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BlazBlue Revolution Reburning

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苍翼之刃 - 实时动作格斗游戏
BlazBlue Revolution Reburning

BlazBlue Revolution Reburning Logo.png






2D action


iOS, Android

  • HK/TW: July 7th, 2015
  • SG/MY: April 2nd, 2016
  • WW: June 8th, 2016
  • JP: October 20th, 2016

BlazBlue Revolution Reburning (苍翼之刃 - 实时动作格斗游戏cāng yì zhī rèn - shíshí dòngzuò gédòu yóuxì Blade of Azure Wings - Real-time Action Fighting Game), also shortened to BlazBlue RR, is an action game developed by 91Act and licensed by Arc System Works for iOS and Android.




Match Battle

I. Entry
1. Player needs at least 5 heroes to participate in Real-time battle. 2. Player can play Real-time Battle several times a day.

II. Battle
1. The rule is best of five.
2. Each hero can only be used once.
3. When time is up, if both heroes are alive and kicking, then the battle result will be determined by the remaining percentage of their HP. The one with the higher percentage will be victorious.
4. After a hero goes into burst mode, for a limited time, his or her opponent cannot burst.

III. Rewards
1. The winner will get points while the loser will lose points.
2. Win Real-time Battle 1 time every day to get daily winning rewards (medals).
3. Medals can be used to exchange items in Medal Store.

Friendly Battle

You can invite your friends to play a Friendly Battle, In this mode, regardless of battle result, your points remain the same, and it will not be calculated into daily missions.


Infinity Tower

I. Ranking Rules
Ranking is based on total score of all your heroes, if two players have the same score, their ranking will be decided by the highest floor their heroes reached (compared one by one).
II. Challenge Chances
There will be 3 Challenge Chances per day per player, but VIP players can reset their Challenge Chances.
III. Raid
You can raid the highest floor you reached. The floor you reached with free raid is lower than the paid one.
IV. Infinite Boss
Challenge infinity tower may allow a boss to appear. When the boss is defeated, you will gain awaken material, diamonds and other valuable material.

Resource Loot

Players will fight against other players for a chance to gain their resources, which exclusively involves Seithr, Coins, and Diamonds. Each player gets to loot a total of 5 players a day, and every time they defeat the player they loot, they get a choice to pick one of 3 cards to gain, which will range from a variety of different goodies such as Advance Materials like Quartz; Jade; Sapphire; Amethyst; Topaz; and Garnet, in game currency like Coins; Seithr; and Diamonds, to even upgrade stones like Cracked Stone and Crystal Stone.

Summit Duel

God Slayer Battle

Every Wednesday and Sunday, players will get a chance to fight Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi to gain a lot of gear. Players will be tasked to use 4 of their Heroes to fight Take-Mikazuchi, with each fight having a mission reward if you deal a certain amount of damage to the boss with certain Heroes that can grant you a variety of different loot. Depending on how much damage you've dealt against Take-Mikazuchi in general, you're ranked on that current battle (in which there are 8 total battles with Take-Mikazuchi) and is gifted a certain amount of loot depending on their rank once the boss is defeated. Every player has one chance total in the entire day to fight Take-Mikazuchi, and regardless if they defeated Take-Mikazuchi or not, their turn is up for the day. This mode requires at least one hero in the player's team to be level 30 to gain access to.

Chrono Phantasma

Players will go through specific chapters where they'll face wave after wave of enemies with a boss showing up in the end. Each player has a total of two chances a day at taking on any chapters that is available to them. Each chapter requires the heroes to be at a specific level in order for them to fight. Players can have their primary hero selected, with 5 additional slots for any other hero they have access to that's qualified for that specific chapter as support heroes, and can even spend some coins to use their friend's heroes as support heroes too (which depends on their VIP level on how many friends heroes they can recruit). The order of the support heroes the Players has access to will determine who'll support the main hero first (and each support hero, including the friend's support heroes can fight for 2 battles before they're unavailable), and if their main hero takes damage, all damage will be transferred to the support hero regardless if they're not in range of said attack. Should the support hero die mid-battle, the next support hero will come in with a massive AOE attack to support the main hero. Every other battle will have a Hero character be the boss, and depending on if they're a NORMAL or ELITE boss, the loot they drop will alter, though the ELITE will be harder to fight than the NORMAL by default. Depending on the VIP level, the Player can set a hero on "My Aid" to aid other friends, and depending on said Heroes' power level, they can gradually gain a lot of Coins per hour. This mode can only be accessed once the Player's hero reaches at least level 45.

Ranking Duel

Online Co-op

Wifi Battle

Ikaruga Civil War


  • Chapter I. The Grim Reaper
  • Chapter II. Successor of the Azure
  • Chapter III. Wings of Justice
  • Chapter IV. Triple Personalities
  • Chapter V. Old Friendship
  • Chapter VI. The Aura of Azure
  • Chapter VII. Sealed Weapon
  • Chapter VIII. Master's Advice
  • Chapter IX. Noel Awakens
  • Chapter X. Terumi's Plot
  • Chapter XI. Master Unit
  • Chapter XII. Idea Engine

Playable Characters

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