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Template page

The Infobox Character is used for character pages. Copy the following box and fill it in. Extra notes are after the box.


{{Infobox Character
| nameJp           =Name in Japanese
| nameEn           =Name in English
| nameIPA          =Name pronunciation in Japanese IPA (with soundfile link)
| nameAlt          =An alternative romanization for the character that is currently in use,such as Glassfille/Glassfield
| image            =Image of the latest appearance of the character (overrides imagelabel1...7 and image1...7 below)
| imagelabel1      =Name of the tab for the first image
| imagelabel2      =Name of the tab for the second image
| imagelabel7      =Name of the tab for the 7th image
| image1           =Image for the 1st tab
| image7           =Image for the 7th tab
| name             =Character Name
| birthday         =Character's Birthday
| species          = Character's species
| age              = Character's Age (if applicable, such as the case of xblaze characters)
| voice            =*Seiyuu 
*EN voice actor 
*En voice actor #2 (if applicable)
| blood            =Blood type
| height           =Character's Height
| weight           =Character's Weight
| hair             =Character's Hair color
| eye              =Character's eye color
| drive            =Character's Drive ability
| birthplace       =Character's birthplace
| like             =Character's likes
| dislike          =Character's dislikes
| hobby            =Character's hobbies
| team             =Character's Affiliation (if any)
| Titles           =Character's Affiliation (if any)
| Music            =Official themes and vs themes
| appgames         =Any appearances in official games
| appmanga         =Any appearances in manga
| appnovel         =Any appearances in novels
| appshort         =Any appearances in short stories and side works
| appdrama         =Any appearances in drama cds



The pronunciation of the name in Japanese IPA. Any soundfiles that demonstrate the pronunciation should be linked here.


Official music themes of a character for those that have them. Include VS themes and vocal tracks.


Official media that this character has appeared in. Being "mentioned" doesn't apply here. Use only for actual appearances (even if minor)