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Solo Actions

Situation Line Voice
Smart Combo 1
What are you lookin' at?!
You're open!
Eat this!
Smart Combo 2
Tear 'em apart!
Let's do this!
Didn't see this coming!
Clash (Connect)
I'm taking you down...
right here!
How much can you take?
Just stay down!
Inferno Crusader
Aerial Inferno Crusader
Inferno Crusader!
Out of my way!
→ Overhead Kick
Get down!
Banishing Fang
→ Banishing Fang: Roar
→ Banishing Fang: Bash
See ya!
→ Banishing Fang: Raid
Shift Sway
Missed me!
Over here!
→ Phantom Pain
Phantom Pain!
You're mine!
Wide open!
Slash Kaid
Slash Kaid!
Wipe 'em out!
Divine Smasher
Strike through!
Divine Reaper
Divine Reaper!
You're going down!
How's that?
No more games!
It's over!
That hurt?
Edge of Eternity (EOE)
Edge of Eternity!
Behold the bloodstained blade...
Not a shred of your soul will remain!
Let darkness... consume you!
Time to end this!
This blade of blood will be your end.
There's no afterlife, only the void!
Edge of Eternity!
System Mechanics
Resonance Blaze
I'm ending this right now!
I'm done holding back!
Throw You're mine!
Throw Whiff Uh oh!
Throw Break Oh, come on!
Throw Escape
How about no?
Hands off!
Reject Guard
Get lost!
Back off!
Ground Ukemi (Forward & Backward) Takes more than that!
Idle Bring it on!
Combo (6k Damage) Who's next?
Combo (8k Damage) You feel that?
Combo (10k Damage) Aaand, you're done!
Getting in my way was a bad call.
You're not gonna let me through, huh?
Sorry, but i'm going straight through you.
Seriously, don't say I didn't warn you!
You finally done? See you later then.
Phew... Do me a favor and stop standing up.
It's over. Just stay down!
Man, how'd I pull that off?
Raquel... I'm sorry...
Sorry... Haruka...
Time Up Defeat Wasted too much time running around...

Partner Actions

Situation Line Voice
Partner Swap
Duo Change
Here I come!
I'll handle this!
Partner Skill Change
You're up!
Your turn!
Cross Burst
Looks like you need a hand!
You okay?
Partner Defeat
I'll win this for both of us!
You're gonna pay!
Distortion Skill Duo (Grim of Phantom (GOP) )
Not done yet!
Grim of Phantom!
The fun doesn't stop!
In one strike!
Cross Combo
No escape!
Let's finish 'em off!
Assist Calls
Get out here!
Help me out!
Partner with Ragna
Hey, white-haired bastard!
Partner with Jin
Don't go too crazy!
Partner with Noel
Counting on you!
Partner with Rachel
Come on out!
Partner with Tager
Red Devil!
Take 'em down!
Partner with Hakumen
Come on out!
Partner with Nu-13
Your turn!
Partner with Hazama
He's such a jerk...
Partner with Makoto
It's all you!
Partner with Platinum
Try to focus!
Partner with Izayoi
Go get 'em!
Partner with Azrael
Get ready to dodge, guys!
Partner with Nine
It's on you!
Partner with Es
Counting on you!
Partner with Mai
Your turn!
Partner with Jubei
Your turn!


Situation Line Voice
Outro with partner
You've got some neat tricks!
I did it-- Uh, we did it! Heh, good job...
Ragna the Bloodedge
Intro Naoto: Get ready, cuz you're up next, you white-haired bastard!
Ragna: Yeah. Keep barking, see what happens.
Outro Naoto: There's no afterlife.
Ragna: Only the void.
Rachel Alucard
Intro Raquel: You're up Naoto. Show me your devotion.
Naoto: *sigh* I just had to team up with a princess...
Outro Naoto: Chalk up another victory.
Raquel: Heh. I expect as much from all my servants.
Intro Nu: No, you're wrong...!
Naoto: Please, just stay calm... *sigh* Who am I kidding?
Outro Naoto: Phew. We managed to make it through.
Nu: This power... Are you Ragna...?
Intro Naoto: Once this fight's over, you and me are done.
Hazama: Oh, don't be like that. Can't we be friends? ♪
Outro Hazama: Wonderful. With you around, nothing can stop us!
Naoto: Keep talkin', snake.
Intro Es: I will judge your qualifications, Naoto Kurogane.
Naoto: Don't have any. Just a promise I need to keep.
Outro Es: So these are your qualifications...
Naoto: Like I said, all I've got is a promise.
Mai Natsume
Intro Mai: Alright, we're doing this together!
Naoto: Y-yeah, okay... Damn, don't know where to look...
Outro Mai: Yeah! We win!
Naoto: W-We sure do... Quit staring, Naoto...!
Yosuke Hanamura
Intro Naoto: Okay, we got this! ...Uh, Yosuke?
Yosuke: Somebody stop this thiiiiing!
Naoto: Yosukeeeee!
Outro Yosuke: Rough start, but we pulled it out!
Naoto: Imagine if we did it right from the get go...
Intro Teddie: Every day's ♪ great at ♪ your Junes.
Naoto: Can't believe I'm fighting with a toy...
Teddie: What did you say!?
Outro Teddie: Did you see that? My moves are no mere child's play!
Naoto: Yeah, I'm impressed... I can't judge a book by its cover.
Naoto Shirogane
Intro Shirogane: Are you prepared, Naoto-san?
Kurogane: Hell yeah. Let's get this done, Naoto!
Outro Kurogane: Whew. That should do it, right?
Shirogane: Another victory for Team Naoto.
Intro Labrys: Time for some educational discipline!
Naoto: Yikes... This girl's a scary one.
Outro Naoto: Your crackdown complete, then?
Labrys: Only if they learned their lesson!
Intro Carmine: You ready to drown in a sea of blood?
Carmine: Chill, man. You'll give yourself anemia.
Outro Naoto: My bloodstained blade will cut you down.
Carmine: And you'll return to the Crimson Origin!
Intro Naoto: These numbers... Ugh, they're gonna be tough.
Gordeau: Good. My right hand's itchin' for some action!
Outro Naoto: Huh? The numbers just dropped.
Gordeau: Oops. Guess I harvested all they had.
Naoto: Damn. They don't call you greed for nothing.
Yang Xiao Long
Intro Naoto: We got no choice. Time to bust on through!
Yang: I like that plan! Count me in!
Outro Yang: Hah! Just as we planned!
Naoto: Uh... Did that really count as a plan?
Intro Naoto: Umm, could you...wear something over that?
Yumi: Forgive me. But this is my shinobi garb.
Outro Yumi: Rest now, embraced by snow.
Naoto: Brr... I'm getting cold just looking at you...
Intro Naoto: Whoever these guys are, they won't be easy...
Akatsuki: And neither will we!
Outro Akatsuki: They made for worthy foes.
Naoto: Ones who I never wanna see again.

Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
I can't afford to be stopped here. I have a promise to keep.
As long as we're together, there's no stoppin' us!
Sorry, didn't mean to go that hard. This arm's never been great at pulling punches.
Man, what's with this world? Just when I think it can't get any crazier... it does.
It's kinda nice havin' someone around to watch my back.
Partner with Ragna Naoto: Alright, no more distractions. Let's do this, you son of a bitch.
Ragna: That's my line. Bring it on, punk. I'll show you the difference between you and me.
Partner with Rachel Naoto: Just you wait, Raquel. No matter where you are, no matter how long it takes, I will find you. The real you.
Raquel: And as a good master, I will wait for you. Even if a master should never have to on her servants.
Partner with Nu-13 Nu: No, no no no no... You're not him... You're not Ragna... Who are yooooouuuu!
Naoto: I told you, I'm Naoto Kurogane! How many times do I have to tell you!? Please, just...listen for once!
Partner with Hazama Hazama: Very, very nice. I think we're going to get along just fine. Ask me to fight with you anytime. ♪
Naoto: Hard to take you seriously with that murderous look on your face. I can fix that for you right now, if you like...
Partner with Es Naoto: I promised a spoiled princess that I'd find her. No qualifications needed for that.
Es: I... I made a promise, too...
Partner with Mai Naoto: Look, it's not really my place to comment on people's fashion, but... You might wanna do something about those clothes. I can lend you my jacket, if you want.
Mai: Uh... Thanks... But this outfit was given to me by a friend of mine. So while I appreciate the concern, I'll be fine.
Partner with Yosuke Naoto: So I've been meaning to ask you... Do you really need to take that bike everywhere?
Yosuke: Well... Y'know... It's kind of my thing now.
Partner with Teddie Teddie: Heehee. You see now? I'm no toy. I'm a REAL bear!
Naoto: I mean, you're not REALLY a... Y'know what, sure. You're not just a toy. You're something much more than that.
Partner with Shirogane Shirogane: That turned out even better than I expected. I can always count on you, Naoto-san.
Kurogane: Aww, C'mon. It was all because of your great strategy, Naoto! Huh. Ever think about switching to last names?
Partner with Labrys Labrys: I won't let public decency falter on my watch! If you're gonna be my partner, you've got some tidyin' up to do!
Naoto: Right, yep, okay, ready for the makeover! Just stop swinging that giant axe around!
Partner with Carmine Naoto: I told you to calm down... The powers of yours come at a cost, right? My eye can see these kinds of things.
Carmine: Like I give a shit. As long as I'm wreaking havoc, I don't care how much blood I lose. Maybe I should take some of yours... And that stupid eye, too!
Partner with Gordeau Gordeau: You've got a weird makeup, don'tcha? I don't think you're fit for harvest. Too bad.
Naoto: Real sorry about that. I'll relay your complaints to the vampire who made me this way.
Partner with Yang Yang: You'll drive yourself crazy trying to plan for every little thing. Act first, think later! That's my planning style!
Naoto: That's just being reckless... Then again, I may actually prefer your style to the alternative.
Partner with Yumi Naoto: Yeah, okay, I'm tapping out! Please, could you at least cover up when you're not fighting? You can have my jacket, if that's what it takes.
Yumi: Th-Thank you for the gesture... But I believe that would leave your midsection quite exposed.
Partner with Akatsuki Naoto: Man... All these crazy numbers all over the place. This world is messed up.
Akatsuki: I've grown accustomed to fighting in worlds unknown. The key is maintaining an unwavering resolve.