTubeFavicon-nn.png NicoNico
Guest: Ami Koshimizu (Yang Xiao Long)
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ぶるらじNEO 第3回 ~ルビー登場!見せてやるよ、鎌ーズの力を!~
BlazBlue Radio NEO Episode 3 ~Ruby Appears! I'll Show You A Scythe's Power!~
2018.08.31 Favicon-yt.png YouTubeFavicon-nn.png NicoNico
Guest: Saori Hayami (Mai Natsume, Orie, Ruby Rose)
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ぶるらじNEO 第4回 ~ワイス登場!優雅に(?)参りますわよ!~
BlazBlue Radio NEO Episode 4 ~Weiss Appears! Arriving Elegantly(?)!~
2018.10.26 Favicon-yt.png YouTubeFavicon-nn.png NicoNico
Guest: Yoko Hikasa (Weiss Schnee)
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ブレイブルー公式WEBラジオ「ぶるらじNEO 第5回 ~愛乃はぁと、ずばばーんと参上!~」
2019.05.31 Favicon-yt.png YouTubeFavicon-nn.png NicoNico
Guest: Mikako Takahashi (Heart Aino)
Insert images from BlazBlue Radio NEO, Episode 5

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Futsuota (Everyday Topics)
ふつおた(ふつうのお便り)Futsuota (Futsuu No Otayori)
The program cast (host & guests) read letters from the listeners of the show about topics related to BlazBlue.[1]
BBRadio Neo Corner Logo 04.png
Tsubaki's Wishlist! NEO
ツバキの幸せになりたい!NEO Tsubaki No Shiawase Ni Naritai! NEO
Tsubaki's voice actor, Asami Imai, will provide words of comfort for a listener's depressing or embarrassing event. [1]
EP: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
BBRadio Neo Corner Logo 02.png
Noel Poem: NEO
ノエルポエム ねお Noeru Poemu Neo
Noel's voice actor, Kanako Kondo, will read a listener's romantic and dream-filled poem.[1]
EP: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Occasional Corners

BBRadio Neo Corner Logo 05.png
I'll Ask You Everything! NEO (EP2) / I Got One Question For You: NEO! (EP3)
テメェに一問一答 NEO Teme Ni Ichi Mon Ittō NEO
The guest will quickly answer questions submitted by the listeners for 60 seconds. It's short and easy to understand, but might need getting used to![1]
EP: 2, 3, 4, 5
BBRadio Neo Corner Logo 03.png
BBRadio News NEO
ぶるらじニュース NEO Bururaji News NEO
The latest Arc System Works news, delivered fresh![1]
EP: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Other Corners

BBRadio Neo Corner Logo 01.png
BlazBlue Radio Cross Quiz Battle
ぶるらじクロスクイズバトル Bururaji Kurosu Kuizu Batoru
A quiz game segment where contestants answer questions related to a scene from BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. Answering correctly awards the contestant one point, and the contestant with the most points at the end wins.
EP: 1
BBRadio Neo Corner Logo 06.png
You and I... Resonance Blaze!
あなたとわたしのレゾナンスブレイズ Anata to Watashi no Rezonansu Bureizu
A game to determine who the best partner for the guest would be. Everyone answers an open-ended question with a sketch. If the host's answers matches with the guest's, they get a point, and the one with the most points at the end of the game is determined the best match.
EP: 2
BBRadio Neo Corner Logo 07.png
Deepen Our Bond! Drawing Cross Combo! Our Hearts Are Together Forever!?
絆を深めろ!お絵かきクロスコンボ:二人の心はいつも一緒!? Kizuna wo Fukamero! Oekaki Kurosu Konbo: Futari no Kokoro wa Itsumo Issho!?
Contestants are grouped into pairs and given a prompt to draw. Each person in the pair draws separately, and at the end the pair's drawings are compared to each other and rated based on the similarity of their subject matter up to 100%.
EP: 3
BBRadio Neo Corner Logo 08.png
For the glory of the Schnee Family, Princess, Name the Price Challenge!
シュニー家の誇りにかけて お嬢様格付けチャレンジ Shunī-ke no Hokori ni Kakete Ojō-sama Kakudzuke Charenji
The female hosts and guest are asked questions that they must answer within thirty seconds in a "ladylike" way. The answers are awarded a number of Ojou-sama Points (OJP) based on their relative ranking, with first place winning 30 points, second place winning 20 points, and third place winning 10 points. The one who has gathered the most points by the end of the segment is declared the victor.
EP: 4
BBRadio Neo Corner Logo 09.png
Can't Escape From Crossing Fate! Cross Tag Battle Duo
The hosts and guest are split into two teams of two to play BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. Each person is given one Joy-Con, so one person controls movement while the other controls commands, and the members of a team must work together to aim for victory.
EP: 5

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