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BlazBlue Radio Dynamic

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Start Date

July 27, 2016

End Date

April 6, 2017



BlazBlue Radio Dynamic (ぶるらじD Bururaji Dainamikku) is the seventh season of BlazBlue Radio, which ran 8 episodes from July 27, 2016 to April 6, 2017.


ぶるらじD 第1回 ~だいなみ~っくにEs参戦!~
BlazBlue Radio Dynamic Episode 1 ~Dynamically, Es Participates!~
2016.07.27 Favicon-nn.png NicoNico
Guest: Mayuka Nomura (Es)
ぶるらじD 第2回 ~異邦人ナオト、ぶるらじに現る!~
BlazBlue Radio Dynamic Episode 2 ~The Outsider Naoto Arrives at Blue Radio!~
2016.08.18 Favicon-nn.png NicoNico
Guest: Nobunaga Shimazaki (Naoto Kurogane)
ぶるらじD 第3回 ~ヒビキ絶賛練習中、家庭用で会いましょう!~
BlazBlue Radio Dynamic Episode 3 ~Practicing Hibiki Admirably, Let's Meet On The Console Version!~
2016.09.15 Favicon-nn.png NicoNico
Guest: Mitsuhiro Ichiki (Hibiki Kohaku)
ぶるらじD 第4回 ~余からの褒美を受け取るがよい、家庭用BBCFの発売日だ~
BlazBlue Radio Dynamic Episode 4 ~I Shall Reward You — BBCF's Console Release Day~
2016.10.06 Favicon-nn.png NicoNico
Guest: Yukana (Izanami)
ぶるらじD 第5回 ~クリスマスだよ、華の女子回!!~
BlazBlue Radio Dynamic Episode 5 ~Christmas, Flower Girl Version!!
2016.12.15 Favicon-nn.png NicoNico
Guest: Tomomi Isomura (Makoto Nanaya)
ぶるらじD 第6回 ~ドキッ!! 男だらけの新年会~
BlazBlue Radio Dynamic Episode 6 ~Shock!! A New Year's Festival Filled With Guys~
2017.01.26 Favicon-nn.png NicoNico
Guest: Yuichi Nakamura (Hazama & Yuuki Terumi), Kenta Miyake (Susano'o)
ぶるらじD 第7回 ~語る!遊ぶ!三つ巴!~
BlazBlue Radio Dynamic Episode 7 ~Talk! Play! Three Large Commas[1]!~
2017.02.23 Favicon-nn.png NicoNico
Guest: none
ぶるらじD 第8回 ~100の想いを越えて、また会う日までごきげんよう~
BlazBlue Radio Dynamic Episode 8 ~Reminiscing on 100 Episodes, Until the Day We Meet Again~
2017.04.06 Favicon-nn.png NicoNico
Guest: Kana Ueda (Rachel Alucard)


Futsuota (Everyday Topics)
ふつおた(ふつうのお便り)Futsuota (Futsuu No Otayori)
The program cast (host & guests) read letters from the listeners of the show about topics related to BlazBlue.[2]
Tsubaki's Nooo Matter What, I Want to be Happy!
ツバキのDoooしても幸せになりたい! Tsubaki No Doooshitemo Shiawase Ni Naritai!
Tsubaki's voice actor, Asami Imai, will provide words of comfort for a listener's depressing or embarrassing event. [2]
Noel Poem: Dream
ノエルポエム 夢(どりーむ)Noeru Poemu Yume (Dorīmu)
Noel's voice actor, Kanako Kondo, will read a listener's romantic and dream-filled poem.[2]
Sudden Topics
ぶるぎりのお題 Burugiri No Odai
Accepting applications for the hugely popular corner "Sudden Topics" (ぶるぎり Burugiri)!
There may be some interesting responses to these topics, so please think your response through.
Novus Orbis Librarium's Art Gallery
統制機構大画廊 Tōsei Kikō Dai Garō
Accepting submissions for love-filled BlazBlue fanart. Illustrations chosen for cast awards will be aired on the show. Illustrations that are not aired will be displayed on the Blue Radio website.
※ Planned to be a semi-regular corner
※ Please see the illustration submission form for more details.
Sector Seven's Product Development Department: Dynamo
第七機関商品開発部 ダイナモ Dai Nana Kikan Shohin Kaihatsu-bu Dainamo
Accepting submissions of ideas for new BlazBlue merchandise. Ideas given the highest award will be actualized for sale!
※ Will be announced during the later half of the show.
※ If duplicates of the same idea arrives, either one may be chosen. Please take note.
※ Please see the illustration submission form for more details.

Occasional Corners

BlazBlue Radio Dynamic Theater
ぶるらじドラマティックシアター Bururaji Doramatikku Shiatā
A mini scenario will be acted out in-character, where a character will answer a submitted question from the listeners.[2]
One Question One Answer: Divided
テメェに一問一答 断 Teme Ni Ichi Mon Ittō Dan
The guest will quickly answer questions submitted by the listeners for 60 seconds. It's short and easy to understand, but might need getting used to![2]
Sudden Topics: Leaps and Bounds
ぶるぎり 怒涛 Burugiri Dotō
Listeners submit interesting answers to BlazBlue-related punchlines, which are then judged by quality. Punchlines are also open to listener's submissions. The punchline that has been decided on for the corner will be displayed on the Blue Radio website, so please check it out!
Heart-Pounding☆Blue Radio Ranking Island
DokiDoki☆ぶるらじランキング島 DokiDoki☆Bururaji Rankingu Shima
The results of a BlazBlue survey submitted to listeners beforehand will be announced![2]

Other Corners

BlazBlue Radio Dynamic Channel
ぶるらじダイナミックチャンネル Bururaji Dainamikku Channeru
The latest Arc System Works news, delivered fresh![2]
EP: 8
Duel! Drawing Master!
Duel! お絵かきマスター Duel! Oekaki Masutā
(Dynamic) Two-person teams are formed. One person pulls from a lottery and draws out the subject written on it, while the other person tries to identify the drawing. Aim to become the Master of Drawing![2]
(NEO) Contestants are grouped into pairs and given a prompt to draw. Each person in the pair draws separately, and at the end the pair's drawings are compared to each other and rated based on the similarity of their subject matter up to 100%.
BlazBlue Radio Sugoroku: GO! by the Dice
ぶるらじすごろく ダイスでGO! Bururaji Sugoroku Daisu De GO!
Challenge the cast with a Sugoroku formed from writings on various topics.[2]

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