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In Battle

Battle Start and End

Situation Line Voice
Intro 1 Why must we fight each other ?
Intro 2 As long as we work together, things will be fine !
Intro 3 Please stop this. . . I don't want to fight you.
Intro 4
Intro 5
Intro 6
Intro with Ragna Noel: Wh-What do we do, Ragna ? We haven't devised a strategy or anything.
Ragna: Huh? Who cares?
Intro with Jin Jin: I expect nothing from the likes of you. Just stay out of my way, you obstacle.
Noel: Y-yes, sir.
Intro with
Outro 1 Looks like we won.
Outro 2 I-I'm sorry but. . . Would you mind staying down ? Just for a little while ?
Outro 3
Outro 4
Outro with partner 1
Outro with partner 2
Outro with Ragna Noel: W-We did it... We won!
Ragna: Geez that was close!
Outro with Jin Noel: W-we did it, Major Kisaragi!
Jin: Obviously. And stop making a fuss every single time, it's embarrassing.
Noel: Y-yes, sir...
Outro with
Defeat Ngh... Urghhhh....


Situation Line Voice
Partner skill call 1 Back me up!
Partner skill call 2 Please, surrender!
Partner skill call 3
Partner skill call 4
Partner skill call 5
Partner skill call 6
Partner skill call with Ragna
Partner skill call with Jin Major Kisaragi!
Partner skill call with Rachel
Partner skill call with Tager
Partner skill call with Nu-13 Nu!
Partner skill call with Hazama 1 Captain!
Partner skill call with Hazama 2 Captain Hazama!
Partner skill call with Makoto
Partner skill call with Azrael
Partner skill call with Es Es!
Throw 1
Clash 1
Clash 2
Clash (Connect) 1
Clash (Connect) 2


Situation Line Voice
Resonance Blaze 1 No hesitation.
Resonance Blaze 2
Duo Change 1 My turn!
Duo Change 2 I'm ready!
Throw Escape

Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Generic 1 I may look weak, but I can't afford to lose !
Generic 2 You've been defeated. I'm placing you both under arrest.
Generic 3
Generic 4
Generic 5
Team with Ragna Noel: Nice work, Ragna! Um, I made you a drink, if you're thirst--
Team with Jin Jin: Hmph... Why the hell am I stuck on babysitting duty...
Noel: Oh no... The Major keeps getting grumpier and grumpier...
ジン: 全く、何故僕がコイツの面倒を見なければならないんだ……!
ノエル: あうぅ......少佐の機嫌がどんどん悪くなっていくぅ......
Team with