BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma

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ぶれいぶるー くろーんふぁんたずま
BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma

Arc System Works


JP: Arc System Works
US: Arc System Works [1]




Nintendo 3DS

  • JP: December 26, 2012[2]
  • US: August 21, 2014

BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma (ぶれいぶるー くろーんふぁんたずま) is an action game developed by Arc System Works for the Nintendo 3DS.


The 13th Hierarchical City Kagutsuchi. This was the place where various criminals, including Ragna the Bloodedge, who has the highest reward for his head in history, officers of the NOL, Vigilante, and men of valor had gathered and fought for their own goals.

All of them were suddenly attacked by a mysterious army. At the first glance, they looked just like the enemies they were used to fighting, but if one observed well, wasn't something different about them...? What is the true nature of the mysterious army who appeared so suddenly? And just what was about to happen?!

To find the truth, they threw themselves into a new battle! [3]


There are two modes: Story Mode and Challenge Mode. The main goal is to knock each opponent off of the stage. In Story Mode, the player progresses through each stage by knocking out a set amount of enemies or by facing a boss. Challenge Mode is an endless brawl that concludes as soon as the player gets knocked off the edge.


Input Action
Circle Pad Move character.
A Button Attack. Press repeatedly to combo. Power increases with Level.
B Button Jump.
Y Button Blast Drive. Invincibility. Stuns you when used at Level 3.
X Button Drive. Character specific moves. Power increases with Level.
L/R Button L zooms out, R zooms in. D-Pad can also be used.


Items can be picked up by the player to activate a special effect. They appear on a stage after a certain amount of enemies are defeated, and disappear after use or a prolonged set of time.

Item name Effect
Bunny Ears Allows you to double jump for a set time.
Bomb Explodes after a set time, stunning everyone in range.
Lao Jiu Blast Drive can be used unlimitedly for a set time.
Mask Reduces your speed for a set time.
Noodles Restores your Bokosuka Gauge for a set time.
D-Medal Fixes your Level at 3 for a set time.
S-Medal Increases your speed for a set time.


  • Story Mode - Play through each characters story to unravel the mystery of the clones!
  • Challenge Mode - Fight an endless stream of enemies to achieve a new high score.
  • Gallery - View ending illustrations, awards, and credits.
  • Options - Adjust BGM, voices, SFX, and surround sound.

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